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Camelbak MULE Vs Blowfish

Enjoying a day in nature can be a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, elements of nature can also be unforgiving. Heat and dehydration, in particular, are a serious risk in warm climates.

There are several ways to protect yourself from these dangers, but one of the easiest and most effective ways is to invest in a good hydration pack.

ProductGear CapacityWeightMaterial(s)
#1. Camelbak Blowfish
Our Best Pick

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Mesh 1 lb 10 oz.Antidote Reservoir features an easyto open/close cap and low-profile design
#2. Camelbak Mule

Check Price
Synthetic1 lb 5 ozCrux reservoir delivers 20% more water per sip

What makes a good hydration pack?

A good hydration pack should be easy to carry while providing you with an ample drinking water supply for your outdoor activities. It should also be appealing in design and affordable.

Camelbak Blowfish Hydration Pack and CamelBak M.U.L.E. are two hydration packs that fit this description. This isn’t to say they have similar features. They are two different models that are designed to meet different needs.

So, which is the best, Blowfish or Mule?

Below, we’ll take a detailed look at these two Camelbak hydration packs, so you can see which fits your personal preferences and your water supply needs.

Before we delve into that, you may want to know why Camelbak is one of the most popular hydration pack brands on the market today.

Why You Should Buy a Camelbak Hydration Pack

Camelbak has been around for a long time and is popular for their exceptional quality along with being recognized for great durability.

As the name suggests, this brand draws inspiration from camels. The ship of the desert, camels store water in their humps. They use this water during the summer or dry seasons.

Camelbak hydration packs are constructed with materials of superior quality. You can use them for virtually every kind of outdoor activity, including hiking, camping, and long-distance cycling.

They are designed to be carried either against your waist or back, leaving your hands free to hold your drink.

Not that you necessarily need your hands, you can drink water by simply using the valve, which allows water to flow through the hose into your mouth.

Camelbak hydration packs are available in a variety of sizes. You can get any size, ranging from 1.5 to 3 liters depending on your needs. This gives you the flexibility to choose the type and size of hydration pack you want to carry.

Moreover, these packs are eco-friendly and guarantee you fresh drinking water. Now, let’s get into the details of Camelbak Blowfish and Camelback Mule.

Comparing Camelbak Blowfish and Camelbak MULE

Take a quick look at the similarities and differences between the two models in the table below:

Size and Design

Camelbak Blowfish is generally larger than Mule. It measures 19.5 inches x 8 inches x 7.5 inches.

Besides its main storage compartment and reservoir, this hydration pack also has two exterior pockets, hence the bulkiness.

Weighing 1 lb 10 oz., the Blowfish is also somewhat heavier. The Mule, on the other hand, is slimmer with dimensions of 19 inches x 10.5 inches x 3 inches.

In addition to the main storage compartment, it also features four external pockets. The Mule weighs about 1 lb 5 oz.

What about the design of these two models?

The Blowfish sports a frameless design and uses nylon and polyurethane-coated polyester. This design makes it flimsy.You may have a difficult time loading it.

Conversely, the Mule has an internal frame that upholds its structure and stability.

Youll have a much easier time loading and using the Mule.

Carrying Capacity

In terms of storage and hydration capacity, Camelbak Blowfish beats Camelback Mule hands down. The Blowfish boasts a voluminous storage compartment with a total capacity of 18 liters.

This allows you to carry plenty of clothes and tools for your outdoor expeditions.

However, its hydration capacity is just 2 liters. This storage and hydration capacity makes the Blowfish an ideal hydration pack for hiking and other relatively short trips that require you to carry a heavy load.

Camelbak Mule, on the other hand, has a total storage capacity of 9 liters, with a larger hydration capacity of 3 liters.

This makes it ideal for activities that require you to bring only your essential stuff, such as cycling and mountain biking.

Comfort and Convenience

Both Camelbak Blowfish and Camelbak Mule are equipped with breathable back pads, which offer great support.

They both also feature adjustable belt and shoulder straps to ensure they fit well on your back when carrying them.

The Blowback comes with a user-friendly Big Bite valve. Simply bite the valve and sip the water.

You dont have to worry about water spilling on you as the HydroLock valve is designed to prevent spillage.

The Mule boasts the newly developed Crux water reservoir. This reservoir is designed to deliver 20 percent more water with every sip. It also sports an ergonomic handle to ensure easy refilling.

The on/off switch prevents any leakage. Another remarkable feature on the Mule is built-in hooks that allow you to carry a helmet.

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The Verdict – Camelbak MULE Vs Blowfish

Camelbak Blowfish Hydration Pack and CamelBak M.U.L.E. are both designed to offer a sufficient supply of water conveniently and comfortably. Despite their practical features, they are not without their disadvantages.

Your final choice will depend largely on the kind of activities you have planned.

If you normally travel long distances, for example, the Camelbak Mule may not be a good choice for you due to its limited space.

We would recommend it for cycling expeditions though, thanks to it 3-liter water capacity.

Conversely, the Camelback Blowfish can be a great choice if you are a regular traveler, thanks to its large storage compartment.

We also recommend it for short-distance hiking considering its 2-liter water capacity.


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