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Big Green Egg Vs Weber Smokey Mountain

A Big Green Egg is one of the most expensive, well-built kamado grills on the market. BGE grills come in multiple different sizes, but their overall construction and features remain relatively similar.

To enhance them, people use compatible accessories.

Weber designs a multitude of different grills and smokers. The Smokey Mountain line allows for classic, tender barbecuing, plus your more traditional smoking capacities.

We’ve compared the Big Green Egg and Weber Smokey Mountain lines to give you a sense of the difference between them.

For the nitty-gritty details, we’ve compared the Large-size Big Green Egg and 18-inch Weber Smokey Mountain grill.

Big Green Egg Vs Weber Smokey Mountain

ProductCooking SpaceWeightFuel
#1. Weber Smokey Mountain (18 inch)
Our Best Pick

Check Price
481 square inches37 poundsCharcoal
#2. Big Green Egg (Large)
262 square inches162 poundsLump hardwood charcoal

#1. Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg first made its debut in the 1970s and has amassed a cult following since then. The combined smoker and grill is the face of the kamado grilling market.

Because of the expensive materials, sturdy construction, and overall quality, you can expect an average BGE to run you more than a thousand dollars.

For that price point, you’d better be really sold on kamado grilling.

The kamado grill doesn’t have a lot in common with an average grill design. You don’t need to arrange briquettes or adjust gas burners to provide the best heat concentration.

Instead, you fill the lower portion of the egg with lump charcoal and set it aflame.

These coals can generate enormous heat that’s evenly dispersed throughout the entire interior of the grill.

A Big Green Egg is made out of ceramic. The cast-ceramic walls are one inch thick, helping to seal in heat. There’s also a heavy grill lid that includes a heatproof gasket to further trap the heat.

To control the temperature, you use the built-in dampers to release heat or close it inside the grill.

The goal of a Big Green Egg is to maintain a low temperature, which allows you to smoke and grill food for long periods of time.

They can also produce extremely hot, roaring fires that allow you to grill pizzas or sear steaks in a fraction of that time.

A Big Green Egg can maintain a temperature of 350 F for at least 6 hours. When used for high-heat searing and grilling, the interior can reach temperatures of up to 900 F.

There are a few drawbacks to the Big Green Egg’s design. It isn’t as convenient to clean as some other kamado grill models because you have to completely remove the grates to scoop out the ash.

You also have to light the charcoal manually instead of being able to set it burning with the touch of a button.

BGEs come in 7 sizes:

  • 2XL, with 672 square inches of cooking space
  • XLarge, with 452 square inches
  • Large, with 262 square inches
  • Medium, with 177 square inches
  • Small, with 133 square inches
  • MiniMax, with 133 square inches
  • Mini, with 79 square inches

Because of the solid ceramic construction, BGEs tend to be much heavier than grills of a similar size.

For residential users, each BGE model includes a limited lifetime warranty on the workmanship and materials of every ceramic component.

Metal components have a five year warranty, wood components have a one year warranty, and temperature gauges have a one year warranty.

#2. Weber Smokey Mountain

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The Weber Smokey Mountain line is available in three sizes: the 14-inch, 18-inch, and 22-inch. The 18-inch is the most popular option because it offers ideal cooking space, fuel efficiency, and portability.

The 14-inch is a good choice if you want a more compact and easily-maneuvered model, though, and the 22-inch is best if you’re planning to cook for crowds.

WSMs are bullet-shaped smokers fueled by charcoal. It doesn’t take much time to learn how to use one, and there are a number of tricks of the trade.

A WSM can keep a very steady temperature for hours on end, and all you have to do is open or close the vents to adjust the temperature.

The construction is solidly-built and should last for several years. There’s also chrome and porcelain coatings that help protect the smoker against the elements while adding an undeniable aesthetic appeal. The side door lets you add wood, water, and coal.

One potential drawback is that the lid isn’t airtight, so rain and snowmelt can get into the body of the grill.

Grills Compared – Big Green Egg Vs Weber Smokey Mountain

The WSM is significantly lighter in construction and comes with more convenience features, like the side door to let in fuel. It also tends to be less expensive than the BGE.

However, it’s mainly built for smoking food and cannot sear at the same high temperatures that the BGE can achieve.

The BGE is a classic kamado grill that offers a great deal of cooking versatility. However, it’s also somewhat difficult to clean and the weight makes it difficult to move.

With that said, the ceramic construction is more solid than the WSM’s construction, and all ceramic components come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Final Thoughts – Big Green Egg Vs Weber Smokey Mountain

The Weber Smokey Mountain is best if:

  • You’re mainly looking for a smoker
  • You want a design with convenience features
  • You want an affordable option
  • You have your own thermometer to replace the inaccurate built-in one

The Big Green Egg is best if:

  • You want the high-temperature searing capabilities
  • You prefer the classic kamado style and sturdy ceramic
  • You want a design with an airtight lid that doesn’t let in moisture
  • You don’t mind spending extra money for a solidly-built grill

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