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Brooks is possibly regarded as the world’s best running shoe manufacturer. The company is consistently developing new technology to help runners of all body types and fitness preferences run more easily.

The Ghost and Glycerin series are two of the most popular neutral shoes with extra cushioning. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and breathable.

Ultimately the Ghost and Glycerin are quite similar, each shoe is designed with slight differences, though. We’ve compared the differences to help you decide what choice is best for your run.


Brooks Ghost – Best Support

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The Ghost is a shoe that features multiple technologies to make your run easier. One of the technologies is related to the crash pad.

The Cushsole engineering adds a layer of durable cushioning to every stride you take. There’s also the signature BioMoGo foam from Brooks throughout the midsole.

This foam functions like EVA foam, except it’s one hundred percent biodegradable.

The shoe has Omega flex grooves along the bottom, which increase the overall flexibility and efficiency of your gait.

In addition, the sole is created with HPR Plus rubber, a highly durable rubber that withstands wear-and-tear better than the competition.

The shoe increases the efficiency of your stride with the construction of the forefoot crash pad. When your heel strikes the ground, the cushioning protects your leg from the impact.

There’s enough energy rebound for a springy toe-off.

You can remove the included sock liner, so there’s a lower chance of foot irritation.

The shoes have excellent traction and are so lightweight you’ll feel like you’re running on air. The neutral design has great arch support.

Many podiatrists recommend this shoe for runners, especially those with plantar fasciitis. Because of the impact absorption, you’ll decrease the chances of needing shin splints.

The upper is constructed out of breathable material, so fresh air flows through the shoe with every step, keeping your foot cool and dry.

As for potential downsides, the toe box tends to be fairly small and narrow. The edges of the shoe also aren’t as padded as some others, so they may rub against the skin and cause ankle irritation.

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Brooks Glycerin – Best for long distance

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As is standard for Brooks offerings, the Glycerin comes with a few standard technologies. The shoe’s upper has 3D Fit Print technology, allowing for seamless structuring.

In addition, the TPU Saddle lets the runner customize the feel of the shoe to their comfort.

This is a particularly popular shoe for long-distance runners due to the engineered pressure zones. Pressure zones help to distribute pressure through the middle of the shoe.

The shoe is designed with Element mesh. On top of being highly breathable, this material wicks moisture away to keep feet dry.

Rather than using BioMoGo technology, the midsole cushioning is made up of Super DNA foam. This responsive foam cushions 25% better than BioMoGo, changing to meet your needs as you adjust your gait.

Podiatrists often recommend the Glycerin because of its cushioning. It’s an ideal option for people with feet problems, especially considering the customizable arch.

The shoe’s engineering allows for a perfect fit and increased support.

One drawback is that the tread tends to wear down quickly, and there’s not a lot of traction on wet pavement. In addition, the Glycerin isn’t as well ventilated as the Ghost series.

Brooks Glycerin 18 – Mens


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Brooks Glycerin 18 – Womens




Brooks Glycerin 17 – Womens



Final Comparison – Brooks Ghost Vs Glycerin

Both the Glycerin and Ghost series are neutral running shoes, so they won’t suit overpronators or underpronators.

Each series provides outstanding cushioning and performance. The best one for you really depends on what type of running you do.

If you need firm support, the Ghost series is best, since the BioMoGo cushioning offers more stability.

However, if you’re a long distance runner, the Glycerin’s Super DNA cushioning will greatly reduce fatigue and pain in the long haul.


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