Eberlestock X2 Vs Badlands 2200


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Eberlestock X2 Vs Badlands 2200

A hiking backpack has several jobs to fulfill while out on the trail…

It needs to hold all the gear you might need while out in the wilderness, it needs to be comfortable while doing so, and it needs to handle the ever changing elements you might experience while out on the trail.

Several brands such as Osprey make some packs that exceed most people’s expectations, but if you’re looking for a hiking pack that is geared towards the survivalist or the more advanced hiker, you’re better off looking at packs like the Badlands 2200 or Eberlestock X2 .

Both brands offer a variety of quality packs to pick from, but the Badlands 2200 and the Eberlestock X2 are frequently compared to each other amongst hikers and hunters alike.

Their similarities make it difficult to pick from any of the two packs, so today we’ll compare the two, so you can determine which one is right for you (or if either pack is right for you).

ProductRoom For Water BladdersCapacity
#1. Eberlestock X2
Our Best Pick

Check Price
3 liters max (2 compartments)4lbs 12ozs (1830 cubic inches)
#2. Badlands 2200

Check Price
2 liters max (one compartment)5lbs 25ozs (2250 cubic inches)



Just by appearances alone, you would assume that both packs are almost exact duplicates of each other, but you would be surprised.

Each of these packs were designed to hold up to the rigors of both regular day use as well as use while out in the rugged and sometimes unforgiving outdoors.

The main compartment of each pack is large and ample enough to store a variety of gear, or any meat that you may be packing out of hunting camp.

Of course, you won’t be packing out a deer or elk unless you can shoot it first. A hunting rifle by itself isn’t heavy, but when you start adding all the extra gear like the elk calls and knives, all that weight quickly adds up.

Fortunately, regardless of which pack you choose- both can handle carrying your extra gear with no problems.

When you have all your gear safely packed inside, you can protect your expensive investments further by using the compression straps that are included with the pack to help reduce any extra room so your gear wont shift or move around.

Let’s jump back to appearances.

For regular daypack use, these packs might stick out like a sore thumb among the more formal appearing packs out there.

But if you’re taking any of these hiking bags out into the wilderness and you’re hoping to back a deer, then the waterproof camo fabric materials of both these packs will have your back.

If you need something that is more appropriate for general use, then both manufacturers offer at least one solid color that won’t raise eyebrows when out in the public.

As far as color choices go, the Eberlestock pack has 4 colors to pick from and the Badlands only offers 3.


For some, sizing will make a huge difference in which bag you purchase. Larger sizes mean you can carry and store more gear, but sometimes more isn’t necessarily better for others…

The Badlands weighs 5lbs and 25ozs with a total cubic volume of 2250 inches. The Eberlestock hunting backpack weighs slightly under at 4lbs and 12oz with a total cubic volume of 1,830 inches.

How They Fit

Both packs have a built in frame that keeps the packs upright while also being comfortable for the wearer. Even when you fill these bags up, they’ll remain comfortable while carrying for long distances.

But the Eberlestock pack seems to get the most compliments when it comes to comfort. However, some may like the fit of the Badlands 2200 better than the Eberlestock pack. Really, it comes down to personal preferences.


Ventilation is important if you want to stay comfortable. Without proper ventilation, you may find yourself drenched in sweat by the time you climb out of a valley after dressing and packing out an elk.

Navigating treacherous canyons and trying to get into some of the impossible areas where elk and deer like to spend their last moments can be a workout in itself, you don’t need to add to the discomfort and difficulty by working up a sweat.

As far as that goes, the Badlands 2200, while comfortable, isn’t the most sweat-proof friendly…

For this reason, we’d probably recommend just sticking to using this pack during the colder seasons such as fall or winter. The Eberlestock is about the same in that regards.

Hydration Compartments

Hunting and hiking trips are rarely short and simple. Carrying extra canteens and water gear can add to the overall weight of what you’re already carrying.

Fortunately, both bags come with separate water compartments, so you can store water bladders safely from the rest of your gear.

The Eberlestock 2200 can hold up to 3 liters of water with two water bladder options available for purchase separately (2 liter and 3 liters). The Badlands will hold a 2-liter water bladder with no problems.

One noticeable difference between the two packs is that the Eberlestock bag does come with two compartments for storing water bladders, while the Badlands is capable of storing just one water bladder.

You may want to factor this into your consideration if you’re doing a lot of trips that are long in days or miles.

Which Is Worth Buying?

It can be difficult choosing between these well-designed bags because of their similar appearances and build. So how would you go about choosing between the two packs? It comes down to comfort and size.

The Eberlestock seems to get the most compliments when it comes down to comfort and how well it fits. The tradeoff is that you’ll get a smaller sized pack that may not have enough room for all that extra gear you want to pack.

The Badlands is also a decent pack with larger compartments and packing room, but you’re limited when it comes to water carrying capacity.

One water bladder may not be enough for those longer day hikes or hunting trips you may want to take.

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The Verdict – Eberlestock X2 Vs Badlands 2200

We would take the Eberlestock X2 if we were going on longer trips or needed a more functional hunting bag. The Badlands 2200  would be perfect for anyone who didn’t need a larger compartment for carrying more water.

Other than those main differences, both bags are pretty similar, and we feel confident you would be happy with either one.

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