Bogs Vs Mucks

As summer comes to a close and the cold wind begins to blow, it is advisable to bundle up from head to toe starting with a good pair of boots.

Indeed, there’s no better time to break out your comfy, warm winter boots. If you don’t own a decent pair, then it’s a great time to shop for one.

When it comes to buying winter boots, Bogs and Muck are among the most popular brands.

Both boots are designed to keep you warm and dry in a comfortable and stylish way.

Moreover, they offer a wide variety of boot models to satisfy your specific style needs. But which the better brand?Bogs or Muck?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll compare the various features of these boots making it easier to choose the best brand for you.

Comparison Between Bogs and Muck

Women’s Boots

Our Best Pick
(Classic High Handle Waterproof Insulated Boot, 8 M US)
(Arctic Sports Ll Extreme Conditions Mid-Height Rubber Winter Boot)
Height (inches)13.510
Top Circumference (inches)13.514.5
UpperRubber with a stretch-fabric shaft and moisture-wicking sock-linerPremium-grade extended rubber exterior
SoleNon-slip rubber outsole with traction lugsSlip-resistant, rugged outsole
Temperature Rating24F / -30C-40° F / -40° C
InsulationDetachable 9mm ThermoPlus washable felt inner boot with Sherpa Pile snow cuff5 mm CR Flex-Foam neoprene featuring fleece lining
Price systemAffordablePricier
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Men’s Boots

Our Best Pick
(Classic Ultra High Insulated Waterproof Winter Boots)
(Men's Muckmaster Hi Black 7 M)
Height (inches)12.515
Top Circumference (inches)16.2514
Temperature Rating-40F / -40C-20° F / --28° C
InsulationNeoprene inner with Bogs Max-Wick to minimize moisture5mm CR Flex-foam & 2mm thermal foam under the footbed
UpperTough hand-lasted rubber over a 4-way stretch inner bootieCalf-high prolonged rubber overlay
SoleNon-slip rubber outsoleA fortified, hardwearing traction sole
Price SystemAffordablePricier
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

A good boot should be well-fitting, comfortable, warm, durable, and waterproof. So, some of the characteristics we’re going to explore in the two brands include:

  • Warmth
  • Comfort
  • Waterproofing
  • Durability
  • Grip

Before we get into details, below is a quick view showing major similarities and differences between Bogs and Mucks boots.

It’s worth noting that each brand has several models. We can’t review all of them here, so we’ll look at the most popular men’s and women’s boot from each brand.

Now let’s get into the details.


Bogs are somewhat more comfortable than Mucks. They are flexible while Mucks are quite stiff.

The stiffness of the Mucks can be attributed to the higher rubber on some of their models as well as how they are structured.

Bogs also have a better heel that is designed to ensure your feet are locked in the boots when you are walking.

It is worth noting, however, that Bogs are somewhat narrower than Mucks.So, if you have a wide foot, Bogs may not be a good choice for you.


Both Muck and Bogs offer virtually the same level of warmth. They both use a Neoprene bootie material to help you stay warm. This material is rated to sub-zero temperatures.

Note that the actual temperature rating will depend on the boot model you purchase.

For Muck boots, the upper is also comfortably flexible. This means there’s stillspace for extra socks in colder temperatures.

Some of models also have a cozy fleece for added warmth. Muck’s temperature ratings go as low as -40 F / C. Bogs, on the other hand, have developed their own four-way stretch material.

They call it Neo-Tech™ and they have a selection of interior materials designed to offer different temperature ratings from as low as -40 F / C.


Both brands use rubber and neoprene, which are exceptionally waterproof. This may explain why these boots are prone to sweat and odor.

Fortunately, some Bogs boots have Max-Wick™ moisture-wicking lining, which is designed to help drive moisture away from your feet.

They’ve also developed all-natural, organic biotechnology known as DuraFresh, which is geared to help minimize odors by neutralizing them using an enzyme.

Muck, on the other hand, are yet to develop anything to minimize sweat or odors effectively.

So, if you are looking for waterproof boots, but you’re also concerned with sweat and odor, you’ll be better off with Bogs.


Both brands offer boots with impressively grippy soles, but different models have different tread designs.

Mucks Arctic Ice Sport boots feature an excellent winter sole from Vibram known as Vibram Icetrek. These boots can be a great choice if you will be walking on a lot of ice.

Nonetheless, both brands have virtually similar offering when it comes to tread and grip.


Muck and Bogs don’t have any significant difference when it comes to durability.

Nonetheless, most Muck boots have rubber built higher into the calf-area of the boot, which may translate to more strength and protection if you are venturing into highly risky terrains.


Getting high rubber boots on and off usually is not a walk in the park, but both Bogs and Mucks are designed to make things easier for you.

Their neoprene uppers enhance flexibility, which you can’t get in most of those old-fashioned rubber boots. These boots also feature a convenient pull loop on the top, making it easy to get them on.

Moreover, the heels offer some grip on which to put your toe when getting them off.

Bogs are quite ahead of Mucks in terms of ease-of-use though, as most of their boots come with handles that are designed to give you a pleasant experience when getting them on or off.

Unfortunately, this can also be an avenue for water or snow to get in, and hence not a great choice for lots of outdoor activities.


Bogs frequently offer lower price tags for their boots. For boots that provide similar features and quality, Muck boots will generally cost more.

However, price is not a sufficient reason to choose one brand over the other.

By digging deeper into features, you may find that the expensive model you would otherwise avoid is actually worth every penny you’ll pay for it.

Summing it up: Bogs vs. Mucks

Now that you know what sets each brand apart from the other, you can easily choose the best brand for your needs. However, Bogs seems to tick most of the boxes that define excellent winter boots.

Besides having all the standard features, they also incorporate various technologies that are geared to enhance performance and comfort. They are also generally more affordable.


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