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Hip pain can really stop you from enjoying running and the benefits associated for your health and wellbeing.

While there are many different causes for hip pain, the end result is often the same; a difficulty in running as doing so worsens the discomfort and pain.

If you are suffering from hip pain, then it is a good idea to speak to a doctor or physiotherapist to get some expert advice about the cause of your hip pain.

The Best Running Shoes For Hip Bursitis And Hip Flexor Pain

Product NameWeightDropNotable Support Features
#1. Saucony Ride ISO
Our Best Pick For Women

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226g/8oz8mmEVERUN + PWRFOAM
#2. New Balance Men’s M890v4
Our Best Pick For Men

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244g/8.6oz8mmABZORB shock absorption
#3. Puma Women’s FAAS 600 v3

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232g/8.2oz8mmFassFoam padding
#4. New Balance Fresh Foam1080

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309g/10.9oz8mmOrtholite insole
#5. ASICS Gel Kayano 23

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261g/9.2oz13mmFluidRide Midsole

What are some common causes of hip pain?

Some common causes of hip pain while running include muscle strain and tearing, which can be extremely painful and rehabilitating, at least in the short term.

Hamstrings and hip flexors are two muscles which are commonly strained or torn by runners. Usually these injuries are easily treatable, but you should be cautious to avoid further damage.

Another common cause is stress fractures caused by the repetitive impact of running, especially on the road and other hard, flat surfaces.

This can lead to small stress fractures in the bone, a phenomenon that can cause pain and discomfort if not treated properly.

Finally, bursitis is another possible cause of hip pain. Bursitis is when the small liquid-filled sacks that are meant to cushion the joints, become irritated.

This leads to significant pain and discomfort, especially while running.

A medical professional will be the best person to help diagnose the cause of your hip pain, and suggest ways to remedy it.

It may require resting completely, and gradually getting back into running, or taking it easy on your usual routine.

What to look for in the best running shoes for hip pain

In these cases, you should consider what running shoes are best for hip pain. There are some great shoes available one the market which can help you to minimise hip pain or the risk of further injury.

One thing that helps to minimise hip pain is shoes that avoid over-pronation, or flat footedness.

If you are prone to overpronation, then it is a good idea to look for a shoe with a lot of arch support and stability, as overpronation can cause and exacerbate hip pain.

In addition, the heel-to-toe drop is another relevant factor. Most commonly, running shoes feature a significant (10mm+) drop from the heel to the toe.

If you are experiencing hip pain, it may be that this is not appropriate for you. A low, or zero, drop shoe can help to spread your weight evenly and avoid hip pain.

With all that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the best shoes for hip pain.

Let’s take a closer look…

#1. Puma Women’s FAAS 600 v3

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If you are a woman looking for the best running shoes for hip pain, it’s difficult to past this offering from Puma.

One of the most well-known and well-respected names in athletic wear, Puma is known for their high-quality products.

This shoe features considerable FassFoam foam padding in the midsole, which can help protect against impacts and the resulting pain this can cause.

This is both comfortable and also good for hip pain, as it adds a little bit of ‘bounce’ from the shoe.

Both road and trail runners will appreciate the tough tread on these shoes. The undersole features deep grooves and is made from ultra-resistant rubber, which is perfect for giving you great balance and lasting for years.

The shoe is made from a lightweight (just 223g) and breathable material which is comfortable yet supportive, which is important for those who experience hip pain.

In addition, this shoe features a modest drop of 8mm meaning it is a low-drop shoe that promotes even weight distribution.

#2. New Balance Men’s M890v4

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For men, this shoe from athletic wear powerhouse New Balance is one of the best running shoes for hip pain. Although it is lightweight, it offers good support for your foot, and also has a modest heel-to-toe drop.

This shoe features the innovative ABZORB shock absorption system, meaning these shoes are ideal for road runners who experience hip pain.

Although this padding does a great job of absorbing the repetitive impacts from running, it is still lightweight and responsive.

The sole of the shoe is made from durable rubber, however the tread is more designed for road running than for trail running as it is quite subtle.

The top of the shoe is made from a lightweight and breathable material which keeps the foot dry and cool, avoiding the irritation that can be caused if feet get too sweaty.

Good support is offered by this shoe, and with a more modest drop of 8mm, it promotes even weight distribution and helps to offer relief from hip pain while running.

#3. Saucony Ride ISO

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A lesser known brand of running shoes, Saucony uses many innovative technologies to offer the best possible shoes, especially for runners who experience hip pain. This shoe is a great-quality option.

The Saucony Ride shoe features the innovative, trademarked EVERUN technology which absorbs the energy from impact and redistributes it to make running easier and safer.

The shoe is well-cushioned and supportive, especially around the arch, which is particularly important for those who experience hip pain when they run.

Another standout feature of the Saucony Ride is the ISOFIT and FORMFIT technology which allows the shoe to fit perfectly to all different feet.

One of the biggest challenges for choosing the best shoes for hip pain can be that everyone’s feet are different shapes and sizes the Saucony Ride shoes are designed to adapt to all of them!

For even more support, there is the PWRFOAM midsole which protects your arch, while the 8mm drop is modest and comfortable. At just 8oz per shoe, they are very lightweight.

These shoes also come in a range of colours, so it is easy to find a pair that fit your style and personality. All in all, these are a great contender for the best running shoes for hip pain!

#4. New Balance Fresh Foam Unisex 1080gy7

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Both men and women looking for the best running shoes for hip pain will be able to appreciate this offering from athletic gear powerhouse New Balance.

These shoes offer an excellent amount of cushioning and support to help protect your feet as well as joints such as your hips.

The midsole features Ortholite technology, which is moulded for extra comfort and support, even if you are running long distances or need that additional arch support.

The undersole of these shoes is made from two different types of rubber, which is strategically placed for better grip and stability.

If you run on trails or other uneven surfaces, you’re sure to particularly appreciate the extra comfort and safety this provides.

These shoes come in a huge range of colours and styles that will suit all genders, and at 309g, they are very light. In addition, the heel-to-toe drop is a modest 8mm for appropriate weight distribution.

#5. ASICS Women’s Gel Kayano 23

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ASICS has been at the top of its game for a long time, and is always looking for new ways to offer even better shoes for runners.

With this shoe, you can see how the latest technology can be used to provide a better running experience.

This shoe uses unique gel cushioning which moulds to your feet and provides extreme comfort and stability, regardless of the terrain or length of your run.

There is also additional foam around the arch, which is ideal for those who experience hip pain caused by overpronation.

The top of the shoe is made from a lightweight, breathable material that keeps the foot cool and dry. Under the foot, the sole is made from two different types of rubber which is strategically placed to offer durability and stability, even over long distances.

It also uses ‘Guidance Line’ technology to help promote proper foot placement, another common cause of pain and discomfort while running.

With a drop of a modest 8mm, all of these features go together to offer a shoe that is ideal for women who experience hip pain while running.

And the winner is…

Choosing the best running shoes for hip pain is important. Here, we’ve collected five great options that can help make your running more enjoyable.

For women, we recommend the Saucony Ride ISO. This shoe is surprisingly affordable for all of the excellent features it offers, and it is particularly well-suited to runners who experience hip pain.

For men, the New Balance Men’s M890v4 is our pick, as it also uses excellent technology such as the ABZORB system to help make a more comfortable and safer running experience, especially for those with hip pain.

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