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Whether you’re a fan of vegetables, hamburgers, or steak cooked on the grill, you have to admit that grilling is an unmatched cooking method.

That well-done char adds a whole new level of texture and taste to the food.

For many people, grilled food is only available if you go to a restaurant. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are dozens of backyard grills available at reasonable prices.

If you’re passionate about grilling, a grill should be a staple of your outdoor life.

Two of the most popular grills on the market are the Weber Spirit E-310 and Broil King Signet 320. But which one is better?

We’ve put together a comparison of the grills based on their construction materials, cooking space, and burner quality.

Comparison Table: Broil King Signet 320 vs Weber Spirit E-310

Product NameCooking Space Ignition System Heating Capacity
#1. Weber Spirit E-310
Our Best Pick

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424 square inches Crossover 30,000 BTUs
#2. Broil King Signet 320

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400 square inches Electronic 40,000 BTUs

Grill Material

If a grill is made with high quality materials, it can last for several years without needing a lot of repairs. Good materials, along with regular maintenance, are the best way to ensure your grill has a long lifespan.

It’s important to note that even the highest quality materials will become worn down if they aren’t cared for properly, though.

Weber Spirit E-310

The grill isn’t made with highly durable stainless steel. However, it is made with 400-series stainless steel. This type of steel is durable enough to withstand consistent use.

The construction also includes cast aluminum. Additionally, there’s porcelain enameled steel. Both of these materials are highly durable.

Broil King Signet 320

The grill’s body is made out of cast aluminum. Some of the components are made using stainless steel.

Though it’s high quality aluminum, aluminum can’t stand up to stainless steel in terms of durability. For this reason, the Weber is a better choice in terms of construction materials.

Cooking Space

The more cooking space you have, the more food you can make. If you’re going to be hosting any get-togethers for your friends and family, you’ll want to be able to provide for a crowd of hungry people.

With more cooking space, you’ll get everybody fed faster, and you also won’t need to spend as much time standing in front of the grill.

Another thing to consider is whether the grill comes with a warming tray. This tray allows food to stay hot without burning in the fire, ensuring that everything is the correct temperature upon serving.

Weber Spirit E-310

The Weber has three burners and boasts 424 total square inches of space. There’s plenty of grilling room.

In addition, the grill includes a warming rack of 105 square inches, so your finished food stays warm before you serve it. Since there’s so much space, there’s no need to worry about crowding your food.

Broil King Signet 320

The grill has 400 square inches of space, so it’s nearly on par with the Weber.

In addition, there’s a warming rack of a whopping 235 square inches, more than twice the amount of space in the Weber’s warming rack.

If you’re going to cook huge amounts of food at once, you’ll definitely appreciate the increased warming rack space.

Burner Quality

Many people don’t take the quality of their burners into consideration when purchasing a grill. But a high-quality burner is one of the most important aspects of grilling.

A good burner means more successful grilling adventures. You’ll have a much easier time controlling the heat distribution and overall temperature.

Burners should be constructed with lasting material. On top of that, they should carry the gas well enough for the grill to heat evenly.

If the burner has any kind of problem, you won’t be able to use the grill, so quality should be a top priority.

Weber Spirit E-310

The three powerful, tubular burners are constructed from stainless steel. In addition to being durable, stainless steel is an ideal cooking tool because it heats quickly and evenly.

You can also get the gas to flow evenly through the burners. All of these elements combined make controlling the temperature of your grill much easier.

Broil King Signet 320

This grill is constructed with three dual-tube burners made of stainless steel. The unique design of the burners ensures that you have even heat flow from the front of your grill to the back.

In comparison to the Weber, the Broil King gives you much more nuanced control over your grill’s heating and temperature.

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Final Thoughts

Both grills are high quality and would make an ideal addition to your backyard. Each has potential advantages and disadvantages. The one that suits you best will vary depending on your priorities.

In terms of construction, the Weber has better materials. It’s more likely to last for several years thanks to the stainless steel components.

With that said, the cast aluminum body of the Broil King grill is still durable enough to withstand average wear and tear.

Where cooking space is concerned, the Weber technically has more, with 424 square inches to the Broil King’s 400 square inches.

But the Broil King’s warming rack is 235 square inches, more than twice the size of the Weber’s 105 square inch warming rack.

Because of this, the Broil King wins in terms of sheer space for cooking and keeping food warm.

Both grills have stainless steel burners that allow for even heat distribution. No matter which you pick, you’ll have good control over the temperature of your grill.

However, the Broil King does have unique burner engineering that makes the control even better.

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