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Best Shoes for Neuropathy

Neuropathy can be a painful and debilitating condition.

But if you wear the right shoes, you’ll have the support and comfort you need.

What are the best shoes for neuropathy?

10 Best Shoes for Neuropathy Feet

Brand NameMaterialWomen’s or Men’sType of Shoe
#1. Orthofeet Sprint Comfort

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#2. Orthofeet Monterey Bay

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#3. Dr. Comfort Jason

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Leather and meshMen’sSneaker
#4. Drew Shoe

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#5. Orthofeet Coral

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#6. Grasshoppers Sneaker

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#7. Orthofeet Wichita Shoe

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#8. Dr. Comfort Carter

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#9. Orthofeet Gramercy Dress Shoes

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#10. Orthofeet Chelsea Loafers

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LeatherWomen’sSlip On

#1. Orthofeet Sprint

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These sneakers come with a gel padded heel seat and anatomical arch support, so the fit conforms to your foot shape. You’ll have a comfortable and secure fit throughout the day.

The lightweight sole comes with air cushioning that helps soften your step, while an ergonomic design helps you move naturally and stably.

The footwear has extra depth and a widened toe box to limit pressure against hammer toes and bunions.

The shoes have a padded internal lining to reduce stress on pressure points, helping to relieve pain. The lace-up athletic styling is made to give support and comfort to people with neuropathy.

It’s a model of therapeutic athletic footwear that has both non-skid outsoles and cushioned insoles that can fit you no matter how wide your feet are.

Even if your ankles and feet swell throughout the day, these shoes can accommodate them.

#2. Orthofeet Monterey Bay

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Orthofeet is an industry leader when it comes to shoes for foot ailments. This is another great design from the company.

The sneakers have all the elements necessary to make an athletic shoe effective. Your feet will remain supported and comfortable for the entire day.

The insole has an orthotic support that includes a gel-padded heel seat and anatomical arch support. As such, the shoes can conform to your feet and reduce pain throughout the lower half of your body.

The upper portions are made from synthetic fibers that are both lightweight and flexible.

There’s air cushioning in the soles to help protect you against jarring impacts, particularly when you walk or run on hard surfaces. The footwear also has an extra depth design that keeps pressure off your feet.

The interior lining is seam-free and filled with padded foam to help protect your feet. Overall, these sneakers are made to be athletic footwear that help offer relief from pain throughout your lower body by offering cushioning and support.

#3. Dr. Comfort Jason

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Dr. Comfort is another company known for making shoes designed for people with neuropathy. These shoes give the right levels of stability, comfort, and support.

They feature mesh and leather uppers that are both lightweight and stylish, but durable enough to last a long time.

The therapeutic design protects your ankles, feet, and toes. An elastic lace closure helps keep the shoe firmly on your foot and provide the support you’d expect to find in an athletic sneaker.

The lining is both seamless and padded to provide extra relief. The mesh material is breathable, letting fresh air flow to your feet with every step so they remain cool.

Meanwhile, rubber insets on both the heel and toe help prevent jarring to your feet and joints.

The elastic laces make this a no-tie sneaker available in several colors.

#4. Drew Shoe Women’s Rose Mary Jane

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These shoes combine comfort and style for a fashion-forward look. You can reduce the pain in your feet and still be a fashionista thanks to these Mary Janes.

The upper portion is made from durable leather, while the heel measures around one inch. The platform is about half an inch.

You have lightweight and breathable construction, with carefully-placed padding that protects your pressure points and adds comfort.

There are two removable insoles that you can replace with orthotic inserts if need be. The shoes come with a double depth to make the fit roomy.

You can use the Plus Fitting System to make sure your fit is the most secure one possible, which is especially important for people with foot ailments.

The shoes have a molded sole that provides additional cushioning along with ideal traction. Thanks to the hook-and-loop strap, the shoes stay securely attached to your feet at all times.

These are a great option for people who want a more fashion-forward shoe.

#5. Orthofeet Coral

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These sneakers are some of the most comfortable orthotic sneakers available for women. The insole contours to your feet to give you ultimate comfort, including gel padding on the heel and arch support.

Like other Orthofeet shoes, these are designed to lessen pain throughout your body by reducing pressure and impact to your feet.

The synthetic uppers provide support to the ankles while remaining lightweight. There’s air cushioning in the sole to lighten your step, and your foot stays stable and flexible as you walk.

Extra depth and non-binding designs help keep your foot from cramping and make sure you have a good fit even if your foot tends to swell.

The widened toe box lets your toes breathe, and the padded interior provides additional comfort.

These are great athletic shoes for women suffering from any foot ailments from neuropathy to corns and bunions.

#6. Grasshopper

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This footwear is styled like a pair of great lace-up sneakers. The shoes offer the level of support, comfort, and protection necessary when you suffer from foot ailments like neuropathy.

The lace closure has been APMA-approved. The design also features PureFit adjustability, which ensures that you get a perfect sneaker fit every time, so you don’t have to worry about soreness and potential injury caused by poor fitting.

