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Broil King Vs Weber

As spring rolls in, and the heat starts to become just nice enough to want to spend the days outside, the grilling season is at last upon us. Our team here at Skyliners love nothing more than a juicy burger, some brats, and the fresh open air and warming sunshine. That is why we decided that we would take the time to go over a basic side by side comparison of two of the most well known grill brands out there.

If you are in the market for a new grill this grilling season, we have the answers you are looking for. Let’s take a closer look at the grills, quality, and overall value you can expect from Weber and Broil King respectively.


Weber Genesis II S-435


Weber Original 22″ Kettle


Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner


Weber Q1200


Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill


Weber Spirit E310



Weber is considered to be one of the most popular grill manufacturing companies around. In fact a lot of us, when being honest, will admit that Weber is probably the first name that comes to mind when we think of grills in general. Weber has been a staple in the grilling community for nearly 70 years, and offers a wide range of styles, sizes, and models to fit the needs of almost anyone.

Weber are well known for their iconic kettle style grills, and more recently have done exceptionally well with the Spirit, Genesis and Weber Q ranges. They have been manufacturing these flagship series for several decades, and are likely to be the most well recognized of Weber’s products–even if you don’t know them by name. In general, Weber grills are widely known for a reason; they are durable, long lasting, well designed, and generally make all meat taste amazing. However, they are a slight bit pricier than Broil King across the board on average.

With Weber, you are getting a massive line-up of products that provide the consumer with a wide range of options to fit almost any budget and need. These are premium grills, that come backed by a trusted name.

Broil King Keg 5000 Kamado Grill


Broil King Regal Pro S590


Broil King Gem 320


Broil King Baron 590


Broil King Imperial XLS


Broil King Porta-Chef 320




Broil King

Broil King, while not as well known as Weber, has been in the game quite a bit longer. With nearly 115 years making high quality grills, it’s safe to assume that Broil King knows what it’s doing as a company. Broil King grills are expertly crafted, and come in a wide range of models ranging from 2-burner to 5-burner designs that fit the workload and need of anyone.

Broil King is no slouch when it comes to brand loyalty, and might even have a more die-hard fan base than Weber. This is partly due to having a bit longer in the business to develop a ‘legacy’ that many strictly abide by, and pass on to their kids. Broil King grills may feel a bit niche, but trust us, they really do deserve the hype.

Broil King has loyalty on its side, and that counts for something. While Broil King grills are typically a bit cheaper than Weber, that doesn’t mean they are lower quality. Where Weber has brand recognition, Broil King has loyalty and experience. With Broil King you get a smaller selection of options, but each one knows how to make the space count.

Side By Side Comparison

Each brand brings to the table a unique set of offerings that can appeal to their audiences in vastly different ways. For the sake of comparison and argument, we have decided to do a quick overview of two of their flagship models that are considered comparable. In this case:

The Weber Genesis II S-435


The Broil King Regal 490 Pro



Weber Genesis II S-435

The Weber Genesis II S-435 is an amazingly high-tech grill that is still helping to lead the charge for Weber coming into 2020. This 844 sq. inch grill offers plenty of cooking space along the four primary burners, searing station, and back warming rack. The entire unit is capable of putting out 69,000 BTU/hr, with 48,000 BTU being on the main 4 burners. The side burner comes with 12,000 BTU, and the sear station packs the remaining 9,000 BTU.

The primary cooking area is 646 sq. inches of cooking space, which means you will have plenty of surface area for your brisket, ribs, or any other massive hock of meat you choose to throw on it. The Weber Genesis II S-435 is a fully tech integrated grill, with iGrill 3 mobile app compatibility. You can monitor temperatures of your grill from your mobile device anywhere, but bear in mind that this awesome feature does come at an additional cost.

At 176 lbs, this grill is lightweight for the sheer size and capacity. In addition, the extra-large rear wheels make maneuvering this grill a breeze. This is a great option for those who don’t mind spending a little extra to get something truly cutting edge, and lightweight with easy portability.


– Lightweight, and easy to maneuver.

– High-tech with mobile temperature monitoring compatibility.

– Massive grilling area, with extended searing station.


– Not as much heat output

– iGrill 3 compatibility equipment sold separately


Broil King Regal 490 Pro

The Broil King Regal 490 Pro is another flagship model from Broil King that still remains a hot seller even coming into 2020. This model is a 4 burner, with a rotisserie and side burner added on. This means that the Regal 490 Pro gives you plenty of space and options for cooking for yourself, or the entire party. At 75,000 BTU’s, the Regal 490 Pro has a bit more heat output than the Weber Genesis II S-435. However, it does come with a maller cooking surface area by comparison.

The Regal 490 Pro only has 500 sq. inches of primary cooking space, which is quite a bit smaller than the Weber Genesis II S-435. However, that doesn’t necessarily translate to lower value. With 6,000 more BTU output per hour, this unit can get a faster, and more thorough cook during all of your grilling sessions. The primary cooking area comes in at 50,000 BTU (2,000 more than the Weber), with 10,000 BTU in the side burner, and 10,000 BTU in the rotisserie cabinet. All-in-all the Broil King get’s the edge in sheer cooking power.

As far as size and mobility, the Broil King is a bit heavier and less agile. At just above 189lbs, this unit is slightly more hefty than the Weber Genesis II S-435. In addition, the 4-wheel construction is composed of 4 small gliding wheels that don’t handle uneven and bumpy terrain as well as the Weber. If you plan on moving the grill a lot, the Broil King is at a disadvantage. However, this is still a great grill for those who want a tough, high powered grill that comes with no nonsense at a slightly lower price.


– High powered heat output

– Slightly cheaper

– Classic design


– Smaller primary cooking surface

– Less maneuverability.


The Roundup

If you are looking for cutting edge, modern tech with a few more bells and whistles, then Weber is likely to have more options for you. However, these options are going to generally come with a higher price tag

If you are looking for a no nonsense, classic style grill with enough raw power to cook anything you throw at it, then Broil King is going to be an excellent choice. Broil King usually emphasizes function over form, and as a result their line up is generally a bit cheaper. However, no one would look at a Broil King and consider it a ‘generic’ or ‘budget’ grill.

Generally Weber grills seem to be less favorably reviewed, with the primary concern being durability and longevity. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum fans of Weber love the sleek designs and modern integration of tech and newer build concepts.

Reviews of Broil King generally praise the classic functionality that reminds them of the grills they always grew up with. However, some consider these classic stylings to be dated, and would like to see a bit more in the way of modern design and cool features and additions


The Verdict

All things considered, we feel like this comes out to a draw. I know, I know, that seems like an anticlimactic ending. However, we would like to point out that these two companies do put out exceptionally well made and highly regarded grills. It’s hard to go wrong with either brand in general. Ultimately, it comes down to what you as a buyer value most

Do you value sheer power, lower pricing, and classic functionality/durability? Then Broil King is likely your best bet.

Do you value modern innovation, sleek design, and endless add ons to increase customizability? Then Weber is likely to be your best bet.

In the end, the choice is yours. The perfect steak, burger, or sausage is just around the corner either way.

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