Hoyt Vs Bowtech


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Hoyt Vs Bowtech

So, you are looking to buy a bow for hunting or target shooting? Two companies that will stand out in today’s market will be Bowtech and Hoyt. Taking a closer look at Bowtech vs. Hoyt in a head-to-head comparison may help determine which brand you might want to build a relationship with as a customer.

Bowtech vs. Hoyt

Brand NameWeightSpeedPrice PointCompound or Recurve?
#1. Hoyt
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HeavierSlowerHigher PriceBoth
#2. Bowtech

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It should be noted that the above categories reflect a brand’s overall ranking when compared to each other. You will exceptions in both the company’s product lines.

Looking More Closely At Each Company

#1. Bowtech

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John Strasheim and Kevin Strother created this American based company in 1999. The company itself became a target of interest for archers in 2000 when it began to manufacture bows. Both owners have been described as avid archers and that may help to explain Bowtech’s growth and dedication to product design.

This rising star of the archery market was purchased by Savage Sports Corporation in 2007. This also happens to be the year that the company came out with its Binary Cam System. This market-changing design, along with a larger selection of lower-priced bows, is what Bowtech is known for.

It should be noted that Bowtech’s warranty system is limited to one year, and will apply to products that were purchased in-store only (non-online purchases are not covered).

#2. Hoyt

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Earl Hoyt and his son, Earl Jr, were experienced archers who began their company in America just after the nation entered WWII in 1942. As bowyers, they worked on improving and innovating features found on recurve bows.

The family company was purchased by Jas D. Easton Inc. in 1983 and is now based in Salt Lake City, Utah with over 300 employees. Over the years, Earl Hoyt and his son came up with improvements such as the dynamically balanced limbs, as well as innovations such as the semi and full-pistol grips and the stabilizer. The company has a reputation for attention to detail that may help to explain the price of many of its product lines.

The Hoyt warranty is also valid for in-person purchases. It should be noted, however, that Hoyt covers the bow for the life of the product (unless it is sold or traded).

Availability Of Bows

This has to be mentioned, as this could be a game-changer for some potential customers.

Bowtech will be easier to find, as they are sold at larger big-box stores as well as on their online website. Their bows can also be found in most archery shops. This is possible as the bows are easier to set up for customers.

Conversely, Hoyt requires a more detailed setup that the customer must be present for. That will limited product availability to archery shops that are certified Hoyt dealers. They don’t even offer the well-known product lines for sale on the company website.

If you need a bow quickly, Bowtech products might be the way to go. If time and face-to-face purchases are not an issue than either brand could fit your needs.

Product Selection – Hoyt Vs Bowtech

Bowtech and Hoyt stand out here, but for different reasons. Bowtech might be the younger company but they do seem to have a wider selection of compound products.

This is especially true of the more budget-friendly range of compound bows. That might be due in large part to the company purchase of Diamond Archery in 2004. Bowtech gained access to Diamond’s lower-priced products.

If you take into account recurve bows, then Hoyt will have a larger selection. Remember, Hoyt began in the recurve market and expanded into compound bows later on. This added category of bows might even make them the overall winner in variety.

Speed And Weight – Hoyt Vs Bowtech

It does appear that Bowtech places emphasis on the speed of the bow. This is reflected in the design and features the company places in their products, especially the top lines. You may notice this as a sales point when you are reviewing and shopping for bows.

When it comes to weight you will note that Bowtech products are not really more lightweight than other bows. It just happens that Hoyt products tend to be a bit bulkier and weigh a little more than other bows.

This added weight comes from the design improvements the company includes to provide better accuracy and shots. However, it is worth noting, especially for hunters who are concerned about the weight they hike with.

How They Look – Hoyt Vs Bowtech

Some archers are only concerned with performance and do not care about the look of the bow. For many consumers, the look will be a factor. This might be due to a bow seen in a movie or online and the appearance is what got them interested in archery in the first place.

Think of the younger generation of archers and how bows in wielded in superhero movies or in the Hunger Games.

The Verdict – Hoyt Vs Bowtech

Overall, the Hoyt company does stand-out above Bowtech for a few reasons. First off, they carry a range of recurve bows. They have also built up a reputation as one of the best recurve bow makers, something that Bowtech has not done.

They use the top line materials in building their bows and that is expressed in their confidence of craftsmanship with the warranty. It is limited by the life of the bow, not a set period of 12 months. The special set up process also provides the best working bow, even if it requires a special session at a certified dealership.


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