The sneakers have comfort cushioning, along with an ortholite sockliner that provides arch support. They also have moisture wicking technology to keep them fresh and odor-free.

Anti-microbial properties also help with stopping odors before they start. There are memory foam inserts that contour to fit the shape of your feet, while the upper part of the shoe is made from stretchy vegan leather.

The rounded heels help keep your knees from jarring as you walk. There’s also additional padding on the collar and heel, and the outsole is flexible enough to provide a wide range of movement.

If you have orthotic inserts, you can remove the footbed and replace it with your inserts.

#7. Orthofeet Wichita

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These shoes have a synthetic upper and rubber sole, helping to increase the overall style and durability.

They’re perfect, fashion-forward choices for women suffering from neuropathy and other foot problems. The contoured sole gives you the traditional Orthofeet arch support, which stabilizes your feet and prevents jarring to your joints.

The lightweight sole has air cushioning to lighten your step and reduce stress on your pressure points. There’s extra depth to give you a roomy, comfortable fit.

As with other Orthofeet shoes, the seam-free interior lining and wide toe box make the shoes more comfortable for those with foot sensitivity.

These are ideal shoes to help women eliminate pain throughout their lower body. They offer both support and stability.

#8. Dr. Comfort Carter

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These casual shoes have been classically crafted. Their design is so casual that you’d never realize they were meant for people with foot ailments unless you were told.

But the shoes are designed specifically to benefit people with neuropathy and other foot conditions.

Each shoe is made from lycra, allowing the shoe to be lightweight. The pair can stretch to accommodate both feet even if you experience swelling throughout the day.

A Velcro closure helps increase your range of flexibility. The design specifically accommodates foot deformities like hammertoes and bunions.

The shoes have a padded tongue and padded heel counter to help reduce the irritation in your feet. These features also improve the fit.

he firmness of the heel counter increases support. A protective toe box helps reduce the risk of injury, while the lightness reduces your fatigue. The shoe has an outer sole with non-skid properties.

These are therapeutic shoes capable of accommodating AFO’s and internal braces. It’s a great choice if you also struggle with edema in your feet.

The double-depth design ensures that regardless of how enlarged your ankles or feet get, the shoe will still accommodate you.

On top of that, the shoes are machine-washable for easy cleaning, and they retain their shape even after going through the washer.

#9. Orthofeet Gramercy

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These dress shoes are designed to be stylish for every occasion, but they’re also helpful for a variety of foot ailments from neuropathy to bunions and hammertoes.

The upper portion of the shoes is made from leather. A non-binding design has extra depth to accommodate people with bunions and those with wider feet.

The shoes have a heel seat with gel padding, which conforms to the specific contours of your foot to offer ideal comfort. This padding also provides relief to your knees and lower backs.

The sole has air cushioning to soften your steps, and the ergonomic design lets your foot move naturally and stably.

The insole of the shoes has anatomical support for your arches, which helps to alleviate pain. Meanwhile, a seam-free interior lining and foam padding help protect your pressure points.

It provides a soft feel that’s perfect for people with sensitive feet or rheumatoid arthritis.

The shoes combine multiple qualities in their design to make sure you have relief from neuropathy, knee pain, heel pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions.

They look great and have quality engineering. These are a perfect choice for parties or formal work functions if you suffer from foot issues.

#10. Orthofeet Chelsea

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This is a pair of casual slip-on shoes that you can wear in and out of the house. The upper portion is made of durable leather that’s molded to be comfortable and supportive for people with neuropathy.

Like other Orthofeet products, there’s an extra-depth design in addition to a wide toe box to help eliminate pressure against the foot.

The insole of the shoe is orthotic and designed to fit your foot’s contour with the traditional arch support and gel padding on the heel.

The outsole has air cushioning to soften your steps and give you a little bounce. You can stride naturally and stably thanks to the ergonomic design.

The interior seam-free lining is made from padded foam, with a round heel that gives extra protection to people with particularly sensitive feet.

These are the most supportive slip-on shoes you’ll find if you’re a woman suffering from neuropathy or other foot ailments.

Final Thoughts – Best Shoes for Neuropathy 

If you’re looking for a good pair of casual shoes, the Dr. Comfort Carter shoes should suit you. They’re designed to help people with multiple different feet conditions, with neuropathy among them.

The shoes can stretch to comfortably house your feet even if you experience swelling throughout the day.

For dress shoes, the Orthofeet Gramercy shoes are a great choice. They can help with multiple foot ailments from neuropathy to bunions.

There’s a good deal of support and cushioning to keep your feet comfortable and help protect you from injury.

For women looking for sneakers, the Grasshopper Women’s Sneaker is a good choice. It gives you comfort, support, and protection, boasting medical seals of approval.

The cushioning can help you with neuropathy and other foot ailments.

If you want a slip-on shoe, the Slip On Loafers from Orthofeet are a good option. Orthofeet consistently makes shoes that keep in mind the needs of people with foot ailments like neuropathy.

These provide ideal comfort and support for casual wear around the house.

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