Camp Chef Everest Vs Coleman Triton

For tailgate cookouts, backcountry breakfasts, or emergency preparedness, having a cook stove around is a good idea. They provide you with the flexibility to cook wherever you are.

Even if weather conditions are bad, you can still cook food and eat hot, nutritious meals.

As you consider your options, the Coleman Triton and the Camp Chef Everest cook stoves are two of the more popular stoves on the market.

Check out the descriptions of each stove’s features below to help you make the right decision for which one to buy.

 Coleman Triton
Our Best Pick
Camp Chef Everest
Price Check Current Price Check Current Price
Wind PanelsAngled at the top, more coverageSmaller, not angled
Heat Energy Output22,000 BTUs20,000 BTUs
Ignition SystemsInstastart push-buttonBuilt-in piezo ignitors
Price and WarrantyCheaper, 3 yearsMore expensive, 1 year

Coleman Triton Video Review

Camp Chef Everest Video Review

Wind Panels

The Coleman Triton features wind block panels that help burners from blowing out when the wind blows or the weather turns bad.

They are angled at the top, and they have a larger area of coverage than the Camp Chef Everest. You can adjust them for various pan sizes, as well.

The wind panels of the Camp Chef Everest are smaller and are not angled, which can perhaps make it more difficult to cook your food and to cook it evenly as with the Coleman Triton.

Heat Energy Output

The Coleman Triton Perfect Flow technology offers consistent performance, even in less-than-ideal conditions. The PerfectHeat technology was good for more efficient performance without using so much fuel.

The Triton puts out 22,000 total BTUs, or 11,000 for each burner. It has a propane adapter that screws on the side. You can purchase a griddle separately, and there is room to store the griddle.

The Camp Chef Everest puts out a total of 20,000 BTUs (10,000 for each burner).

Although this stove puts out less heat energy per burner, it isn’t much less than the Coleman Triton, and the wait time for food to heat isn’t so much that you’re likely to notice it too much.You can purchase a bulk tank if you want to avoid using the one-pound fuel tanks.

Ignition Systems and Burners

The Instastart push-button ignition on the Coleman Triton allows for matchless lighting, and allows you to adjust the heat independently for each burners.

It is big enough for one 12-inch and a 10-inch pans, The Camp Chef Everest has built-in piezo ignitors that also allows users to light the stove without matches.


The Coleman Triton weighs about 10.6 pounds, which is lighter than many other stoves in this class, and the Camp Chef Everest weighs 12.

Price and Warranty

The Coleman Triton tends to be less expensive than the Camp Chef Everest stove, although the prices are comparable. The Coleman Triton comes with a three-year limited warranty, and the Camp Chef Everest comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Other  Camp Chef Everest Features

The Camp Chef Everest stove features a convenient carry handle and a stainless drip tray to make for an easy clean-up. The grills are built-in and have a non-stick coating. There is also an accessory griddle that works well.

There are two brass burners on top. There is a single brass burners and a nonstick grill on top as well. It runs off a one-pound cylinder and comes with a one-pound propane cylinder adaptor, but it can be adapted with an optional hose to run off a larger tank.


Some people have reported that the Coleman Triton uses fuel faster than they anticipated, and they have also complained that there is no electric starter. Others report that the burners are difficult to adjust to the right temperature.

Some people have reported that the Camp Chef Everest stove is very fragile and gets broken or dented easily. They have said that the stove arrives dented, and the paint flakes off. The packaging is not known to be the most protective. The piezo lighter has been known to break within just a few days of purchase. Some have said that they couldn’t adjust the temperature low enough to keep it reliably lit.

Final Verdict

You may have a particular preference for one of these stoves over the other when you check them out in person at a local outdoor store, or if you talk to a friend who uses one or the other for camping.

If you’re not sure which one to get, it’s a good idea to go to a store and see them side by side.

Each of these cook stoves offers you the option to cook great meals outdoors. However, the Coleman Triton is less expensive and offers a better warranty.

It is also lighter, meaning it’s easier to take along backpacking or camping when any extra weight matters, and its wind flaps are better-designed.


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