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Big Agnes Copper Spur Vs MSR Hubba Hubba

Are you in the market for a new tent? Please don’t waste $100 on a cheap tent that won’t last you more than a few nights!

If you enjoy getting out and exploring the great outdoors, it’s worth it to invest in a high-quality option for one of your most important pieces of gear: your tent.

Two of the best options out there are the MSR Hubba Hubba and the Big Agnes Copper Spur. Here are the differences between them and the best tent for your next big trip.

Quick Comparison: MSR Hubba Hubba vs. Big Agnes Copper Spur

#1. MSR Hubba Hubba
Our Best Pick

Check Price
3 pounds 7 ounces39 inches
#2. Big Agnes Copper Spur

Check Price
2 pounds 12 ounces42 inchesAsymmetrical

MSR Hubba Hubba After 6 Months of use in Iceland and Hawaii  (Real World TEST )!!


As far as weight goes, the Big Agnes Copper Spur tent is by far the winner. At just under three pounds, this tent saves you 11 ounces in weight. If you’re backpacking , you’ll definitely feel the difference!

Of course, you do have to sacrifice some durability to get a lighter tent. The extra weight in the MSR tent comes from more rugged material and poles.


The floor space in both these tents is the same; however, the distribution is not. The Hubba Hubba is a symmetrical tent, and the Copper Spur is a tent with more room at the head.’

While the square footage is the same, the Hubba Hubba ends up offering a better shape for storage. You can fit more stuff into this tent. Of course, both tents have a rain fly that can offer additional weather-protected storage on the outside of the tent.


The height in the MSR tent is pretty uniform. It is 39 inches at its highest point.

The Big Agnes tent is 40 inches at its highest point, but the roof is sloped. There is a lot more room at the head, but the area at the feet is lower.

While you don’t really need a lot of overhead space for your feet, this shape does have its drawbacks.

You can’t put this tent just any place, because it might not fit well in a place that allows your head to be on the uphill slope.


Both the MSR and the Big Agnes tents are made of essentially the same material. Rip-stop nylon and aluminum poles make these tents durable and light.

However, the MSR Hubba Hubba is actually quite a bit tougher than the Big Agnes Copper Spur. Although this adds to the weight somewhat, it makes the tent more suited for harsher conditions and many years of heavy use.

Poles and Stakes

The poles on the Hubba Hubba are symmetrical. It’s easy to set them up, because there’s not a lot of difference between one end and the other.

However, the poles don’t break down as small as the poles on the Copper Spur, so the tent in its bag ends up being a little bit longer and more awkward.

Many backpackers prefer to remove the tent poles from the bag and put them elsewhere in their pack. Another issue with the Hubba Hubba is the fact that you only get six short tent pegs.

You’re almost guaranteed to have to buy more tent pegs and perhaps even invest in a set of longer stakes.

The poles on the Copper Spur are asymmetrical, since the tent itself is asymmetrical. This adds to the complications of setting up the tent for the first time.

One perk of these poles is that they break down to a pretty small size, so you don’t have to worry about stowing the tent pegs separately from the tent bag. There are eight stakes that come with the Big Agnes Copper Spur.

Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 HV Setup Video

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Pitching

Other Features

Both the Big Agnes Copper Spur and the MSR Hubba Hubba come with an awesome rain fly. The Hubba Hubba’s rain fly can be rolled back on a clear night for stargazing.

Although the very top panel is opaque, which is annoying for those hoping to glimpse a few comets, the other ceiling panels are mesh that is easy to see through and still keeps the bugs out. The Hubba Hubba also has a few pockets on the inside, as well as two loops on the ceiling on either side.

The Copper Spur also has a great rain fly, which can be removed if you prefer. This tent includes high storage pockets that are easily within reach of your sleeping bag, and it has three loops on the ceiling.


Color choice is pretty much always based on preference, but it’s an important thing to think about if you’re stealth camping.

If you’re hunting, shooting wildlife photography, or trying to become one with nature, then you’ll probably like the natural green color of the Hubba Hubba.

The Copper Spur is bright orange, which can be great if you want to stand out among your surroundings. This can be a good safety feature in some camping situations, actually.

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The Verdict – Big Agnes Copper Spur Vs MSR Hubba Hubba

These tents definitely serve different purposes. At a first look, they may seem like just a couple of good backpacking tents with few discrepancies, but they have some key differences that are worth looking into.

If you’re out to enjoy some backpacking trips for the fun of it, the Big Agnes Copper Spur may be your best choice. It’s lighter, less awkward, and has more space for your gear. If you don’t mind the bright color and don’t need something highly rugged, this is a great tent.

However, I would opt for the MSR Hubba Hubba. It may be a little heavier and need additional stakes, but I’d prefer the added durability, the natural color, and symmetrical form. Experienced hikers we have known for years love the MSR Hubba Hubba!

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