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The right boots make all the difference on a hike. Hiking boots let you traverse different types of terrain with confidence and stability. Ideally, they’ll keep you comfortable along the way.

Keen has designed both the Durand and Targhee models for hikers. We’ve put together a comparison so you can decide which is best for you.

Comparison Table: Keen Durand Vs Targhee

Product NameMaterials Shaft Sole
#1. Targhee
Our Best Pick

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Waterproof Nubuck leather 7 inches Rubber
#2. Durand

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Leather and textile 6 or 7.5 inches Rubber

#1. Keen Durand

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The Keen Durand boot promises that you’ll have comfort and support no matter where you go. A waterproof membrane protects these hiking boots against water, so your feet won’t get wet no matter how wet the trail is.

The Durand boots have a good amount of ankle and arch support when you’re tackling tough terrain, and each step you take is comfortable.

An alternative option is the Durand Polar boot. These boots are significantly higher, with a 7.5 inch height in comparison to the normal Durand’s 6 inches.

They’re also very insulated and warm. The goal is to provide insulation and support for people hiking in cold, rough terrain.

The Durand Polar isn’t a good choice for people who aren’t hiking in cold environments, though. Since it traps heat, it’s much warmer and heavier. The boots also restrict your movements more than the normal Durand.

Durand boots come with a lining of hydrophobic mesh. There’s also a removable EVA footbed. Your feet will be warm during the fall and winter, although the boots probably won’t be comfortable in hotter weather.

The boots run a little small, so it’s best to order a half size up. In terms of the boot’s size, the toebox of the Durand is fairly roomy.

Some people have experienced problems with the shoe’s quality. The outside seam’s stitches have sometimes torn, or the eyelets have broken down.

With that said, the majority of consumers haven’t had any issue with the durability of the boot.

#2. Keen Targhee

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The Keen Targhee is a hiking boot engineered to last. The boots are meant to be durable enough to handle the toughest terrain and most difficult weather conditions.

You can explore with whatever support and comfort you need.

Like the Durand, the Targhee has a waterproof membrane. It’s impossible for water to penetrate them, so your feet stay dry and cool.

However, the membrane is breathable enough to allow air flow, so your feet don’t overheat.

The shoe’s soles lift slightly at the sides as an additional protection against water. If you hike through rivers and streams, it is inevitable that you’ll get a little wet, but the shoes will protect against puddles and rain. Even if the shoes do get wet, they dry quickly.

Targhee boots are built with toe protection. One of the best aspects of the boots is the lack of a break-in period.

Many hiking boots need to be broken in before they can be worn comfortably, but the Targhee boots can be worn out of the box without any discomfort.

The Targhee model has a good amount of arch support. However, since the design is an ankle shoe, there isn’t adequate ankle support.

If you do need ankle support in your boots, you could look for another height. The Targhee MID model is tall enough to provide ankle support.

The Targhee boots have great traction, so you can hike uphill and downhill with confidence. Their grip is good enough for you to traverse gravel and rocky paths with ease.

Key Similarities

Both the Durand and Targhee are high-performance hiking boots made from high quality materials.

Each model has the same level of durability. Though a few people noted problems with the workmanship of the Durand boots, these issues seem to have been solved by the manufacturer.

The construction is strong enough to stand up to the wear-and-tear of all kinds of terrain.

Both models are also waterproof. They each receive the same waterproof membrane coating, which prevents water from entering the boot and dampening your feet.

In both cases, though, the shoes won’t remain waterproof if you trek through rivers and streams.

Key Differences

There’s a fairly big difference in the price of each model. The Durand tends to cost significantly more than the Targhee, despite both boots being of a similar quality.

This is most likely due to the extra insulation of the Durand.

The Durand is much warmer than the Targhee because of this extra insulation. This makes it an excellent boot to wear in the fall and winter, especially if you live in colder environments.

For people in especially cold places, there’s even the Durand Polar, which brings the insulation to another level.

The Targhee isn’t as insulated, which means it can perform well throughout the year, rather than just during the colder seasons. It’s also much more breathable.

With each step, fresh air circulates through the boot, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and cool. The Durand doesn’t have this level of breathability due to the insulation.

The Durand has a fairly roomy toe box, while the Targhee’s toe box tends to be narrower. If you have frequent problems with sizing due to wide feet, the Durand’s toe box will be more comfortable. For those with narrower feet, the Targhee may provide a more snug fit.

The last difference is in the fit. The manufacturer of the Durand suggests that people purchase the boots a half size up, because the line tends to be small. By contrast, the Targhee doesn’t have any apparent fit issues.

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Final Thoughts

Both hiking boots are a good option if you want durable, long-lasting comfort and support.

If you want a pair of boots that you can use for the entire year, the Targhee is the better choice.

If you’re looking for boots to help you tackle cold mountains and especially rough terrain, give the Durand a try.

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