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Coleman Montana Vs Red Canyon

When it comes to camping tents, the Coleman brand has been one of the best for the past few decades.

Since they’ve been an industry leader for so long, Coleman has been able to tweak and improve upon their camping products until they’ve almost hit perfection.

If you’re looking for a brand that takes their customers’ feedback into consideration and enhances their newer models of tents, then you’ll be excited to know that two new products are bound to give you a fantastic camping trip.

This article will review the Coleman Red Canyon and the Coleman Montana tents, their similarities and differences, and which one makes a better camping tent.

When it comes down to it, camping preferences are very personal. Not everyone will agree that one model is superior to another.

However, this guide can help you select one that you’d enjoy on your next outing.

Comparison chart: Coleman Montana Vs Red Canyon

ProductDimensions# of Occupants
#1. Coleman Red Canyon
Our Best Pick

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Measures 17 x 10 feet with a 72-inch center height8
#2. Coleman Montana

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Measures 16 x 7 feet with a 74-inch center height8

Coleman Montana Vs Red Canyon Detailed Overview

It’s sufficient to say that not all tents are built the same. A tent is the heart of your camping trip, and if you invest in a bad one, you could turn a pleasant trip into a nightmare.

Luckily, both tents on this list are high-quality models that are sure to satisfy any camper, but we’d like to give you a more in-depth description of what these tents can provide you with. Here’s a detailed review of the features:


The number one aspect you’ll need to know before you even buy a tent is how big you need it to be. Nothing ruins a family outing than being crammed in with each other as you sleep.

If you want to have a comfortable camping trip, we highly recommend both of these units. They have enough space to fit up to eight people at once, making them big enough to accommodate most trips.

The biggest factor that differentiates the two is that the Red Canyon features a unique system where you can create three separate rooms by using the included dividers.

This is excellent when it comes to camping with your friends, as you’ll be able to create a privacy barrier between parts of the group.


Another critical factor is the amount of space that you’re going to have. While a tent may say it can room up to eight people, it’s important to factor in how much space each person will get. The Red Canyon has superior space when compared to the Montana.

If you calculate it, the Red Canyon has 170 square feet of space, and the Montana has only 112 square feet. That’s a total of 58 square feet of space, which can have a huge impact when you’re sheltering eight people.


While the height may be a significant factor for some, you’ll find that both of these models have similar heights. The height, which refers to the very highest single point, shouldn’t be confused with the top of the tent.

The Red Canyon features a 72″ center while the Montana features a 74″ center. Unless you need the extra 2″ of space, there isn’t much of a difference between these two tents.


The next aspect you may want to consider are the doors. While doors aren’t usually going to be that important when choosing a tent, you still will want to know what you’re getting.

The Red Canyon features a beautiful door, but when it’s closed and raining, you may find that the tent seems to create condensation on the inside of the fabric.

To avoid this, keep the doors open on those downpour days. On the other hand, the Montana features a wide door that spans from bottom to top and has a rain cover to prevent anyone from getting wet.


What’s better than great airflow on a hot summer day? The Red Canyon features a unique, adjustable ventilation system which also includes a cool-air port.

This allows you and everyone in the tent to have adequate airflow throughout the entire space. Having proper ventilation, especially when there are so many bodies in a limited area, will increase everyone’s comfort.

The Montana features electrical access ports and a reverse angled window to help support airflow.


Both of these tents feature quick and easy setup which will only take a few minutes. The worst part about camping is trying to sort through a whole instruction manual only to feel like you’re setting up furniture from Ikea.

Having a fast setup allows you to enjoy more activities during your trip instead of dealing with tent poles and tangled fabric.

Families on a remote adventure may also want to consider picking up a shower tent for a more comfortable camping trip

Coleman Coleman Montana Vs Red Canyon Similarities

Let’s take a look at the similarities between the two tents. They both have the same occupant size, maximum height, and air ventilation systems.

Setup is easy for both units, and the doors are designed to keep rain out. We’d say that there are more similarities in these two units than there are differences.

Coleman Red Canyon vs Montana Differences

There are minimal differences between the two units. The most significant factor would have to be that the dimensions of the Red Canyon beat the Montana tent.

The Red Canyon features up to 58 more square feet and has the ability to create separate rooms. It also features better ventilation.

Verdict – Coleman Montana Vs Red Canyon

As you can see, these two tents are very similar, but if we’d have to choose one of them, then it would be the Red Canyon. The extra features that allow you to create separate living spaces and the extra space trumps the other version.

It excels at ventilation and protection and is easy to set up. No matter which one of these tents you choose, you’ll be sure to have a blast on your next camping trip.

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