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Giro Chronicle Vs Montaro Helmet

Giro is one of the top bicycle helmet manufacturers on the market. The company aims to make sleek, fashion-forward, very safely constructed helmets. Over the past few years, multiple technological innovations have been used to make helmets more cushioned, protective, ventilated, and comfortable. Some helmets also have additional features and technology integrated.

When you first glance at the Giro Montaro and Chronicle helmets, the design looks very similar. Several things about the construction of both lines are the same. Each of these helmets is made to protect you when you ride over rough mountain terrain with a lot of jolts and unexpected bumps.

We’ve put together everything you need to know about these helmets.

ProductPriceDesignCamera Mount
#1. Chronicle
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#2. Montaro

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#1. Giro Chronicle

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The Giro Chronicle is the more affordable option because it lacks some of the Montaro’s extra features. However, it offers a level of comfort and protection that’s hard to beat. The helmet sits relatively low on your head and provides full coverage.

One consistently praised aspect of this helmet is the fit. The design conforms well to the contours and shape of your skull. Even people who struggle to find comfortably fitting helmets say that the fit is unbelievable.

Some people question why a helmet that has basic features costs this much money. The answer is the construction quality. The helmet has been coated with an MIPS layer and has a strong ventilation system.

The Chronicle tends to be a little warm due to having more protective surface than ventilation. However, the positioning of the vents allows for cooling and consistent wind current. There are also Coolmax cushioning systems that help absorb sweat and keep you comfortable as you ride.

According to Giro, the Chronicle is made for intense terrains that include testing climbs and specialized biking plunges. Though the helmet doesn’t include goggles, it can integrate very well with them.

#2. Giro Montaro

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The Giro Montaro is also designed for steep climbs and specialized drops. The shape tends to be a little smaller than the Chronicle, but it’s secure enough to offer protection. The ventilation system has been upgraded using a Roc Loc Air framework, which helps the helmet conform to your skull’s shape while keeping your head ventilated.

For additional help with the fit, the Montaro has some elastic that you can use for further securing. There are three cushions laid into the helmet’s interior, and they help to absorb your sweat. The goal of the cushions is to provide anti-microbial odor protection. Some people have found that the cushions wear out fast, but the same isn’t true of the helmet in general.

Like the Chronicle, the materials of this helmet are both durable and lightweight. They can protect you if you take an unexpected tumble, but they’re not so heavy they’ll slow you down on a high intensity bike ride.

The MIPS coating makes this helmet a little warmer than one without the coating, but the increase in quality makes up for that. Anyway, the high quality ventilation system tends to be enough to make up for that.


Of the two options, the Giro Chronicle is much more simple and basic. It’s also much more affordable. If you’re looking for a stylish helmet that’s strong and durable enough to stand up to ongoing wear, the Chronicle has everything you need. However, it doesn’t have the add-ons that some more extreme or professional cyclers might want.

The Giro Montaro is a helmet that’s made for bringing technology over tough terrains. It has the same basic coverage, comfort, and durability as the Chronicle. However, it also has MIPS technology and full goggle integration. On the rear are located strap grippers, which keep the helmet on. On the front is a POV Plus visor, which you can pull down to protect your sight on particularly dusty or gritty days.

The Montaro includes a Roc Loc Air system, which allows for a better fit and increased ventilation on long rides. This makes it a more comfortable option if you’re going to be riding for multiple hours per day or week. There’s a full camera mount that allows you to stream or record your biking with a compact action camera. Also included are anti-microbial pads which can absorb up to ten times as much sweat as with the competition.

The Verdict – Giro Chronicle Vs Montaro

The Giro Chronicle has everything you need at an affordable price. It offers optimum safety and comfort, and it’s designed to protect you during rides over tough terrain. Multiple colors and styles are available to suit your unique aesthetic. If you’re a casual cycler who doesn’t need extra technology, this is the pick for you.

The Giro Montaro is more suited for extreme cyclers, and it comes at a significantly steeper price point. However, if you do a lot of biking over rough mountain terrain, there are some features you can’t miss. This helmet includes a safety visor that protects your eyes, absorbent pads that soak up your sweat, improved ventilation technology, and a full camera mount. If you spend multiple hours biking or want a good setup for streaming your adventures, the extra technology of the Montaro is well worth the cost.

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