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Gerber Dime Vs Leatherman Squirt

Multi-tools are a helpful component to have in your pocket in any given scenario. These compact gadgets conceal multiple tools that help with everyday scenarios. Most have a knife, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, a pair of scissors, and a few other assorted tools.

Two of the top rated multi-tools on the market are the Gerber Dime and the Leatherman Squirt. When they’re actually tested and compared, which of the tools works better? And which is more convenient to use? We’ve put together a list of the answers.

#1. Gerber Dime
Our Best Pick

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2.2 ounces4.25 inches9
#2. Leatherman Squirt

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1.9 ounces4 inches7

#1. Leatherman Squirt

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The Leatherman Squirt utilizes a classic and traditional design that looks similar to other Leatherman models. For some people, the compact and sleek design is a plus.

For others, they might want a more ergonomic grip or visually interesting design that’s been updated for the modern age.

The potentially sharp tools are all placed outside the tool, allowing you to grip the handle solidly and without danger when they’re being used.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remove the tools and blade from the Leatherman. 

The arms of the tool can fold out, transforming it into a pair of spring-loaded pliers. There is a rounded and flat section to the jaws, increasing the number of different items you can pick up.

The small wire cutter included can cut through light wires like paperclips, but you shouldn’t expect it to handle heavier jobs than that.

It’s rare for multi-tools to come with scissors that are actually useful. Because of the compact nature of multi-tools, many scissor blades are too short and don’t open wide enough to cut anything.

Opening bottles is the second most necessary task for a multi-tool, so the bottle opener is nearly as important as the knife. The thin bottle opener in the Leatherman flips out from the screwdriver. It can manage the bottles, but you might have a hard time with the grip.

The Leatherman’s knife is slightly longer than with some other multi-tools, and it comes to a sharp point. 

The Leatherman comes with a fine-grooved file that’s long enough to be useful. It also has a half Phillips and flat head screwdriver.

#2. Gerber Dime

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The Gerber Dime’s design is significantly more interesting than most multi-tools on the market. It utilizes shiny dual colors for each of the pieces. In addition, the edges are curved to offer a more ergonomic grip, and there are grooves that allow for increased stability on tilted surfaces.

The Dime also has the sharp tools placed outside so that you can easily grip the handle. When compared to the Leatherman, it’s much easier to pull the Dime’s tools in and out. 

However, the Dime’s pliers have a couple improvements in design. The jaw of the pliers is larger, and the grip is wider, which means that you can use the pliers for more heavy-duty jaws. They’re also easier to maneuver than the Leatherman.

As for the scissors, the Gerber Dime sadly doesn’t seem to stand up to the heat. The design includes two extremely short and dull blades that aren’t very pointed. It’s difficult to maneuver them, and they have trouble cutting through anything. 

The bottle opener of the Dime functions much better than the Leatherman. Unlike the Leatherman’s hidden opener, the bottle opener for the Gerber 

The blade of the Gerber isn’t quite as long or pointed as the Leatherman. However, it is designed with a fine edge that can slice through multiple materials.

The backbone is sturdier than the flimsy Leatherman. You can use the Gerber blade to cut through rope, plastic bottles, and wood alike.

The Gerber’s file is half the length of the Leatherman’s and too flimsy to be an effective tool. Meanwhile, the multi-tool has the exact same screwdriver setup as the Leatherman.

Gerber Dime has two more tools that the Leatherman doesn’t. One is a set of tweezers, which is great for people who often do precision work or have to remove splinters.

The other is a retail packaging opener. Opening retail packages can be a huge hassle, and the convenience of this tool is hard to resist. The blade is sharp enough to slice through plastic, bubbled packages, and shrink wrap.

Gerber Dime is also significantly more affordable than the Leatherman.

Final Thoughts – Gerber Dime Vs Leatherman Squirt

The Gerber Dime multi-tool outperforms the Leatherman Squirt in nearly every category. Not only is it more affordable than the Leatherman, but it also has more tools and an easier-to-use design. If you’re deciding which of these multi-tools will work best, the Gerber Dime will have more uses regardless of your circumstances.

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