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Brooks is a company that’s focused on making technologically advanced running shoes.

Both the Addiction and Adrenaline GTS series utilize the technological advancements of the company.

The Addiction series provides motion control to prevent injury, while the Adrenaline focuses on stability for long-distance runners.

We’ve compared four models to help you choose the best shoe for you.

Comparison Table: Brooks Addiction 12 Vs 13 Vs Adrenaline GTS 16 Vs 18

Product NameRollbar Heel Counter Segmented Crash Pad
#1. Addiction 12

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Progressive diagonal No No
#2. Addiction 13

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Advanced progressive diagonal No No
#3. Adrenaline GTS 16

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None Yes Yes
#4. Adrenaline GTS 18

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Progressive diagonal Yes Yes

#1. Brooks Addiction 12

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This motion control shoe is designed to accommodate runners with flat feet and problems with overpronation. There’s a lot of traction, although the shoe is designed for road running rather than all-terrain adventures.

The outsole is ideal for running on the road. The construction includes HPR Plus material, which is denser than average outsole rubber.

The increased density also increases the durability of the shoe, making it resistant to the wear-and-tear from tough surfaces.

There are MC pods running throughout the outsole, so the shoe is flexible while still controlling motion. The directional flex grooves help to correct a runner’s stride.

The main midsole material is the BioMoGo cushioning that’s a staple of many Brooks offerings. This durable foam has a high energy return, so you can run further distances without fatigue.

Environmentally conscious runners will also appreciate the biodegradable nature of the foam.

There’s a progressive diagonal rollbar, which utilizes tri-density EVA foam to straighten your stride. An independent crash pad in the heel provides additional impact cushioning, helping reduce the wear on your joints.

The result is a responsive-feeling shoe that’s cushioned and corrects your stride well enough to prevent injury.

The upper is made of lightweight, breathable mesh material that wicks moisture away. The synthetic nature of the upper helps protect your foot and provide much-needed structure.

The toe box is especially protected but roomy enough for comfort. The lacing system and upper wrap around the foot, fitting securely.

#2. Brooks Addiction 13

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The Addiction 13 is the next entry in this series of motion control shoes. The goal remains cushioning and stability for overpronators.

Many of the features remain the same for this model. However, the upper has been updated with new synthetic overlays.

This helps the shoe conform better to natural movement, particularly where the forefoot is concerned.

The anti-overpronation features have also been improved. There are more flex grooves on the outsole to allow greater flexibility during your stride.

The progressive diagonal rollbar has also been enhanced to deliver additional support.

#3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

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GTS stands for Go-To Shoe. Fittingly, the Adrenaline GTS is one of the most popular lines from Brooks. The goal of the Adrenaline is to offer stability to people with flat feet and other foot issues.

Overall, the design is traditional while still providing the promised stability.

The outsole is divided into different segments, creating what Brooks calls a “segmented crash pad.” This technology adapts to your unique gait to ensure you always have the right stability and contact with the ground.

In addition, the sole is wide enough to accommodate many different feet.

The upper of the shoe is mostly free of stitching, with the exception of the connection between the midfoot and heel. There’s also stitching around the tongue.

There’s a heel counter that helps keep your heel in place, while additional heel padding cushions your foot from the shock of impact.

The overlays are sparsely applied. Rather than being stitched, they’re welded onto the shoe. While the arch isn’t completely flat, it’s low enough to be comfortable for people with flat feet.

One potential drawback is that the upper tends to have a very snug fit. For some runners, there won’t be enough wiggle room in the forefoot to be comfortable.

Loosening the laces can make the overall fit too loose to provide the necessary support.

As long as the issue with size doesn’t bother you, the stability is ideal and the comfort is good for runners with flat feet.

#4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

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This is another entry in the line of stability shoes from Brooks. It features a much lighter construction including a redesigned upper. As far as price goes, this is one of the more inexpensive stability shoes on the market.

The design is sleeker and more stylish than with previous versions. This shoe also incorporates a progressive diagonal rollbar. The midsole has BioMoGo foam from toe to heel.

The heel drop is 12 millimeters, slightly higher than some competitors. While the shoe is still comfortable to wear, you may end up overusing your quads if you lift from your mid-foot.

The redesigned upper material is made from streamlined mesh. Rather than using overlays, the material is one single unit. It’s incredibly comfortable with or without socks.

The shoe doesn’t have the same fit issues as its predecessors. The toe box isn’t too narrow, but it’s also not so roomy it’s uncomfortable. For people with wider feet, the fit still tends to be good.

The heel is a little softer. It doesn’t have the same locked-in-place fit, but the shoes conform well enough to your feet to keep you from sliding around.

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Final Thoughts

All four of these shoes are ideal choices for runners with foot issues. The Addiction series is geared more toward motion control, while the Adrenaline GTS is based more around stability.

For overpronators, the Addiction series will suit you best; flat-footed runners will appreciate the comfortable design of the Adrenaline GTS.

The Adrenaline 16 is a good option, but it has some unusual fit issues.

The Adrenaline 18 solves these fit problems and provides a more comfortable upper.

The Addiction 12 and 13 are very similar models, but the Addiction 13 has upgraded technology to protect against overpronation.

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