Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi


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Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi

Hoka is a leading manufacturer of athletic shoes. Two of the top offerings from this company are the Hoka Bondi and the Hoka Clifton lines. Though both shoes are excellently rated, there are some important differences to keep in mind. We’ve broken down the basics.

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FeatureColorsSyntheticRubber Sole
#1. Bondi
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#2. Clifton

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#1. Hoka Bondi

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The Hoka Bondi is available in sixteen unique colors and patterns, so you can find the one that best suits your taste. These shoes are often favored by runners, particularly long distance runners who prioritize shoes that help conserve energy. The shoes have a strong cushioning capacity, and each step causes energy to rebound into the foot, allowing you to run for longer.

In addition to working well as a standard running shoe, the Bondi is also optimized for use by working people. If you do a lot of standing and walking around as part of your job, the shoes provide the kind of cushioning you want to keep your feet from being sore at the end of the day. They also give you good leverage if you need to move around heavy boxes.

These are ideal shoes for people who struggle with a variety of different medical conditions. If you have a medical condition that affects your legs, including your circulation, joints, tendons, or muscles, then these shoes may offer the kind of support you need to get physically active without pain.

This is the sixth generation of the Hoka Bondi that has been released to the market. It has been markedly improved when compared to previous versions. One of the biggest differences between the fifth and sixth generation is that the shoe’s upper is much more breathable and comfortable. The fabric of the upper can conform to the unique shape of your foot, and every step allows fresh air to flow through the shoe.

One thing to keep in mind is that the sizing of this shoe tends to run narrow. If you have a wider foot, you might find that the construction is too tight. Another thing to note is that the padded tongue can sometimes cause uncomfortable friction against the foot, especially if you run without socks. If the sensory friction bothers you, these shoes might give you trouble. That said, you should be able to modify the tongue to avoid being bothered.

#2. Hoka Clifton

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The Hoka Clifton has also recently released the sixth generation in the series. While it still has the merits of the original design, the shoe has been given some cutting-edge updates over the years to make it even more comfortable and versatile.

The midsole is crafted out of full compression EVA foam, which conforms to the shape of your foot. Though it’s a little heavier than the first iteration of the Clifton, it’s the lightest of any of the subsequent Clifton offerings. It’s also the softest Clifton yet.

The shoes weigh just nine ounces, meaning that they won’t fatigue you if you run long distances. That extra energy can make the difference between winning and losing a race. In addition, the shoes are built with cushioning in mind. The geometry of the Clifton is ideal for people who prefer an adaptable fit, thanks to the flexible and soft upper. There’s also a roomy toe box that’s good for people who may have wider feet.

The soles of the shoes are crafted from high-abrasion and lightweight rubber. This has been placed in smart patterns to allow greater traction and leverage from different points of contact throughout the stride. Other than the rubber, the outsole is comprised with the same material making up the midsole. This design helps keep the shoe from being weighted down by a solid rubber outsole.

Running with the Clifton shoe is like racing across a cloud. The shoe is moderately responsive to the runner’s stride, and every run is soft and smooth. You don’t feel the road at all. At the same time, there’s enough spring to the foam that you don’t feel as though every stride is sinking into the cushioning.

Even the geometry of the shoe is designed for runners. The overall shape encourages forward momentum, making it easier to take step after step.

Differences – Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi

One of the differences in the shoes is the amount of colors and designs available. The Bondi comes with many more bright colors and patterns to choose from. Meanwhile, the colors available for the Clifton tend to be more refined and demure.

The shoes also have a difference in their soles. Both use rubber at their contact points. The Bondi shoes have an outsole crafted entirely from rubber. By contrast, the Clifton shoes are designed with three-dimensional rubber bits only at the traction contact points. Other than that, the outsole is made out of EVA foam.

This means that the Clifton shoes are significantly lighter than the Bondi. If you prioritize lightweight footwear that makes it easy to run long distances, the Clifton shoes are for you. If durability is your biggest concern, though, the Bondi is the better choice. The outsole of the Bondi won’t break down the same way the EVA outsole of the Clifton will.

Both shoes have breathable uppers that circulate fresh air with every step. The Bondi tends to fit people with narrow feet better, while the Clifton’s recent updates make it more ideal for those with wider feet.

Final Thoughts – Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi

Both the Bondi and the Clifton shoes are strong running shoes that support your feet, enhance your gait, and make running easier. Clifton is built more for long distance runners, offering support and helping conserve energy over time. For those with painful medical conditions, though, Bondi’s support is designed to take the stress off your legs as you exercise or stand for long periods of time.

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