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5 Best Hiking Pants For Men

If you’re an avid hiker, hiking pants are a must. Why can’t you just stick with jeans or shorts? Why get specialized hiking pants?

Well, for one thing, jeans and shorts aren’t made for hiking through the outdoors. Jeans are inflexible and uncomfortable.

We’ve all experienced a miserable sweaty-jeans hike. It’s not fun! Shorts may be more breathable, but they don’t protect your legs. Thorns, bugs, and rocks can make your excursion painful if your legs are left unprotected in shorts.

Fortunately there’s a third clothing option for hikers! Hiking pants are both protective and breathable, so you can be both safe and comfortable as you explore the great outdoors.

Before you go grab the first pair of hiking pants you find on the rack, stop and consider a few things. What sort of hiking do you plan to do?

How much do you carry when you hike? What do you find most comfortable? In this article, we’ll consider these factors and more in the search of perfect hiking pants! Read on to find the best pair of hiking pants for you.

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