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Contigo Vs Yeti

Insulation technology is a big deal in the day-to-day world. There are multiple professional industries that rely on thermal insulation to keep their products cool even without electricity. And on a more casual daily basis, a good insulated cooler can make the difference between refreshing ice-cold drinks and uncomfortably lukewarm beverages at an outdoor party.

Yeti is a company that’s well-known for creating insulated coolers that can stand up to high outdoor temperatures. They’ve now begun manufacturing water bottles and travel mugs that make use of the same insulation technology. Contigo is another industry leader in the manufacturing of insulated and portable products. How do the two compare?

Contigo Vs Yeti

#1. Contigo
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#2. Yeti

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#1. Yeti

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The Yeti Rambler series is the main series of portable travel mugs and water bottles put out by the company. There are three main lines: the Colster, the Lowball, and the Wine Tumbler. You can also purchase the wine tumbler in a two-pack should you want to make a toast.

Each of these product lines is available in nine to ten different colors. They’re solid colors that range from neutral tones to shiny metallic options to more brightly saturated colors. You also have customization options through the manufacturer. You can add text, a monogram, a pre-created design, or a company logo. If you want drinkware that can be personalized specifically for you, the Yeti is the way to go.

Yeti products have a relatively low size range. You can only get the mugs and water bottles in sizes of 20 or 30 ounces. There are a few standard Rambler water bottles available in 16 ounce sizes, and a smaller option for kids that holds only 12 ounces.

One of the unique features of the Rambler is that it uses a MagSlider Lid. This lid has been patented by Yeti, and it is the only lid on the market that uses magnetic technology to lock the liquid inside. Since magnets are more powerful than gravity, the liquid doesn’t spill even if you knock the cup over.

All of the ramblers are designed without any BPAs. The insulation keeps condensation from forming on the bottle, so your hands stay dry. These are also dishwasher-safe options. The main bottle is made from premium grade stainless steel, but it has been treated with a DuraCoat exterior finish.

DuraCoat is a colored coating over the steel that helps to improve your grip. Even if you use the bottle every day, the coating is designed not to peel, crack, or fade. The design allows drinks to stay hot for at least twelve hours and cold for at least a day.

Every Yeti tumbler on the market is designed to fit inside a standard cup holder, so you can use it as a travel mug if you want.

#2. Contigo

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All Contigo products come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can get a replacement if there’s a problem with the quality or insulation. They employ the same stainless steel sealing technology as the Yeti products, and they tend to keep drinks hot and cold for the same length of time.

The Contigo line also incorporates Autoseal engineering, which is a lid design that opens with a button push to make sure that drinks stay sealed even if the bottle falls over.

There’s also an option to use a Snapseal lid system instead of the Autoseal system. This is a system that allows for more easy one-handed operation than the Autoseal lids, but it also prevents leakage. The insulation is Thermalock vacuum sealing, which has been patented by the company.

The water bottles from Contigo boast the same Autoseal technology as the travel mugs. You also have the option to use Autospout technology, which is a straw system that allows you to operate the water bottle one-handed. Also available is Chug technology, which lets you drink large amounts of water quickly by pushing a button. The Chug technology is a good choice for athletes.

Contigo products tend to have a much wider variation in sizes, colors, and styles. In fact, there are two recently released lines that focus mostly on aesthetic appeal. These are the Luxe and Couture lines.


There are some significant differences in the available sizes and lids. Contigo has more overall diversity and customization potential than Yeti. In fact, Yeti mugs and water bottles only come in two sizes: 20 ounces and 30 ounces.

The sizes available through Contigo cover a much wider range, but the exact dimensions vary depending on what collection you’re buying from. The most common Contigo sizes are 16, 20, and 24 ounces.

There are also several lid options available through Contigo, but the company is best known for the lids with Autoseal technology. These can only be opened by pushing a button, which helps to safeguard against spills even if you drop the mug or keep it on an uneven surface.

Some people have reported issues with clogging of the Autoseal lids from Contigo. The design mechanism leaves something to be desired. These design flaws aren’t a problem with the Yeti. If you’re planning to use any sugary or sticky beverages, the Yeti lids are much better than the Contigo in terms of being easily cleaned.

Final Thoughts – Contigo Vs Yeti

Overall, the Contigo and Yeti products tend to perform about the same in terms of insulation. The one that you’ll prefer will vary depending on your needs. The Yeti is available in fewer sizes and customization options, but it also has a more simple lid design that’s easier to operate and clean. By comparison, the Contigo is equipped with anti-spill technology, so if you’re worried about the cup tipping over, that’s the one to choose.

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