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It might be a mouthful to say, but posterior tibial tendonitis is actually a very common problem that causes pain in the foot and ankle.

It occurs when there is inflammation of the posterior tibial tendon, preventing the tendon from providing proper support for the arch of the foot, which it is supposed to do.

As a result, sufferers may experience ‘flat footedness’ as well as general pain and discomfort.

There are several ways to treat posterior tibial tendonitis. The most drastic is through surgery, however this is a last resort as it can restrict movement even further.

Instead, most medical professionals recommend using orthotics, braces and wearing good shoes to both prevent and treat posterior tibial tendonitis.

The best running shoes for posterior tibial tendonitis at a glance

Product NameWeight (standard mens)Heel-to-toe dropArch support
#1. Altra Impulse
Our Best Pick

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8.6 oz/244g0mmHigh
#2. La Sportiva Bushido

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#3. Altra Provisional

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10.5 oz/298g0mmHigh
#4. Hoka One One

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10.5 oz /298g4mmMedium
#5. New Balance Fresh Foam

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10.9 oz/309g4mmHigh
#6. Merrell All Out Charge

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11 oz/312g4mmMedium

It can be caused either by a sudden, acute injury, or alternatively simply from overuse, such as if you regularly run or play sport. This is especially a risk if you do so without good quality, supportive shoes.

If you are experiencing foot pain, you should speak to your doctor to find out what is best for you, including whether you should be exercising.

Once you have spoken to your doctor, you might find that they recommend a change of shoes. Therefore, today we are going to look at some running shoes that are good for those at risk of or suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis.

In particular, we’re looking for shoes that offer good support and structure to the foot, helping to keep the arch of your foot well-supported, so that your posterior tibial tendon can work less, and heal.

In addition, you want a zero drop shoe to further support the arch.

We are also looking for shoes that protect against the repetitive impact of your foot hitting concrete or other surfaces as you run.

Let’s take a closer look

There are many great shoes on the market, but not all of them are appropriate for those with posterior tibial tendonitis. Let’s take a look at those that will offer you the support you need.

#1. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V7

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New Balance is one of the most highly respected manufacturers of running shoes, so it’s no surprise that they have a great option for those suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis.

This shoe uses innovative design to provide extra support around the arch area. Underneath the arch there is significant and dense padding to help offer much-needed support to the arch.

In addition, there is a heel-to-toe offset drop of approximately 4mm, which helps to distribute weight evenly over the entire foot, rather than putting additional strain on the arch. This too makes this a great shoe for those suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis.

The New Balance Fresh Foam shoe also offers features that make it a great general running shoe. For example, the mesh cover over the top of the foot is light and breathable, to offer comfort. In addition, the shoe is light, and it comes in many stylish colours.

#2. La Sportiva Bushido Running Shoe

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This is a great looking shoe from the reliable brand La Sportiva, and its design is also excellent for those suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis.

This shoe is highly durable, and ideal for those who run off-road as well as on more solid surfaces. Although it is very hardy, it is still light, weighing just 300g.

The Bushido shoe is a great option for those with posterior tibial tendonitis as there is a TPU cradle under the arch. This offers significant support and takes some of the pressure off of the posterior tibial tendon while running.

This shoe features a heel-to-toe drop of about 6mm, which is a little larger than others on this list, but still modest. Additional features of this shoe include breathable AirMesh fabric, and the impact break system assists with stability, even on descents or rocky trails.

Overall, it is a very comfortable shoe that has been well-received by many runners – Trail Runner magazine even awarded this shoe the “editor’s choice†award.

#3. Altra Men’s Provisional Running Shoe

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As mentioned, one of the features of a shoe that is appropriate for those suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis is as low a drop as possible. This shoe has a zero heal-to-toe drop, making it an excellent choice for supporting the foot and arch.

This shoe is recommended as a road shoe, so is probably not the best option if you prefer running on trails. However, for those who stick to the roads, this is a great choice.

Altra’s shoe uses innovative ‘footpod’ technology which provides additional support and structure to the shoe and therefore the foot, and particularly the arch. There is also a removable arch in the shoe, which provides additional support. We appreciate that this is removable, so you can take it out if you no longer require it once the posterior tibial tendonitis has healed.

This is also just generally an all-round great shoe. The mesh material is light and breathable, while the shoe offers great stability to help avoid any injuries or falls. Overall, this is an excellent choice for a running shoe.

#4. Hoka One One Conquest

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If you prefer long-distance running, then this shoe from Hoka might just be perfect. With additional padding, it is ideal for the long-distance runner suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis.

This shoe is relatively lightweight when you consider how padded the shoe is. It is made this way for ultimate comfort, especially over long distances when you want that extra cushioning to stop the repetitive impact of running on a hard surface.

Although the insole arch support is pretty good on this shoe, it is not as dramatic as some of the other options on this list. Therefore, it may be a good idea to buy a separate in-sole to put inside the shoe for even more support.

It does, however, features a low heel-to-toe drop of only 4mm. Therefore, it is definitely worth considering if you have issues with your posterior tibial tendon.

In addition, this shoe is perfect if your running takes you through water, as it has an innovative drainage system that is perfect for less than ideal conditions such as during wind or snow.

#5. Altra Men’s Impulse Flash Sneaker

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Another option from Altra just shows that this brand has you sorted when it comes to dealing with posterior tibial tendonitis. This shoe is actually designed especially for issues such as tendonitis or excessive pronation.

The shoe offers significant support and stability while running, helping to give your tendons a rest while they heal. In addition, it has a zero heel-to-toe drop, which means it is ideal for those who suffer from posterior tibial tendonitis. It can also generally assist with your running style, and is useful for those who are vulnerable to arch issues.

This shoe is a little bulkier due to the level of support and padding, however it is still relatively lightweight and is not uncomfortable to run in.

In addition, this shoe features a unique reflective design that means the shoe is very bright and easy to see in low-light situations. This is a great safety feature that is especially important if you often run in the early morning or in the late evening, when visibility is a problem.

#6. Merrell All Out Charge

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This shoe from Merrell is one of their most popular products, and also one of the best shoes for posterior tibial tendonitis. While it is lightweight, it offers plenty of support to your foot.

The first noteworthy feature of this shoe is that it has a modest 4mm heel-to-toe drop, which means that weight is distributed evenly rather than putting too much pressure on your arch. In addition, it has a wide toe box which allows your toes to spread out as they come into contact with the ground. This too helps with weight distribution.

The shoe offers a good level of arch support which is important for runners with posterior tibial tendonitis. In addition, there are well-placed ‘shock pads’ which absorb impact and help to prevent injury or the exacerbation of symptoms. You can also add in an addition in-sole if you feel you need more support.

Overall, this is a great, lightweight running shoe that is a great option for those with arch problems.

And the winner is…

All of these shoes are great products, and your choice will likely depend partly on your own style and also your doctor’s advice.

However, of the products listed here, we recommend the Altra Impulse Sneaker, as it has been specifically designed with problems such as posterior tibial tendonitis in mind.

As a result, there is an unbeatable zero heel-to-toe drop, as well as ample padding to protect your foot and ankle.

If you are looking for the best running shoe for posterior tibial tendonitis, then the Altra Impulse is likely to be right up your alley.

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