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Jetboil Micromo Vs Minimo

Camping and hiking are incredible ways to enjoy the great outdoors. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice warm meals for that experience. One convenient way to bring cooking on the go is through an integrated cooking system. These portable systems allow you to cook meals with ease when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Jetboil makes unique cooking systems. Two popular choices are the Minimo and Micromo. What are the differences between them?

FeatureWeightCapacityIntegrated System
#1. Micromo
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21 ounces0.8 litersYes
#2. Minimo

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14 ounces1 literYes

#1. Minimo

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The Minimo is an integrated system that allows you to cook meals conveniently and efficiently while you camp. In addition to the stove itself, the system includes all the pieces necessary for cooking. The package is compact, and it’s easy to install and store the system.

One of the big selling points is that the Minimo causes water to boil rapidly. It takes a ton of time and hassle out of trying to get water to boil over an open campfire. A hot meal is just a few steps away, rather than an arduous task.

Multiple unique features are integrated into the design. There’s a push button ignitor that allows you to turn the system on without any lighters or matches. The sturdy metal handles make carrying the pieces easy. In addition, the pot is wide enough to cook multiple servings for people, and the lid has pour spouts to let you safely drain water.

Despite this huge number of features, the entire package only weighs fourteen ounces. That’s less than a pound. While this isn’t the lightest cooking system available, it is the most advanced system at this weight. If you’re hiking or camping with heavy luggage, the low weight is a huge bonus.

The unit comes with both a pot and a stove. You can attach the pot securely to the stove. Unlike other cooking systems, which force you to buy the pot and stove separately, these are designed to work together. Integrated systems are more stable and fuel efficient. They also offer a higher level of convenience.

The entire unit is crafted from durable and strong materials. It’s made to stand up to some rough handling, which is good if you’re going to be hiking and jostling it around.

The unit is also incredibly fuel efficient, which means you don’t have to bring as much fuel with you on longer camping trips. Multiple factors combine to create this level of fuel efficiency. The pot and stove connection keeps heat from escaping, and the high-quality burner is able to withstand high winds without flickering out.

When independently tested, the Minimo was able to boil water more rapidly than literally any other cooking system for hikers and campers. In fact, it takes less than two minutes for water to reach a boil. If you’re a hiker who often misses the quickness of your microwave when you’re in the great outdoors, you’ll love the Minimo. That fast boil time also adds to the fuel efficiency.

Another convenient feature is the simmer control. When you boil water over a fire pit or camp stove, you have hot water, but there’s no way to keep it warm. With the Minimo, there’s an integrated simmer feature that will keep water at a low boil so that your food stays hot until you’re ready to eat it.

There’s also a French press attachment you can use if you’re fond of getting a perfect cup of coffee every morning.

#2. Micromo

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The Micromo is a unit that was designed after the Minimo. It functions as Jetboil’s attempt to improve upon any flaws in the Minimo’s design while retaining the great features. It’s another compact and lightweight integrated cooking solution. Many of the features and construction are similar to the Minimo.

The Micromo has a push-button ignitor with additional flame control. You can use the flame to engage in focused cooking. In addition, the boil time is the same as the Minimo’s, with the quickest possible time coming in under two minutes.

The Micromo has been improved in the simmer control. Though the Minimo has a simmer control feature that works fairly well, the Micromo has 2.5 turns of ongoing simmer control. This allows your food to simmer for longer and at more precise temperatures than with any competing cooking system in the industry.

The Micromo is crafted from highly durable materials. Like the Minimo, it’s made to stand up to rough use and make it through multiple years of cooking.


When compared to the Minimo, the Micromo folds into a more compact size. This makes it significantly easier to carry with your luggage. It should be noted that both systems can fold into a compact space, unlike non-integrated systems which require separate storage for the pot and the stove.

The Micromo also has a lighter overall weight than the Minimo. The difference might not be noticeable when you hold them in your hands, but any lowering of weight will help conserve your energy during long trips.

While both the Minimo and Micromo have simmer control features, the Micromo’s simmer control outperforms the Minimo’s by a mile. If you have meals you want to keep warm for a long time, you’ll get more mileage out of the Micromo.

The Micromo also tends to be a little more affordable than the Minimo, even though it has most of the same features.

Final Thoughts – Jetboil Micromo Vs Minimo

Both the Minimo and the Micromo are excellent integrated cooking systems that will serve you well when you’re camping.

Ultimately, the Micromo has some improvements that make it impossible to ignore. It has better simmer control, a lighter weight, more compact storage, and a lower price point. Since it’s the highest quality and most affordable option, there’s really no question about it.

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