Hydro Flask Vs Simple Modern


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Hydro Flask Vs Simple Modern

Since the Hydro Flask water bottle was first introduced, the technology has taken the world by storm. Multiple water bottle companies have come out with products inspired by the Hydro Flask design, Simple Modern being one of them.

The secret behind the bottles is the use of double-walled vacuum insulating technology, which keeps condensation from being created inside the bottle. In turn, this keeps the liquid at the same temperature for up to twelve hours, regardless of whether it’s hot or cold.

The water bottles are also made of premium stainless steel. That means they don’t conduct or absorb heat, and that they don’t cause leaking of flavor into the bottle. Plastic water bottles, by contrast, can sometimes cause a plastic taste in the liquid inside.

So what should you know about the Hydro Flask and Simple Modern water bottles before you make a purchase decision?

Hydro Flask Vs Simple Modern

#1. Simple Modern
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Vacuum insulationDifferent bottle typesDaily use
#2. Hydro Flask

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Vacuum insulationDifferent cap typesOutdoor use

#1. Hydro Flask

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Hydro Flask is the original pioneer of the insulated water bottle technology. The water bottles are used by individuals for a number of purposes including outdoor adventuring, traveling, sports, and use around the home. Because the water bottles tend to be on the larger side of the price range, though, they’re usually purchased by people who need strong and durable water bottles for their outdoor experiences.

There are seven different sizes available for the Hydro Flask, ranging from 12 to 64 ounces. In addition, you have more than fourteen available water bottle colors to select from. These are all solid colors that come in neutral tones, lighter pastels, and bright saturated tones.

The patented insulation design is called TempShield. It is capable of keeping icy beverages frozen for up to 24 hours at a time, and it can retain the heat of hot drinks for up to 12 hours at a time. There are no phthalates or BPAs used in the bottle.

Hikers and backpackers tend to gravitate toward the wide mouth water bottle designs, since the size of the mouth means that putting ice inside and filling the bottle is easy. In addition, the wide mouth water bottles are compatible with the majority of water bottle filter systems, so you can refill from a mountain spring.

Every Hydro Flask bottle also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Should you run into any issues with a bottle, you can get it replaced without an issue. The powder no-slip coat tends to stay intact for years, even if the bottle goes through a lot of rough handling.

#2. Simple Modern

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Hydro Flask bottles are branded as the water bottle for the hardcore adventurer. By comparison, Simple Modern bottles are created more for customers who want water bottles that are both beautiful and functional.

Many aesthetic water bottles on the market don’t have a proper insulation system, which leads to reduced temperature control and outside condensation. The Simple Modern bottles have the same insulation performance as the Hydro Flask, so they act like bottles made for outdoor use while still having a pretty outside.

Rather than being sorted by size, the Simple Modern bottles are broken into a number of different design categories. These include the Summit Water Bottle, Ascent Water Bottle, Bolt Bottle, and Wave Bottle. Each collection is available in a range of different sizes. The largest available size is an 84 ounce bottle from the Summit collection.

The pricing of the bottles can vary widely depending on the collection they come from and the size. There are a number of trendy designs, including patterns and prints in multiple different colors. The Concept and Fusion collections have trendy designs, while the Summit water bottles come in more traditional solid colors.

The design is BPA-free and includes an insulated layer with a special copper coating.


Both the Simple Modern and the Hydro Flask water bottles employ a vacuum-sealed double-walled design that keeps the liquid inside warm or cold for as long as possible. They’re also both customizable, but the customization options are different for each.

With the Hydro Flask, you have the choice of a number of different cap types to suit different lifestyles. You can also choose whether you purchase a wide mouth or standard mouth bottle, and there’s a range of sizes to pick from.

The Simple Modern bottle doesn’t have as many lid customization options, but they do have wider lines of unique bottles that suit a range of needs. While the Hydro Flask is made for outdoor use and use during travel, the Simple Modern water bottle is made for day-to-day use.

The Simple Modern design, while it still uses premium grade stainless steel in the construction, isn’t quite as durable as the Hydro Flask bottle. For this reason, the Hydro Flask tends to be better for hardcore outdoor enthusiasts.

Simple Modern is a more streamlined and fashion-forward bottle, though. You can get customization options with patterns in addition to solid colors, while the Hydro Flask is only available in solids.

Final Thoughts – Hydro Flask Vs Simple Modern

Hydro Flask and Simple Modern are both high-quality water bottles that use the same basic stainless steel construction and insulation to preserve your liquid temperature all day. The one that you select basically just comes down to a matter of customization preference and need.

For those who are hardcore outdoor enthusiasts who require a more sturdy and long-lasting water bottle, the Hydro Flask can stand up to the heat. For those who are looking for a more stylish day-to-day water bottle, the Simple Modern has you covered. Simple Modern has more patterns and collections available in their bottles, while Hydro Flask has more lid sizes available to suit a range of unique needs.

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