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Many people run on hard surfaces like concrete several times a week. While this isn’t necessarily bad for your health, it can put stress on your legs.

Running is a high impact sport, and concrete is especially unyielding, which means that all the shock goes to your feet.

You might not be able to run as long as you want, and you might experience more pain afterward.

There are multiple shoes on the market designed to help people run on concrete. They absorb shock and provide enough cushioning to keep the feet comfortable.

The Best Running Shoes For Running On Concrete

Brand NameColorsMaterialSole
#1. Hoka One One Bondi 5
Our Best Pick

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#2. ASICS Gel-Kayano 24

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14Textile and syntheticRubber
#3. Mizuno Wave Creation 19

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4Textile and syntheticRubber
#4. Hoka One One Clifton 4

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21Synthetic and meshRubber
#5. Brooks Addiction 13

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#1. Hoka One One Bondi 5

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This is a model that has been specially created for use on artificial, tough terrains similar to concrete.

The shoes have everything you could want in a running shoe, providing great traction and excellent comfort. Of all the Hoka One shoes, this pair has the highest cushioning amount.

You also get access to ideal compression, breathability, and support.

There are multiple elements of the design that work together. The EVA material in the midsole cushions your foot, while the ComfortFrame upper construction ensures support.

The tongue is padded to help absorb shock and conform to your foot. Unlike many other shoes, the upper portion of this shoe is creatively constructed with breathable mesh.

Air consistently circulates through the shoe, keeping your foot dry and cool no matter how tough your workout is.

The ortholite molded insole gives you the feeling of walking over springy foam, helping cushion and support your feet.

Meanwhile, the outsole is made from tough rubber that can stand up to rough use against hard surfaces. The only potential drawback of this shoe is that it’s not as stylish as some other options.

#2. ASICS Gel-Kayano 24

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This model is so soft and plush you won’t believe it. ASICS has been at the forefront of athletic shoe innovation, and it shows with this design.

Multiple different technologies have been incorporated to make these shoes suit long-distance runners. The upper portion is created from mesh, which safely hugs your foot thanks to the FluidFit technology.

The shoes also feature a Heel Clutching System. This external structure holds your heel in place as you run to ensure your feet don’t slip around the shoes.

You have maximum stability, with a heel that’s always kept to the back of your shoe.

These shoes are springy and bouncy enough that you’ll feel like you’re running over a soft field.

The midsole uses FlyteFoam technology to absorb shock and cushion your foot, while the sock liner provides an additional layer of cushioning.

And if that wasn’t enough, the included DuraSponge provides additional cushioning. A rear crash pad protects your heel from harsh impacts.

There’s not a lot to complain about with these shoes. The only potential problem is that they tend to be expensive, so they’re not a good option if you’re shopping on a budget.

#3. Hoka One One Clifton 4

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This shoe is a lightweight trainer designed with durability in mind. The older Clifton models tended to wear out after prolonged use on rough surfaces, but this one can stand up to the heat.

The shoe provides extra cushioning for pain relief, specifically to help you when you run and walk on hard terrains like concrete.

The upper portion is crafted from thin mesh that’s comfortable, soft, and breathable.

One feature that sets these shoes apart is the toe box. The box is spacious enough to let your toes comfortably spread out.

In addition, the midsole is made from CMEVA foam, which helps cushion your impacts. Even though the model is stronger than previous versions in this line, it’s also soft and springy as you run.

Your legs and feet will be well protected from concrete’s harsh impact.

These are another very expensive option, though. They also might be small, so you should double check your size before you order.

Because they’re narrower than most shoes, they aren’t an ideal choice for people with wide feet.

#4. Mizuno Wave Creation 19

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These shoes are a masterpiece with a great deal of artistry and engineering involved. They’re made to be responsive and comfortable, able to withstand harsh impacts from concrete and asphalt.

This particular model has a ton of additional cushioning, and the sock liner hugs your foot no matter the shape.

The mesh upper body is breathable enough to keep your foot dry and cool. At the same time, the design uses DynaMotion technology to make sure you have the perfect fit.

The pressure from the concrete is drastically reduced, while the chances of contortion are minimized. This makes the shoes more durable than many similar options.

The midsole has EVA foam in varying densities, so it can cushion your impact and respond to changes in your stride. Additional cushioning runs for the entire length of the underside of the shoe.

This pair of shoes is made to give you the smoothest running experience possible. If you need a wide toe box, though, these won’t be the best shoes for you, as the toe box tends to be narrow.

#5. Brooks Addiction 13

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Some people have a tendency to overpronate. These shoes provide a solution that helps overpronators to run as much as they want to.

Pronation occurs when your foot rolls inward as your weight shifts from your heel to your toe. It’s a normal process. But overpronating can lead to injuries, particularly in people who run a lot.

It’s important for overpronators to find shoes that provide support and stability for their feet.

