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Canada Goose Vs Patagonia

When you spend a lot of time outdoors, the right apparel is vital to staying comfortable and safe. Outdoor adventuring can come with a number of risks from falling to getting sick because of cold weather. Before you head out into the great unknown, you should make sure to be as prepared as possible.

Two of the top manufacturers of outdoor apparel are Canada Goose and Patagonia. Each of these brands creates high-quality products that can serve versatile purposes. But which one of them is better for you? And are they worth the investment?

#1. Canada Goose
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#2. Patagonia

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#1. Canada Goose

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Canada Goose is a Canadian company that has been in business since 1957. The brand is best known for its parkas and down jackets. When compared to other outdoor apparel, Canada Goose jackets are the warmest available.

For individuals who live in cold northern climates with long winters, the warmth and solid insulation of Canada Goose are vital.

In addition to being warm, Canada Goose jackets are known for being stylish and keeping up with current fashion trends. As long as you engage in the correct maintenance and care, a single jacket can last for multiple decades.

Because of the durability, advanced technology, and decades of use, Canada Goose jackets tend to be very expensive.

The main fabrics used in Canada Goose products are a blend of nylon and polyester. The majority of the jackets with down insulation are padded with goose down or duck down.

All the down is humanely sourced. The brand also uses humanely sourced merino wool and coyote fur. In the past few years, the company has lowered the amount of coyote fur used in its products.

Every piece of Canada Goose apparel goes through an extensive thirteen-step manufacturing process. The level of quality control is part of why the brand is so expensive.

#2. Patagonia

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At its inception, Patagonia was part of a larger brand. That brand split in 1973, and Patagonia has been manufacturing clothing under its current name ever since. If you live in a slightly more moderate climate and want high-quality outdoor apparel with a lower price tag, this is a good place to start.


One important note is that Patagonia works to decrease the company’s environmental impact through sustainable manufacturing. Every material used is ethically sourced, and most materials are recycled. Directly sourced materials come from humanely-treated animals and ethical suppliers.


Patagonia uses an advanced fabric technology called Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex fabric is both breathable and waterproof, helping to keep out moisture without causing your body to overheat. Some other breathable mesh lets in water, and some waterproof fabric causes overheating. Gore-Tex has the best of both worlds.

Some Patagonia products make use of H2N0 technology, which was specifically developed for the fabrics by the brand. This technology increases the comfort levels and enhances the fit of the apparel. These pieces of gear are also treated with an advanced waterproof coating that will repel water during inclement weather.


As for the manufacturing itself, Patagonia prioritizes a stylish finish and high quality. After being created, every piece of gear is put through an intensive testing process to make sure that it’s water resistant and durable. This additional level of testing allows you to purchase with confidence.


Both brands create high quality outdoor apparel that will appeal to outdoor adventurers of all ages. But there are a few important differences in each company’s approach.

The jackets manufactured by Canada Goose are made to stand up against the harshest weather that the world has to offer. If you’re expecting to battle cold winter temperatures, you want the strong thermal insulation of the Canada Goose brand. In addition, the materials and construction of the Canada Goose brand are all strong enough to create pieces that last for several decades.

Patagonia’s jackets aren’t designed with the same intensive level of thermal insulation. They aren’t the kind of gear you’ll want if you intend to spend multiple hours in temperatures below freezing.

But Patagonia jackets have been put through several thorough durability tests. They all use advanced technology in their construction, and their fabric is water-resistant. Though Patagonia jackets might not last as many years as Canada Goose ones, they can weather more extreme precipitation exposure.

The Verdict – Canada Goose Vs Patagonia

Canada Goose and Patagonia both create technologically advanced, highly durable, high quality outdoor apparel. The one that suits you best will vary depending on how often you’ll use the gear, what kind of outdoor adventuring you do, what kind of weather you expect to encounter, and what your budget is.

If you need thermal protection against below-freezing temperatures in the winter, you’ll want to spring for the more expensive Canada Goose apparel options. The jackets are insulated well enough to keep you snug and comfortable even when the winter wind howls. For those who plan to spend several hours in the snow, Canada Goose is made for you.

If you want apparel that will suit you well in more seasonable weather, the Patagonia is a good option. It’s insulated enough to protect you against the occasional chill, but it’s more affordable than the Canada Goose gear. Since the material is durable and waterproof, this is an ideal option for springtime camping adventures and outdoor hiking in the rain.

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