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Keen Voyageur Vs Merrell Moab

If you’re on the hunt for a great hiking boot, you need to start with a good manufacturer. There are a lot of hiking boot companies out there. But you can narrow your options down to boots made by Keen Voyageur and Merrell Moab!

These two boot companies are pretty similar, and if you like one you’ll probably be OK with the other. However, you can’t wear two different boots. Well, you could, but that might be weird!

So let’s talk about this two companies. Which one makes the best boots? Keep reading to learn the differences between Keen Voyageur shoes and Merrell Moab shoes!

ProductSoleOutsole Outer materialFeatures
#1. Merrell Moab
Our Best Pick
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EVA MidsoleVibramSuede leather and meshBack loop
#2. Keen Voyageur
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MetatomicalfootbedRubberLeather/TextileContoured heel cup

Keen Voyageur Video Review

Merrell Moab Video Review


Before you choose a shoe, you have to think about your feet. Are they wide or narrow? What size do you wear? You can get the best shoe in the world and it won’t work out if you don’t order the right fit and size.

Fortunately, both the Keen Voyageur and Merrell Moab shoes tend to run pretty close to what you’d expect. The Merrell Moab boots can be a bit wide, especially in the toe box, so keep that in mind.


Keen Voyageur and Merrell Moab shoes are generally pretty light. Of course, different boots have different weights! But you can pretty much count on receiving a nice, light pair of hiking boots.


The Keen Voyageur boots have S3 structure. This means that their outsoles include the three “S’s:†shock, support, and suspension. These soles are thick but light, and they are excellent at absorbing shock. They have the support to get you up the mountain and back down, and they last for a long time.

One unique benefit on some Keen Voyageur shoes is the contoured heel cup. This provides a nice fit, so you won’t be sliding around in your boots as you trek.

On the other end of the shoe, you’ll find toe protection. The toe protection on the Keen Voyageur shoes are bigger and thicker than the Merrell Moab version, which gives the Keen Voyageur an edge in this category.

The Merrell Moab shoe also has excellent traction and shock absorption. It boasts a Vibram TC5+ sole with a 5 millimeter lug depth.

The cushion heel is infused with air for added bounce and comfort. It absorbs the shock and adds stability for your foot.

Both Keen Voyageur and Merrell Moab shoes haveMulti-directional lugs for ultimate support and traction.

Midsole and Insole

In addition to a good outsole, these two shoe companies add nice midsoles to their boots. The Keen Voyageur boasts a compression-molded midsole, plus two footbeds that follow foot contours.

Merrell Moab shoes include a Merrell M Select FIT.ECO and blended EVA contoured footbed. In other words, it’s really awesome.And it gets even better! The footbed has added zonal arch and heel support. These shoes also have an EVA midsole for extra comfort.

Outer Material/ Lining

The Keen Voyageuer shoes are made of leather. With a few exceptions, these boots are waterproof. While the Merrell Moab boots also have waterproof versions, the Keen Voyageur boots tend to be better.

Many of these shoes also include mesh linings near the ankle for breathability, so you won’t have to worry about your feet getting so sweaty.

The Merrell Maub shoes are made of both suede leather and textiles, depending on which boot or shoe you select. Many of them have mesh lining and vents to let air through so you can stay cool and dry during your summer adventures.


The Keen Voyageur and Merrell Moab boots have different features. These can vary within the same manufacturer, depending on which shoe you buy, of course.

One difference between the two types of shoes is the tab. After you get the fit of a shoe just right, you’ll probably want to leave them tied and just slip them on when you use them.

Both Keen Voyageur and Merrell Moab shoes have a tab to help with this. The Keen Voyageur tab is on the tongue, so you can adjust the tongue and wiggle your foot inside. The Merrell Moab shoes also have a tab, but the tab is on the heel.

Of course, this isn’t a major difference!

The look, however, is a major difference. And that might matter to you very much. The Voyageur shoes tend to look like hiking boots. They are hiking boots, of course, but a single-use look does restrict where you can wear them.

The Merrell Moab shoes tend to have a lot more colors. They also look a bit more mainstream, so you can feel comfortable wearing them around. You might even be able to get away with wearing them as business casual shoes!

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Verdict -Keen Voyageur Vs Merrell Moab

While both of these are great hiking boot companies, the Merrell Moab boots are a better all-around choice. Although they aren’t as waterproof as the Keen Voyageur shoes, they have better breathability. This makes them more comfortable for long hikes.

Additionally, they are slightly more comfortable. The technology in the midsole and outsole makes it easy for you to walk for a long time without sore feet or twisted ankles.

Finally, the Merrell Moab shoes are sleeker. You can run and hike with them, and then go walk around town without getting any funny looks.

All in all, I would recommend purchasing a pair of boots by Merrell Moab.

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