While these shoes are designed with overpronators in mind, they’ll protect the feet of any runners who use them.

The midsole comes with Brooks’ unique gel cushioning, helping to shield your foot from the impacts on the concrete. The breathable mesh ensures your foot stays dry and cool, but the design prevents uncomfortable friction.

The interior lining has moisture-wicking technology, plus a well-cushioned tongue and collar to prevent blisters. For overpronators, the shoe features a Diagonal Rollbar in the midsole.

The responsiveness of the fluid gel in the midsole is what makes the cushioning so ideal.

This is a slightly heavy option, so it might not suit you if lightweight shoes are a big priority. It might also not be the most durable shoe on the list.

#6. Hoka One One Gaviota

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This trainer comes with underfoot foam cushioning that sets it apart from the competition. The shoes are gorgeous and fashion-forward, while also providing support for runners running across tough surfaces. The material is soft but also offers stability and support.

The shoe’s upper portion is made from lightweight, breathable material that helps your foot stay dry and cool. The breathable lining conforms to the wearer’s foot to allow a snug fit.

Because the midsole has multiple layers connected to the laces, plus Arch-Lock Wings technology, it’s one of the most stable midsoles on the market.

The tongue is well-cushioned to prevent friction, and the cushioned collar is coupled with the heel. It’s also easy to take the shoes off and put them on thanks to the pull tab in the heel.

To help prevent overpronation and allow you maximum stability as you run, these shoes have a J-Frame construction and rubber outline that increases durability and keeps your foot steady.

#7. Altra Paradigm 3.0

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This Altra shoe features a large amount of cushioning that protects runners from harsh surfaces like concrete. The design also features a wide enough toe box for your toes to spread naturally.

There’s also a zero drop quality that allows zero transition between the toe and heel, so you have a more natural running stride.

The upper portion of the shoe is crafted from quick-dry, breathable mesh to keep feet cool. There’s also 32 millimeter cushioning throughout the bottom of the sole. Since there’s no heel-to-toe drop, your foot is consistently cushioned throughout your stride.

Altra uses specialized GuardRail technology to increase the support at the place the sole and upper meet, which helps prevent overpronation.

These shoes aren’t the most durable, though, and you can expect them to wear out after a few months. The upper portion is also shallow enough that the shoes aren’t good for people with thick feet.

#8. Saucony Echelon 6

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These shoes have been created by Saucony to help runners who are running on concrete. They have multiple shock absorption layers and comfortable cushioning underfoot.

Unlike some other stiff designs, these shoes are flexible enough to give you a full range of motion. You can be confident that you’ll have an ideal fit.

The materials are responsive to your stride, providing maximum comfort and stability throughout the running process.

The upper is constructed from lightweight fabric punctured by tiny holes to increase breathability. Around the heel, a support frame helps protect against instability and foot slippage.

If you have foot issues, you’ll be pleased that these shoes are compatible with orthotics insertions. They also come with SuperLite Foam running throughout the length.

This is the responsive portion of the material. Meanwhile, the 3 millimeter top sole increases durability and helps you bounce as you run.

#9. Saucony Triumph ISO 4

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This is another ideal model from Saucony. The running shoe includes a good deal of cushioning. No matter whether you’re doing long-distance running on asphalt or short sprints on concrete, the thick cushioning will support you.

The upper portion includes a lacing system designed to mold to the foot, allowing increased flexibility and a more stable fit.

The EVERUN foam runs through the entire sole of the shoe to provide ideal cushioning. You also have a ventilation system that strikes a good balance between breathability and comfort, so your feet stay cool.

These shoes don’t have as much traction as some others on the list, though. They may also be a little too heavy for people who prefer lightweight athletic wear.

#10. Nike LunarTempo

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Nike is a trusted brand that offers multiple innovations in their shoes. This model is super functional for runners on concrete thanks to the Lunarlon system of cushioning.

There’s also Flywire cable and uniquely engineered mesh that combine to provide flexibility and breathability.

Lunarlon foam is known for being highly responsive and providing optimum comfort. It’s lighter than many other foams, making this a more lightweight option than many thickly cushioned shoes on the market.

The thin rubber sole increases durability and provides additional traction. The design also has waffle pistons that help absorb and disperse the shock of the concrete.

Because these shoes tend to run small, you’ll have to order a half size up. They’re also incredibly expensive.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to comfort and impact cushioning, it’s hard to beat the Bondi 5.

This shoe has been designed with multiple elements that all work in harmony to reduce your risk of injury and keep your foot cushioned.

You’ll have so much support that you won’t even notice you’re on concrete!

If the Bondi 5 doesn’t appeal to your sense of fashion, though, a good alternative is the Kayano 24.

hese shoes use multiple types of ASICS technology to cushion your feet and absorb shock. You’ll be able to run both short and long distances on the concrete.

However, you should keep in mind that these shoes tend to be fairly expensive.

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