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Chacos Z2 Vs Z1

Do you consider yourself an outdoor person? Then you’ll love Chacos sandals. Chacos has created a fanatic following, particularly for their Chaco Men’s Z1 and Yampa Z2 sandals.

You should join the community if you are looking for sandals that exemplify utility, comfort, stability, and durability.

This may leave you wondering which is better, the Unaweep Z1 or Yampa Z2?  What is the difference between Chaco z/1 and z/2?

Specs Overview – Chacos Unaweep Z/1 vs Yampa Z/2

ProductBest UseWeight (Pair)
#1. Chacos Yampa Z2
Our Best Pick

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Watersports1 lb. 12 oz.
#2. Chacos Unaweep Z1

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Multisport1 lb. 14 oz

Your choice will depend largely on how you intend to use your sandals. If you are into adventure sports, for example, Unaweeep Z1 sandals make a great choice. This is because they don’t have a toe loop.

The Yampa Z2, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for cycling trips. They are not only easy to throw on but also comfortable enough to wear for quick commutes.

Both of these models also have some drawbacks. So, in order to make a decisive choice on the best option, below you’ll find a quick Chacos Unaweep Z1 vs. Yampa Z2 comparison table followed by a more in-depth discussion of each feature.

General Design

Chacos Unaweep Z1 sandals are simple and rugged yet comfy and incredibly adjustable. You can wear them tight, next to the skin.

They are a great choice if you are looking for a classic, no-nonsense sandal for your outdoor expeditions.

The Yampa Z2 sandals are similar to the Z1s. The major difference is that the Yampa has an extra loop for your big toe.

With this toe loop, you can keep the tips of the sandals closer to the sole of your foot, potentially preventing debris from getting between your foot and your sandal.

Moreover, keeping the sandal tighter against your foot can help you get better judge the terrain you’re walking on. In turn, you can react more swiftly to avert injury.

This loop is also helpful in watersports, as it prevents your sandal from lifting in the water.

If you don’t want to use the toe loop, you can simply pull it tight enough to sit flush against the insole.

Shoe Material

Both sandals feature Classic Pro series soles. These are one of the most durable soles on the market today designed to bite into micro nooks and crannies underfoot, enhancing traction and comfort.

They are made from a sticky Vibram MegaGrip rubber.

Foot Width and Arch Support

Both Unaweep Z1 and Yampa Z2 feature a polyurethane midsole. This kind of midsole provides impressive arch support. It makes these sandals an ideal choice if you are looking for hiking sandals.

You should realize that Chacos sandals can be a little frustrating when you wear them for the first time. Even if they are the right size, you may have difficulty pulling them on. Don’t size up.

The straps on Chacos have been deliberately designed not to move easily. This is known as sticking. It is the reason why after you get them to fit perfectly, they remain that way.

If you are the impatient type, however, you should choose the Yampa Z2. With this model, it won’t take you long to adjust to your new sandals, thanks to the toe strap. Moreover, it is more secure once you get your fit.

Overall Comfort

Many customers have reported that Chacos Yampa Z2 sandals cause blisters during the first weeks of wear. They will expose you to sunburns and hot spots.

These can develop at the most inconvenient times, dampening your outdoor experience.

However, his problem is common with other types of footwear as well, especially when you are hiking. Fortunately, with Chacos sandals, it doesn’t last long as they break in reasonably quickly leaving you to enjoy their comfort and utility.

Un-sticking Straps

When it comes to un-sticking straps, Chacos Yampa Z2 will give you a harder time. Their straps are more complex and hence more difficult to un-stick.

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The final call: Chacos Unaweep Z1 vs. Yampa Z2

Both Chaco Men’s Z1 and Chacos Yampa Z2 are a great sandal option for outdoor activities. They also cost virtually the same price. However, we recommend the Yampa Z2.

The Yampa Z2 sandals do have a few design flaws, which might make them challenging for some feet, but they make an excellent choice for a casual outdoor shoe.

These sandals can also be awesome technical shoes if the traction conditions are favorable. Yampa Z2 offers a higher level of support and stability.

If you are looking for an urban sandal, Yampa Z2 is still the better choice. You’ll feel more comfortable standing around all day in them.

However, if you are looking for something simple that is easier to slip in and out of, you might prefer the Unaweep Z1.

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