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Contents - Iceco Vs Dometic Vs Alpicool

Introduction – Iceco Vs Dometic Vs Alpicool

This blog post will compare three top brands of portable fridges: Iceco Vs. Dometic Vs. Alpicool. Each has been chosen based on its affordability and popularity among consumers. The Sky Liners team will discuss the standout features of each model and determine an overall best. 

Why Do I Need A Portable Fridge?

Portable refrigerators are perfect for anyone who likes to camp, RV, or has a boat. They are also perfect for anyone who wants that extra level of convenience in their home without relying on the power grid.

The three top portable fridge brands we will be exploring today include Iceco, Dometic, and  Alpicool. You’re on the road and need to have cold drinks available in your vehicle. You don’t want to keep stopping at gas stations every hour or carrying heavy coolers around all day. What do you do? Get a portable fridge!

Portable fridges offer a convenience that home fridges cannot – they’re portable! Most models can hold up to six soda cans. They typically come with a 12-volt plug and adapter, so you don’t need an external outlet.

For those on the go or even at a campsite, it is essential to have access to ice-cold drinks and food. Campers often get tired of eating warm meals or drinking lukewarm drinks from large thermoses that they carry with them. This can be avoided by using a portable fridge to keep all your foods and beverages cool without any power source required!

Alpicool Portable Fridges Review

Alpicool portable refrigerators start at $500 for their most basic size yet offer plenty of room inside with 22L capacity and top-mounted freezer space providing up to 25L storage capacity when fully expanded. This Alpicool model, the TW95, sells on Amazon for $659.99.

This fridge consumes only 250W per hour while running on 12V DC power, so it’s great for camping trips where access to AC outlets may not exist!  You can also power this fridge with AC when you’re at home or at a campsite that provides electricity.

You’ll need to keep it plugged into your vehicle, but Alpicool has an emergency battery backup system when the car is not running! With its auto-off feature and low energy consumption, it’s perfect for travel. 

This portable refrigerator is as versatile on long trips as it is around town. Whether you use 12V DC power from your vehicle (or solar panel) or 110/220V AC electrical input wherever you are parked–you will always have fresh cold drinks and snacks steps away!

Standout Features – Alpicool Portable Fridges

The stand out features of the Alpicool portable fridge include:

  • This compact fridge can store about 100 cans of soda. It features an inner light that allows for easy viewing and a drain plug on the bottom for simple cleaning.
  • The top trays feature designated areas and can easily be stacked to save space; in addition, there are three handy handles at either side of this refrigerator, so it’s easy to move from one location to another!
  • The power pack features two compartments, a fridge, and a freezer compartment. 
  • The fridge can be adjusted automatically or manually by the user. The freezer has a temperature memory function that preserves in-transit food for hours.
  • It is equipped with three different levels of battery protection settings to ensure your vehicle won’t be without power when you need it most.
  • Cooling range from -4℉ (-20℃) to 71.6℉(22°C).LCD panel with precise temperature readings, Max, and ECO cooling modes are optional.

The Sky Liners team recommends the Alpicool portable fridge brand as some of the most Inexpensive and convenient and the best overall when comparing the brands.

Dometic Portable Fridges Review

The Dometic CF110 portable refrigerator is available on Amazon for $1299.99. Dometic is one of the more popular brands used by people with boats because it can run for an extended period of time. The compartments in this fridge are slightly larger than average, making them ideal for an upgrade from a small countertop refrigerator. This brand also features two ice cube trays, so you don’t need to worry about waiting for the ice to freeze to have a cold drink.

The Dometic Portable Fridge is the perfect product for those who need a refrigerator on the go. It is no larger than an average suitcase to be easily transported from place to place without hassle. It offers a compact and slimline design with a sleek finish. The Dometic Portable Fridge is also equipped with an integrated battery pack and USB charging socket so that you can take it anywhere without the need for mains power.

The fridge has three adjustable height levels to allow you to choose your ideal storage position, making sure that all of your food items are easily accessible at any time. It includes two internal shelves which provide handy extra space for storing larger containers or bottles- perfect if you’re on holiday in a caravan or camping out under the stars! 

If traveling abroad, it even comes complete with its own voltage adapter meaning this versatile product will be easy to use no matter what country you find yourself in. A bonus is the innovative, eco-friendly cooling system which ensures the fridge will maintain its cool temperature without costing you any energy.

The Dometic Portable Fridge is a great way to store your food and drinks on the go with no need for mains power, thanks to its innovative design and handy features. It’s easy enough to use anywhere at any time- whether in the park or on holiday abroad!

Standout Features – Dometic Portable Fridges

Some of the stand out features of the Dometic portable fridge include the following:

  • The unit has a thermostat that helps regulate the temperature inside.
  • It runs quietly, which is excellent for use in closed spaces like your bedroom or office. 
  • It comes with an exterior made out of aluminum with stainless steel accents.
  • Save Power: AC or DC.
  • Protect Against Loss of Charge with 3-Stage Battery Protection.

The team at Sky Liners would recommend the Dometic portable fridge as the Best for Long Trips or Heavy Duty Use.

Iceco Portable Fridges Review

The Iceco VL60 portable refrigerator is available on Amazon for $809.99. Iceco prices start at $700, but the features of this model include two-tiered shelving units that allow users to store large items like:

  • Beverages or salads side by side while still having room for smaller foods.
  • An extra-long power cord so that it doesn’t have to be plugged in close to an outlet.
  • A digital thermostat so that you can set the temperature exactly how you like it and also choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius measurements.

Iceco is an American company that specializes in producing single-door, chest-style compact refrigerator units. These are typically seen at construction sites or large events like weddings because they’re easy to transport and store without space limitations. 

