Danner High Ground Vs Pronghorn


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Danner High Ground Vs Pronghorn

The Danner brand offers stylish, sturdy and well-made boots that are perfect for your outdoor adventures and will last you for many years.

The High Ground and Pronghorn hunting boot models are similar with respect to insulation and waterproof protection. But there are distinct differences – the question is, which should you choose?

Quick Comparison: Danner Pronghorn Vs High Ground

#1. Danner Pronghorn
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55 oz (uninsulated)
#2. Danner High Ground

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46 oz.

Danner Pronghorns. Put to the test.

Construction and Materials/Lining and Insulation

Both the High Ground and the Pronghorn are high-quality hiking boots for their class. The uppers on the High Ground are a mix of soft nubuck (easy to break-in) and 900-D polyester (abrasion-resistant).

A nice camo print here rounds out the look. The leather outsoles give a good balance of traction and mobility.

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The Pronghorn on the other hand, has full-grain, brown leather, 1,000-D nylon, and treated with a ‘CamoHide’ process, giving the look a more marbling-camo print.

Both boots are 8″ in height, and neither boot is re-craftable (you cannot replace the soles after the originals wear out.)

They also both have a reinforced toe box and heel. The only difference here is the Pronghorn has triple-stitched reinforcement, while the High Ground has double-stitching.

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The lining on both styles are identical (Gore-Tex for dryness). However, the insulation on the High Ground features 400G and 1,000G insulation options, while the Pronghorn has more choices, 400, 800, 1,000 and 1200G insulation.

Both boots will protect your feet on that walk across a field of winter wheat on an April morning (i.e. a LOT of wetness!)

Fit and Overall Comfort

The High Ground has ankle stability, and will keep your feet warm and dry. Its proprietary Talon outsole is lightweight and will give good grip for outdoor conditions. It has an EVA midsole and nylon shank. A black and orange lug combo allow the outsoles to adhere to the ground in wet and muddy conditions.

The Pronghorn will also keep your feet warm and dry, and the fit is great. Here, the outsoles focus on multi-terrain use and are more rugged, making it a more versatile option to the High Ground. However, these do not have the lug combo that the High Ground offers.

Both styles have a fresh-out-of-the-box comfort with little break-in time needed for your foot to adjust. The footbeds are different between the two in that the High Ground has a removeable, antimicrobial footbed made of polyurethane, while the Pronghorn features a triple-density PU Ortholite footbed.

This translates to a focus on hiking needs for the High Ground and overall comfort for the Pronghorn.

The Lacing System

The High Ground has a lock and load lacing system: four speed hooks for durability during high-stress hiking sessions. The lower ghillies pull the laces tight and ensures a snug fit.

The pull-up strap at the back of the boot is small (would be hard to grip with gloves on) and is generally viewed as a design flaw, or seems to be simply for aesthetics.

The Pronghorn has more traditional metal eyelets along the instep and four speed hooks at the top. The unique feature here is that the third speed lace from the top reaches to mid-ankle, making the boot more secure when in tough terrain, while also given some ankle stability.

How is the Quality?

As is true for the Danner brand, the quality of both boots are top-notch. The Gore-Tex lining ensures that moisture can and will be kept at bay.

The uppers on the Pronghorn is made of honest-to-gosh genuine leather, and while this will withstand many years of tough weather conditions, you will undoubtedly want to protect the leather with leather conditioner (also provided by Danner!)

Both styles offer unparalleled athletic performance when outdoors in rough terrain. They can be given a beating for years through the different seasons and stand the test of time. Bottom line – these boots are built to last.

The Danner brand is a leader in outdoor gear, and pride themselves in producing their boots in the USA, even though the components are imported.

What the Reviews Say

Consumers have said that the High Ground style is lightweight for a boot and has out-of-the-box comfort, with little need to break them in. The laces will stay in place. But there have been reports of squeaky boots when walking, which is not what you want when trying to be stealthy on the hunt.

When giving their two cents on the Pronghorn, reviewers often mention comfort for all foot sizes, even wider feet. Overall, the durability and comfort factors shine through, however, squeakiness when walking has been reported on this style, as well. There were also reports that suggest the boot may be water resistant, but not fully waterproof. Danner does state that both boots are waterproof, so the reviewer claims may be somewhat misleading.

The Final Verdict – Danner High Ground Vs Pronghorn

The Pronghorn has more features, and may provide more versatility in difference circumstances and terrain.

The High Ground has more versatility of movement, while the Pronghorn provides a more rugged, all-terrain boot and a wider range of insulation options. The Pronghorn seems to be the more popular choice, perhaps due this reason and based on overall reviews.

In addition, the High Ground is slightly more lightweight and made for late Spring/Fall-like conditions, while the Pronghorn has a more rugged sturdiness overall. Both styles are comparable in price in the marketplace, and offer tremendous value for the price.

The bottom line when choosing either boot is what your individual preferences and needs and outdoor activities will be.

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