Best Polarized Sunglasses For Sight Fishing

best polarized sunglasses for fishing

Polarized sunglasses help filter the light your eyes perceive, so there’s not as much light pollution interfering with your vision.

For both amateur and professional fishermen, there’s no denying the benefits of polarized sunglasses.

These sunglasses allow you to see more details below the water’s surface. In ordinary circumstances, the glare on the water obscures what’s below it.

But polarized sunglasses reduce the glare, allowing you to see vegetation, rocks, and even the fish themselves.

They also reduce eye strain. Spending a whole day in bright sunlight can damage your eyes and make you fatigued.

Bright sunlight can also lead to headaches. With polarized sunglasses, you don’t have to squint or strain to see the water.

Everyone knows that too much sunlight can damage your skin, but it can also damage your eyes.

Polarized sunglasses help block harmful UV radiation from damaging your retinas or causing cataracts. There are even sunglasses available that can block 100 percent of radiation.

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Lowrance Spotlight Scan Reviews

Lowrance Spotlight Scan Reviews

When you’re scouting for spots to set up your rod and reel, fishfinders can make a huge difference. Traditional flash fishfinders have fallen by the wayside, replaced by advanced LCD-screen fishfinders which provide high-quality color images for a reasonable price.

We’ve seen many technological advancements in the hunting industry in the past decade, and with excellent systems like sideways-looking or multi-frequency fishfinders, we’re so excited to introduce you to one of the best models on the market.

In this article, we will introduce you to the Lowrance’s newest fishfinder, the SpotlightScan. It features an upgraded scanning system with new technological upgrades.

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Watersnake Shadow Trolling Motor Review

Watersnake Trolling Motor Review

Want to catch more fish? Then you’ve got to be stealthy and position yourself in a strategic place. This can be hard to achieve, but it doesn’t have to be.

You just need to invest in the right trolling motor. Trolling motors are quieter, more user-friendly, and much more nimble than firing up the outboard whenever you want to move or reposition.

But what’s the best one to buy?

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Best Artificial Bait For Bluegill Fishing

best bait for bluegill

Sunfish come in many shapes and sizes, with bluegill being just one of them. There are a variety of different baits that work for sunfish.

The most effective ones will vary depending on the time of day and visibility conditions when you fish.

The best bait will mimic the natural diet of the sunfish. This means getting artificial insects, larvae, grubs, and minnows.

Smaller fish will be attracted to smaller insects, while larger ones might look for minnows with lengths of several inches.

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