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Chaco Wide Vs Medium Vs Regular

When it comes to shoes, the right width makes all the difference. So is the case with Chaco sandals. Finding out the differences between Medium, Regular, and Wide widths help you determine which is the most comfortable fit for your feet. Discussing ways to determine your preferred size of Chaco sandals enables you to avoid unnecessary returns and blisters in the process.

Love them or hate them, there are times you’ll be stuck wearing them. That’s why it’s important to choose the right style, size, and fit to meet your needs. If you don’t, you could wind up paying the consequences. Walk for a while in a pair of ill-fitting shoes, and you’ll wish that you would have planned better.

This guide to buying Chaco sandals discusses the differences between Medium, Regular, and Wide widths. That way, you know what to expect when you do decide to purchase the shoes.

You’ll have a comfortable fit without the need to return the footwear repeatedly. The right choice awaits you with additional guidance, so be sure to read each description thoroughly.

Brightly-colored with adjustable straps, part of the confusion that comes with buying Chaco sandals is the fact that they’re only available in whole sizes, not half sizes. If you wear a 9 ½ in women’s shoes ordinarily, you may be at a crossroads concerning which size to buy. A size 9 may be too small whereas a size 10 may be too large.

Getting the width correct can help solve this conundrum. There is a distinct difference between a Medium width and a Regular width, as well as what constitutes a Wide width. If you’ve never put that much thought into buying shoes, understand why it’s essential. Buying online can be a crapshoot with your fate in the hands of the manufacturer whose vision of a wide width is anything but accurate.

The secret sauce to finding the right fit of Chaco sandals is to have your foot measured with a Brannock device at a brick-and-mortar shoe store. The heel to ball measurement is what you need to know. If you’re unfamiliar with what that is, it’s the right arch length.

Printable shoe guides are also available for you to work with. The accuracy of the tools, however, lies in the quality of your printer. Keep this in mind when you work with a printed shoe guide as it may not be 100 percent correct in measuring your feet.

#1. Chaco Medium

If your feet tend to be narrow, a Chaco Medium will likely work well for you. When measuring your feet, you’ll be a B width. To put this into context, the Brannock device measures widths as B, C, D, E, and 2E. If you fall between widths, choose a wider width for a foot that is thick and a narrower width for a thinner foot.

#2. Chaco Regular

If your foot measures a C or D width, a Chaco Regular is the best option for you. Again, using the guidelines listed above concerning widths where you are in between readings is ideal. It helps you get the proper fit, so you’re not stuck returning the sandals multiple times.

#3. Chaco Wide

A Chaco Wide is ideal for women who measured E for width using the Brannock device. Chaco sandals may not accommodate 2E widths. The only true way of knowing when shopping online is to order the sandals and to try them on at home once they arrive. If the Wide isn’t wide enough, you won’t be able to wear Chaco footwear comfortably.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is different, which is why it pays to take some time to get to know the width of your feet more intimately. Doing so makes it easier for you to shop for shoes in the future. Chaco is a brand that offers many styles, sizes, and widths of footwear as a convenience for its customers. You can prevent hurting your feet by carefully selecting the right fit for you.

Using this guide, you now have a better understanding of the differences between Medium, Regular, and Wide Chaco sandals. If you were to explain what you know to others, they’d have a base knowledge concerning how to shop for shoes based on the width of their feet. Shopping with greater confidence is a convenience that helps you make the appropriate choice repeatedly in the future.

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