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Ghillie Kettle Vs Kelly Kettle

If you can’t live without your coffee on backpacking trips, you’re in luck. These camp kettles are the perfect way to boil water in a safe, fun, and fast way!

Essentially, the Ghillie Kettle and Kelly Kettle are campfire-free water kettles that boil water using a built-in stove area.

All you have to do is burn some sticks or pine needles in the bottom, fill up the kettle with water, wait to hear the kettle’s whistle, and you’re in business!

Which brand is better for you? Here’s a comparison to help you make that choice.

Quick Comparison: Ghillie Kettle Vs. Kelly Kettle

ProductMaterialIncludes Whistle
#1. Kelly Kettle
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Stainless SteelNo
#2. Ghillie Kettle

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Kelly Kettle Video Review

Ghillie Kettle Video Review


Both the Ghillie Kettle and the Kelly Kettle come in a variety of sizes. No matter which size you choose, the kettles are all a bit too big for major backpacking trips, but they are awesome for car camping, hunting, fishing, kayaking and more.

At 1.18 liters for the medium version, Kelly Kettle is slightly bigger and has a somewhat larger capacity than the one-liter Ghillie Kettle. As far as height goes, the Kellie Kettle is a bit taller. The medium version is 11 inches tall, while its Ghillie counterpart is 10.5 inches tall.


Although the Kelly Kettle holds a little bit more than the Ghillie Kettle, the Ghillie Kettle is actually a big heavier. The Kelly Kettle weighs 1.2 pounds, while the Ghillie Kettle weighs in at 1.9 pounds.

If you are going to be hiking a ways with one of these kettles, the Kelly Kettle would be a good half pound lighter than the Ghillie Kettle. However, the Ghillie Kettle also has 13 ounce backpacking version.


Although the Ghillie Kettle and the Kelly Kettle both come with carrying bags, the Ghillie bag is a bit better if you want to carry your kettle on your back.

The Ghillie carry bag features a drawstring style sack that converts into a simple backpack, but the Kelly version just has a single drawstring.

That being said, one perk to the Kelly bag is that it has a cinch to keep the bag closed tight. You could tie the two strings on the Ghillie bag to create the same secure effect, however.


Materials are obviously very important when it comes to any kind of cooking gear. The Ghillie Kettle and the Kelly Kettle may have similar materials, but there are some significant differences.

The Ghillie Kettle is made of aluminum, but most of its products have the additional quality offered by anodized aluminum.

Anodized aluminum is more durable, corrosion-resistant, and attractive, so your kettle will look nicer and last longer.

However, the Kelly Kettle is made in both aluminum and steel. While the aluminum version is much lighter, the steel version doesn’t dent as easily, and it is more durable.


If a camping kettle like this becomes a staple in your outdoor adventures, you’re bound to want to add on some accessories. After all, why stick to boiling water when you can also cook a meal? Both Ghillie and Kelly offer accessories to enhance your camping experience.

The Kelly Kettle company offers several accessory options. The most popular is the stainless steel cook set. It includes a grille, a pot, a handle, and a lid.

Kelly Kettle also sells stacking camping mugs, which feature a plastic lip protector on the edge so you don’t get burned.

There’s also a set of metal camping plates, hobo stove, and a pot support. In July 2017, the company is also releasing a whistle add-on for their kettles.

Ghillie Kettle also has several accessories available. First, they offer a triangular pot support to help keep your pot from spilling on uneven ground. They also offer an anodized cook kit and cook kits containing a pot, a pan, a handle gripper, and a grille.

If you shop from the British online store rather than the American online store, you can also purchase Ghillie Kettle’s standard pot support, hobo stove set, BBQ adaptor, and stainless steel Zebra pot.


Ghillie Kettle and Kelly Kettle both offer kettles featuring wooden grips on the handles. This keeps you from getting burned, but you should still exercise caution when using the handles!

If you have the steam whistle turned upward when boiling water in the Ghillie Kettle, you can accidently give yourself a steam burn on your hand. So be careful!

How to Use

Both the Ghillie Kettle and the Kelly Kettle have essentially the same use. To use these kettles, you detach the pot from the fire base. Using twigs, cotton balls, or other flammable materials, start a fire in the fire base.

Fill up the water portion of the kettle and set on the base. To keep the fire burning, feed the flame through the tube that goes from the top of the kettle to the bottom. If you’re using the Ghillie Kettle, you’ll know it’s ready when you hear the whistle blow.

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Verdict – Ghillie Kettle Vs Kelly Kettle

There aren’t major differences between the Ghille Kettle and the Kelly Kettle, but the variations that exist can certainly help you decide which brand to go with.

If you want to hike or backpack, the smaller and lighter Ghillie Kettle is your best bet. However, if you want a stronger steel kettle, Kelly Kettle is a better option for you.

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