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Bowtech Vs Mathews

When it comes to archery, Bowtech and Mathews have some of the top options on the market. Whether you’re competing in competitions for target practice, or you’re hunting with a bow and arrow, a quality bow makes all the difference. We’ve broken down some of the best features of each company’s bows, along with guidelines for how to choose the right one for you.

ProductFastest ModelAnti-Vibration TechWarranty
#1. Bowtech
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352 fpsNoLifetime
#2. Mathews

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343 fpsYesLifetime

#1. Bowtech Bows

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Bowtech has dozens of different bow designs available, all of which feature different specifications to suit different people. The build quality and thoughtfulness of the engineering remains similar across all models, though.

In the archery community, Bowtech is best known for being an innovator. The company has filed more than twenty different technology patents, some of which have completely changed the face of archery. The most famous, the binary cam system, is the biggest thing that sets Bowtech apart from Mathews and other manufacturers.

The importance of this technology cannot be understated. Researchers tend to name it one of the most revolutionary developments in bow technology in all of human history.

As the dual cam system would make you think, Bowtech’s main focus is on preserving the accuracy of archery. The company’s bows tend to be faster, stronger, and easier to aim than the competition. For people who struggle with single cam aiming, the dual cam technology can be a lifesaver.

#2. Mathews Bows

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Mathews is also an innovative company, having about the same number of technological patents as Bowtech. They haven’t had the same significant impact on the archery community, though. One of the most interesting innovations is the Solocam, which is made to function as the opposite of a two-cam system.

This system uses a single cam in compound bows. Because there’s not two cams, the bow is more lightweight and has a much quieter shot, which is great for hunters. The system also increases accuracy when compared to other single cam systems. For people who want a more lightweight and quiet hunting bow that’s easy to aim, Solocam bows from Mathews are a great start.

Mathews is a company that provides superior customer service and strives to create products that enhance the consumer experience. To this end, every new bow they release is focused on making the archery experience better. One of the most significant places this is illustrated is in their anti-vibration technology.

Differences – Bowtech Vs Mathews

When it comes to sheer innovation, Bowtech tends to be ahead of the game. Both Bowtech and Mathews have created around the same amount of patents for their technology, but Bowtech has created more game-changing materials. Bowtech’s binary cam system is a staple of modern archery.

Bowtech tends to prioritize absolute pinpoint accuracy and championship shooting. By contrast, Mathews creates accurate bows, but they focus more on a bow that feels good to use. The added weight from Bowtech’s binary cam system increases the accuracy. Mathews bows use a singular cam system, which can make it more difficult to aim.

Mathews and Bowtech have engineered bows that reach nearly the same speeds. Bowtech comes out just slightly on top, though. On the other hand, Mathews tends to have more affordable price tags on their bows. The most accurate and fast Bowtech bows carry hefty prices.

Mathews has created multiple bows that are significantly more comfortable to use than anything on the market. The company has eliminated most of the pain points that are common for archers. While Bowtech has also improved the ease of drawing in their latest models, they can’t compete with Mathews.

If you’re looking for customization options, Mathews is the clear winner. You can take a Mathews bow and refit it to suit your highly specific needs. You also get multiple customization options for each line of bow right from the get-go. There are a lot of different Bowtech bows on the market to suit different needs, but it’s harder to make them your own.

Although Bowtech’s binary cam system adds weight, Bowtech bows actually tend to be lighter as a general rule. With that said, there are several Mathews bows specifically designed to be lightweight and easy to carry for hours on end.

Final Thoughts – Bowtech Vs Mathews

Both companies make bows that can suit a wide range of purposes across a wide range of prices. No matter what kind of archer you are, you can probably find a bow with specifications that fit you from either of these manufacturers. And all of the bows from both manufacturers include a limited lifetime warranty.

As a general rule of thumb, Bowtech leans more toward high performance. Their bows tend to be sturdier and clock higher speeds. The goal of Bowtech is to increase the success of your shot.

By comparison, Mathews is more focused on your comfort. Their bows are easier to handle and use integrated anti-vibration technology to keep from rattling your arm. At the same time, they still offer high speeds and quality.

If you tend to do competition target shooting, you’ll want to lean toward Bowtech. But if you’ll be carrying the bow around all day as you hunt, the comfort innovations from Mathews are very appealing.

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