G Shock RangeMan Vs MudMan


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When you’re thinking about buying a watch, there are a number of different factors to consider.

You might be wondering whether the G Shock RangeMan or MudMan is best for you.

How do you decide which is the best watch? We’ve broken down the appearance, cost, comfort, features, and other deciding issues.

This guide should help you decide what features are most important to you when you make your watch purchase. That way, you can choose the best watch to suit your unique needs.

Quick Comparison: G Shock RangeMan Vs MudMan

ProductAtomic time: Barometer and altimeter:Moon phase calendar:Sunrise and sunset times:
#1. RangeMan
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#2. MudMan

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Special Watch Features

Triple Sensor Package

If you purchase the RangeMan, you’ll have access to the triple sensor technology put out by Casio. This means you’ll have an altimeter, thermometer, and barometer attached to your wrist.

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On the other hand, the Casio MudMan includes a thermometer, but it doesn’t have the barometer or altimeter.

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Lacking a barometer makes it more difficult to predict weather patterns and rainfall. When you’re out in the wilderness, a barometer is an ideal tool to plan for the future.

Digital Compass

Both brands of watch have functionality for a digital compass. Digital compasses provide more convenience than physical compasses. It allows you to use the compass in an instant without hassle.

Both digital compasses are easily accessible through one push of a button. The compasses function slightly differently depending on the brand of watch you choose.

Solar Power

Casio is a unique company that offers solar-powered watch batteries. The battery should last a lifetime and never require replacing. When you first get the watch, you should let it charge in your windowsill until your battery level is full. When this is done, you should never need to charge your watch or change your batteries again.

Atomic Timekeeping

The MudMan watch doesn’t have support for atomic timekeeping, but the RangeMan does. Atomic timekeeping is done when the watch’s inner receiver listens for radio signals throughout the day and at midnight. These signals contain information about timekeeping that ensure the watch remains accurate to the current time. Watches automatically adjust to daylight savings time.

World Time Support

Both world time and dual time are supported by both watches. Dual time will allow you to track two time zones at once, while world time lets you see the time at multiple different time zones all over the world.

Moon Phase Calendar

The RangeMan does not include a moon phase calendar, but the MudMan does. Moon phase calendars are ideal for fishermen. When there’s a full moon, the highest tides cause fish to feed more. This is a great feature for those who find themselves on the water frequently.

Sunrise and Sunset Data

The RangeMan includes automatic data about sunrise and sunset. As long as your watch receives atomic timekeeping radio signals, your sunrise and sunset data can be easily accessed minute by minute. This is a great feature in the wilderness, where it’s important to know about sunset and sunrise times.

Additional Timekeeping Features

The MudMan and RangeMan both have stopwatches that will measure to 1/100th of a second. They also have pre-programmed calendars that automatically track the date and days of the week. It’s hard to give up the convenience of instantly having the date on your wrist.


Both watches are equally durable thanks to their G-Shock quality. They can resist temperatures down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re shock resistant, mud resistant, and built to last a lifetime. The mineral glass windows provide scratch resistance and 7x the durability of acrylic glass.

Water Resistance

Both watches have water resistance capacities up to 200 meters. Most divers don’t travel further than this. That said, the watches aren’t designed for use by divers.


The watches are practically identical, with ust a few small differences. The faces have different diameters by just a few millimeters, and the displays are slightly different. However, both watches employ black design with red accents to highlight the important features.


Both watches employ industry-standard G-Shock bands made of resin. Resin is a strong and lightweight material that feels pleasant on the skin, rather than pinching like plastic. Their friction keeps the watch from sliding around your arm without feeling like it’s pulling.


Because the RangeMan employs more features, it tends to be more expensive than the MudMan. If you’re purchasing a watch on a budget, but MudMan is your best option. However, if the additional features of the RangeMan are attractive to you, it’s an excellent choice.

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Final Thoughts

The best watch for you will vary largely depending on what you need it for. Both of these watches provide excellent features for wilderness survival.

No matter what circumstances you wear them in, they’ll last a long time and give you the important information you need.

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