Eddie Bauer Vs LL Bean


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Eddie Bauer Vs LL Bean

Having the right outdoor apparel is vital when you’re going adventuring. If you live in a colder climate, a winter coat is a necessity even if you avoid going outside at all costs. Two of the top apparel manufacturers in the United States are LL Bean and Eddie Bauer. Which of these has the better products?

#1. Eddie Bauer
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#2. LL Bean

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#1. LL Bean

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LL Bean is a company that has been in business for more than a century. It was first founded in Maine in 1912, and its headquarters remain there today. The founder of the company was a hunter and fisherman who wanted to create innovative gear. He first sold a new rubber boot that was more lightweight and better waterproofed than others on the market. As time went on, the company continued to innovate and expand their range of product offerings.

Today, there are more than fifty LL Bean retail stores scattered throughout both Japan and the US. Multiple productions and TV shows have featured the brand. In addition, LL Bean is responsible for founding a program called the Outdoor Discovery Schools. These “schools” show people how to use survival skills in nature.

LL Bean is focused on high quality products and innovation. As such, the company employs some technology that simply can’t be found in other brands. Rather than relying on one or two fabrics, LL Bean creates apparel that utilizes a wide range of different fabric options.

One of the unique aspects of LL Bean’s products is “smart fabrics.” Not all apparel uses smart fabric, but many pieces of LL Bean on the market do. These fabrics are crafted by Loomia, and they’re highly responsive to the needs of the wearer. Another unique fabric is PrimaLoft Bio, which is a high performance outdoor fabric that’s made completely out of recycled and biodegradable materials.

As part of LL Bean’s waterproofing, the company uses Gore-Tex technology to repel liquid. Gore-Tex is used by many companies, LL Bean being just one of them. When it comes to traditional fabrics, you’re more likely to find cotton than polyester or nylon.

LL Bean’s jackets boast intensive insulation. Not only do they incorporate natural down, but they also have PrimaLoft material. PrimaLoft has been compared in weight and feel to natural and synthetic down.

The majority of LL Bean products are manufactured in the United States, mostly in Maine. All of the brand’s boots, classic designs, and technical clothing are made in the US.

#2. Eddie Bauer

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Eddie Bauer is a United States company that has been operating for nearly as long as LL Bean. It was originally established in 1920 by a proprietor named Eddie Bauer. He set up shop in Seattle, Washington. For this reason, LL Bean tends to be better known among East Coasters, while Eddie Bauer is a household name for those in the Pacific Northwest.

Eddie Bauer is currently one of the most important names in outdoor clothing. In addition, the company has a rich and fascinating history. They were the first independent clothing company contracted to design United States Army uniforms.

In comparison to LL Bean, Eddie Bauer tends to have much larger collections and more varied products. They also have more patented designs than nearly any other clothing company. One of these patented designs is the quilted jacket.

In 2009, the brand was sold to Golden Gate Capital. There was a financial overhaul that allowed the previously sagging sales to flourish.

Regardless of the Eddie Bauer design you’re looking at, there’s a good chance it incorporates two main fabrics. The majority of Eddie Bauer designs use some combination of nylon and polyester. This is because these fabrics are extremely versatile and have many properties that make them good for both inner and outerwear.

In addition to the patented quilted jacket, Eddie Bauer also manufactures a range of different winter coats. The coats use a combination of StormDown and natural down. StormDown is down that has been specially treated with waterproofing products to make it moisture-resistant. This means that it repels water and keeps the jacket from becoming waterlogged in wet conditions.

Natural down isn’t the only filling they use. The company also makes use of Thermafill synthetic insulation, which has many of the same good qualities as down without the potential allergies and other issues. Some of the designs even incorporate Thindown, which is a special fabric made of down. Italian engineers developed the fabric as a way to get the insulation of down without needing bulky padding inside jackets.

Eddie Bauer is one of the rare companies that doesn’t use Gore-Tex for its waterproofing. Instead, the company uses eVent technology, which tends to perform at about the same level as Gore-Tex. In addition, Eddie Bauer has patented its own technology. This technology, WeatherEdge, is incorporated into their weatherproof clothing designs. Both jackets and pants can use it.

Final Thoughts – Eddie Bauer Vs LL Bean

LL Bean and Eddie Bauer are both old companies that are experts in creating outdoor apparel. LL Bean tends to be better known to people on the East Coast, while Eddie Bauer is concentrated mainly in the Pacific Northwest.

Both companies create high quality outdoor apparel that’s both innovative and comfortable. Eddie Bauer focuses on creating weatherproof jackets and pants by using multiple different cutting-edge technologies. LL Bean, on the other hand, creates diverse apparel that utilizes a wide variety of different design materials.

The best company really just depends on what you’re looking for. If you want high quality and classic boots, LL Bean is the place to turn. If you’re looking for clothing that’s been given extreme weatherproofing, Eddie Bauer has you covered. Both companies will offer most outdoor apparel you could want.

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