Iceco has a headquarters located in Phoenix, Arizona. Iceco manufactures high-quality refrigerators under an American flag of excellence at competitive prices while maintaining strict adherence to FDA guidelines and standards and operating according to environmentally-conscious principles.

Standout Features – Iceco Portable Fridges

This multi-opening Lid Designed portable fridge has plenty of stand-out features. You can switch the opening direction of the lid without having to assemble it. This makes access to cold storage easy during tight quarters, such as in a car or boat. Some additional stand out features include:

  • The fridge has 12V DC power outlets installed on both sides. 
  • 2 USB ports designed for charging mobile devices are also available (Only QR cut under DC power). 
  • It comes with an automotive universal extension cord that plugs into any vehicle’s 12volt DC supply outlet and extends its reach by 12 feet.
  • The package includes a waterproof cover, LED lights, removable handles, and various replacement parts.
  • This freezer was designed with a cool-range from 0°F to 50°F (-18℃~10 ℃) for use as either a freezer or refrigerator. MAX mode is fast and saves energy, while ECO (energy saving) mode will help you save power when buying this new deep-freeze equipment.

The technology in this refrigeration unit has been well thought out, making it durable not just during the winter but all year round without breaking down. The compressor has a warranty that covers it for five years and all other parts, including coils, blower motors, sensors. The team at Sky Liners would recommend the Iceco portable fridge as the Most Reliable Best For Consistent Use.

Buyers Guide  – Iceco Vs Dometic Vs Alpicool

When looking for a portable fridge, it can be hard to know what features are most important. There are many different types of portable fridges on the market, so how do you know which one is best for your needs?

Here’s a quick guide to help figure out what kind of fridge will work best for you: 

Cooling Range

– How cold does this unit go?

The cooler the temperature setting, the more expensive and difficult it is to maintain that level. It might seem like an obvious answer, but some units have much colder cooling ranges than others; look at Dometic range from 20°C all the way down to minus 40℃.

Power Source

– How do you want to power your refrigerator?

There are many ways, but the most common is either AC or DC. If you have a generator at home that’s hooked up 24/hours, then an inverter might be great for powering portable refrigerators. But if not, and it’s necessary to run extension cords outside of your house every time you need cold beverages on hot days, then maybe this isn’t the best option for you.

Size Matters

– What size fridge will fit in my vehicle?

Take note of any weight restrictions before picking one out; some vehicles don’t allow anything over 200lbs inside them! This usually applies to larger vans and people who rent their trucks with more stringent requirements.

Differences Between Iceco Vs Dometic Vs Alpicool Fridges

The main differences between these three are size and price. For example, for smaller spaces such as RVs or boats, it’s hard to beat an icebox style of cabinet with a freezer on one side and a refrigerator on the other. In models like these you can keep milk and butter cold while keeping frozen foods like hamburger patties and ice cream from melting. 

For larger spaces, Dometic and Alpicool are more cost-effective than Iceco’s offerings while still providing quality performance.

Conclusion Iceco Vs Dometic Vs Alpicool

The best portable fridges on the market are those from Alpicool. They are suitable for small spaces, and they can be docked to make them more efficient.

Alpicool refrigerators provide quality performance at an affordable price for larger spaces like RVs or boats. Their cabinets have a freezer on one side and a refrigerator on the other.For those who want convenience without sacrificing their budget, Alpicool offers refrigerators that come equipped with built-in ice dispensers – no need to lug around block ice! 

The portable fridges that we have chosen to compare are the Iceco, Alpicool, and Dometic. All three of these brands offer great quality products that can be used for personal or commercial purposes. These portable fridges are ideal for campers and outdoor enthusiasts because they will fit in tighter spaces and work well to consistently keep your food cool. 

The decision on which one you should buy comes down to your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a fridge with an affordable price tag, the Iceco may be best suited for you. However, if you want a more durable, robust product, go with Dometic or Alpicool.

Sky-Liners Choice - Iceco Vs Dometic Vs Alpicool



FAQ's - Iceco Vs Dometic Vs Alpicool

A typical refrigerator will have at least three shelves and up to nine cubic feet of storage space for food items. Depending on the size of the appliance you purchase, this could vary from 11 cu ft all the way up to 25 cubic feet of usable space inside the cabinet itself.

Portable refrigerators work by using a thermoelectric cooling system. This system is a series of solid-state devices that produce cold by direct contact.  These are connected to the compressor and fan (to cool), releasing heat into the room around it. 


The thermoelectric device uses this process to create chilled air inside the appliance itself, typically at 45 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

The return policy for the Pro 575 depends on the store you buy it from.

Portable fridge freezers have a long lifespan that ranges anywhere from 20 to 25 years.  Models rated at 15 amps or below can last up to 30 years, and those of 20 amps or less will typically last 25.


A portable fridge is a great option for camping, dorm or office living, and tailgating. These units are small enough to pack up and take with you anywhere! Portable fridges usually run on 12 volts DC power but can also be plugged in directly into the wall as an AC unit. Most people assume that they use less energy than traditional refrigerators because of their size; however this is not true at all. 


They actually have a large impact on your electric bill when running 24 hours per day like most other appliances do each month without proper management. To save money from electricity costs while still using your fridge make sure it has access to plenty of sunlight during daytime hours so its solar panels can charge efficiently.

The Dometic portable fridge has a freezer on one side of the fridge with an area for storing frozen food. Iceco has a refrigerator without any place to store goods that need to be kept cool or frozen.


So Dometics are better for people who want to save space and use their RV less often. This is because Dometics need more work in larger spaces than Alpicools do, but Dometics have a freezer on one side of the fridge with an area for storing frozen food as well. Iceco has a refrigerator without any place to store goods that need to be kept cool or frozen. 


If you only plan on using your RV part-time, then getting a Dometic would probably make sense since they’re cheaper and take up less space overall.

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