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Best Women’s Road Bike Under $1000

There are many good reasons to get involved with cycling. Riding a bike is great for your health, allowing you to enjoy a hobby where you get plenty of exercise and fresh air.

In addition, there is a great sense of community amongst cyclists, and you may well make new friends to ride with.

Finally, riding your bike instead of driving or even catching public transport is cost-effective. You can save a lot of money on tickets and petrol, while getting fit and healthy!

Plus, finding a great bike does not need to cost a fortune. Nowadays, there are many great women’s road bikes available for under $1000.

To help you choose which one is best for you, let’s take a look at some of the most popular makes available on the market.

The best women’s bikes for under $1000 at a glance

Product NameWeightDrivetrainBrakesMaterialGears
#1. Raleigh Revere 2
Our Best Pick

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23.2lb/10kgShimano ClarisMechanical DiscAluminium11
#2. Giordano Libero

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28 lb/12.7kgShimano TourneyAlloy side pullSteel frame14
#3. Huffy Commuter

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40 lb/18.1kgShimano NexusAlloy linear pullAluminium3

What to look for in the best women’s road bike under $1000

It can be overwhelming to start looking for a new road bike, as there are so many options! Briefly, let’s go through some of the most common features of road bikes, and what you should look for.


As a general rule, the lighter the bike, the better. This is because lighter bikes are faster, and easier to maneuver.

Generally, however, more affordable bikes are likely to be heavier than their expensive counterparts; but they are still fine for most recreational riders.

However, it’s worth looking for lighter bikes, even at a low price point.

Frame and fork

The frame is particularly important as it is the foundation of the bike.

In addition, while you can swap many other parts like the brakes or drivetrain, you’re pretty much stuck with the frame unless you replace the whole bike!

Therefore, you want to choose a high-quality frame that is sturdy yet light.


Obviously, brakes are a very important feature on any bike! They are one of the most important features when it comes to safety in particular.

Most bikes have either disc or rim brakes, with rim brakes being more common in affordable bikes. Although both get the job done, disc brakes are usually a bit higher in quality and offer a smoother braking experience.

However, rim brakes are more affordable, and are fine for most riders.


The final major component to look at is the drivetrain which consists of features such as the chain, cassette and shifters.

This can be replaced aftermarket, but the better your initial offering, the less likely you’ll need to upgrade later.

Generally, most entry level bikes use the same technology, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for better features such as the Shimano Soris drivetrain.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the best women’s bikes for under $1000.

Here are some of the best bikes for women on the market.

#1. Raleigh Revere 2

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This women’s bike has been designed with endurance riding in mind, so if you prefer to go on longer rides, this may be a good fit.

The tyres on this bike are slightly wider than the average, and the frame is quite stiff. Both of these give this bike an edge when being ridden for long periods, especially over uneven terrain. There are 8 gears for responsive riding.

Another thing that makes this bike a great choice for longer rides is the overall comfort. The saddle is soft and comfortable, while the frame is designed to be comfortable and aerodynamic for women.

The bike comes in various sizes to accommodate women from 4’10” through to 5’11”.

Another highlight of this bike is that it features disc brakes, which, as mentioned, are a higher quality. This means that braking is smooth and efficient. The drivetrain is a Shimano Claris.

#2. Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

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This great looking bike from Giordano is designed especially for women, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.

The bike is designed to handle all different terrain with ease, and is a perfect entry level bike for women who are just starting to get into cycling.

One thing that makes this a great bike is that it has 14 gears, giving it plenty of flexibility for all kinds of riding.

This means this bike is suitable for both daily commuting as well as longer endurance rides. It also features a high-quality Shimano Tourney STI driven driveframe.

The bike only comes in two sizes, with the first size being suitable for women up to 5’5″ and the larger size suitable for women up to 5’8″.

If we have one complaint, it’s that this great bike may not be suitable for women who are particularly tall or petite.

#3. Huffy Women’s Commuter Bike

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If you’re looking for a particularly affordable option that’s comfortable to ride and stylish, then do check out this great option from the well-respected brand Huffy.

Huffy pride themselves on making bikes that are comfortable for daily use, and the aluminium frame has been designed to promote a more relaxed and comfortable riding position.

The all-Shimano drive train is a good feature for the price, however this bike does only have 3 gears which is a lot less than the others on this list.

Overall, however, this is a great bike at a very low price, so ideal if you are just getting into cycling and want to give it a try without spending too much.

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The Verdict – Best Women’s Road Bike Under $1000

Each of these three bikes are great entry-level options for the newer cyclist.

Of the three, our pick is the Raleigh Revere 2, thanks to its superior disc brakes and also its lightweight frame, which is almost half the weight of the Huffy.

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