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Camp Chef Everest Vs Coleman Triton

For tailgate cookouts, backcountry breakfasts, or emergency preparedness, having a cook stove around is a good idea. They provide you with the flexibility to cook wherever you are.

Even if weather conditions are bad, you can still cook food and eat hot, nutritious meals.

As you consider your options, the Coleman Triton and the Camp Chef Everest cook stoves are two of the more popular stoves on the market.

Check out the descriptions of each stove’s features below to help you make the right decision for which one to buy.

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Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Vs Big Green Egg

If you’re ready to throw out that old, rusty grill, why not find something that lasts longer and works better? Meat aficionados will love the Classic Pit Barrel Cooker or the Big Green Egg.

These versatile grills not only grill meat, but also smoke it! You can even bake some of your dinners in these gills.

Both of these grills have a lot to love, but one is distinctly better than the other. Which should you invest in? Read on to find out!

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GSI Pinnacle Soloist Vs. Halulite Minimalist Cook Set Review

Do you know what I hate about camping? Other than mosquitos? I hate trying to use my regular old kitchen pots and pans on an open fire.

My most recent attempt at this ended with the poor pot being totally scalded and trashed by the end of the trip. But good news… you don’t have to take your everyday stuff into the forest next time you go backpacking.

Meet the incredible GSI cook sets: Pinnacle Soloist and Halulite Minimalist. These two pots take up under a pound in your baggage, and they can make great camp meals in no time!

Pair them with a micro stove and you have the perfect outdoor micro kitchen.

So what’s the difference between these two products? Keep reading to find out which one best fits your needs.

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Jetboil Flash Vs. Jetboil Zip: Cooking Systems Review

If you need a quick way to boil water while backpacking or camping, Jetboil makes two excellent models for this purpose. The Jetboil Flash and the smaller Jetboil Zip are awesome cooking systems to use while in the wilderness!

Basically, Jetboilcooking systems are tiny gas stoves with mugs that sit directly on top of them. When not in use, you can pack everything back into the metal mug. These are great for boiling instant meals or just water for coffee.

The Jetboil Flash and the Jetboil Zip are extremely similar models. However, they do have their differences. Which is best for your needs? Read on to see which Jetboil will be best for your next camping excursion.

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