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Polarized sunglasses help filter the light your eyes perceive, so there’s not as much light pollution interfering with your vision.

For both amateur and professional fishermen, there’s no denying the benefits of polarized sunglasses.

These sunglasses allow you to see more details below the water’s surface. In ordinary circumstances, the glare on the water obscures what’s below it.

But polarized sunglasses reduce the glare, allowing you to see vegetation, rocks, and even the fish themselves.

They also reduce eye strain. Spending a whole day in bright sunlight can damage your eyes and make you fatigued.

Bright sunlight can also lead to headaches. With polarized sunglasses, you don’t have to squint or strain to see the water.

Everyone knows that too much sunlight can damage your skin, but it can also damage your eyes.

Polarized sunglasses help block harmful UV radiation from damaging your retinas or causing cataracts. There are even sunglasses available that can block 100 percent of radiation.

On top of a quality pair of polarized sunglasses, to ensure a great fishing trip make sure you check out the best fisheries near you before you go!

Quick Comparison: Best Polarized Sunglasses for Sight Fishing

Brand NameLens ColorType of FramesType of Lenses
#1. Costa Blackfin
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BlueTR-90 Nylon frames580P Pol lenses
#2. Wiley X P-17

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BlackTriloid Nylon framesSelenite lenses
#3. Native Eyeware Kodiak

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NavyNylon framesPolycarb lenses
#4. Costa Fantail

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BlueTR-90 Nylon580P Pol
#5. Oakley GasCan

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PurpleO MatterPlutonite
#6. Smith Prospect

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#7. Amphibia Depthcharge

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BlackTR 90 NZZPolycarb
#8. Oakley Fuel Cell

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BlueO MatterPlutonite
#9. Flying Fisherman Buchanan

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#10. Strike King Okeechobee

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Best Lens Colors for Sight Fishing

Amber, Brown, and Copper

These colors are best when you’re in low lighting conditions, like in the early morning, on cloudy days, or in the evening.

They let slightly more light in, allowing for greater illumination. If you have a choice between these three colors, amber works best for fishing.


Green and mirrored green are two of the most ideal colors when you’re freshwater fishing. The base color is amber and copper, but the green tint lets you see better contrast in stained waters.


Yellow lenses are best if you want a high contrast. There are many sight fishermen who prefer yellow since it lets you distinguish between a lake bottom and a fish bed.

If you fish in shallow waters, there’s a huge advantage to being able to see irregularities in the water.


Blue and mirrored blue are the best lenses for fishing offshore. The base of the lens is gray, which helps block harsh sunlight when you fish on the open water.


Gray and smoky lenses are good for fishing in bright conditions. They reduce the transmission of light. In addition, they keep from distorting natural colors the same way other lenses do.


High quality lenses have multiple coatings and layers that help make them scratch resistant, mirrored, and hydrophobic.

Hydrophobic sunglasses are a huge advantage on the water, since moisture won’t spot on the surface.

The Best Polarized Sunglasses for Sight Fishing

#1. Costa Blackfin

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The Blackfin is a pair of sunglasses that’s been around for a long time. Even though there have been many new technologies pioneered since the original glasses were created, the design is still one of the highest quality on the market today.

Costa was created by fishermen who didn’t like the quality of other sunglasses, so they created their own pairs specifically for fishing.

These shades have a nylon frame. The temple arms have molded rubber grips inserted. It’s a classic design that curves and wraps around your eyes seamlessly.

You also have an ideal variety in your frame colors, from neutral tones like black to louder patterns like tortoise or camouflage.

Costa was founded on the basis of creating superior lenses. As such, professional and amateur fishermen alike are impressed by how clear the Blackfin lenses are.

You have your choice of 580p polycarbonate or 590g glass lenses. No matter which you pick, you’re getting an exhaustively engineered lens created by fishermen, for fishermen.

#2. Wiley X P-17

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Wiley X is a company that was originally founded by a veteran. The goal was originally to design optics for police and military forces.

As time passed, they became a major sunglasses supplier for the United States military.

The military doesn’t tend to buy supplies unless they’re good, so the company has a good amount of credibility with the outdoors and fishing industries.

Every pair of Wiley X sunglasses is required to meet an ANSI Z78.1 standard that indicates high velocity impact. If you’re an angler who does a lot of flipping, you should keep that in mind.

These sunglasses are designed with a similar wraparound aesthetic to the Costas. However, they have narrower temple arms.

You have the option of Smoke Green or Emerald Mirror lenses, paired with your choice of Gloss Demi or Gloss Black frames.

These sunglasses are less expensive than the Costas, and they’re great for use in all kinds of outdoor activities.

#3. Native Eyewear Kodiak

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Native is a company that manufactures an entire line of medium-priced sunglasses. Even though they don’t have the same name recognition that huge brands get, their glasses are still comfortable and high quality.

For the price, they have some of the best fishing glasses on the market.

The frames of these glasses are made from durable and lightweight castor resin. You also have a cam locking temple, ensuring you get a secure fit.

It’s important to keep in mind that this particular model is made with medium frames, best suited for average-sized faces.

#4. Costa Fantail

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Another great pair of sunglasses from Costa, the Fantail can be considered a smaller sibling to the Blackfin.

If you’re a fan of the clarity and fit of Blackfin glasses but think they’re too wide for you, the Fantail has you covered.

These glasses feature the same stylish frames and awesome lenses as the Blackfin, but they suit narrower and smaller faces.

Some early reviews say that the rubber molding begins to fall off after a year or two.

However, since these complaints, Costa has created a new generation molding that doesn’t appear to have the same problems.

#5. Oakley GasCan

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Oakley has been a highly reputed brand among outdoor enthusiasts and athletes for a long time. You can always depend on Oakley sunglasses to give you lightweight frames, razor-sharp clarity, and an awesome look.

For many years, the majority of these glasses were manufactured in the United States.

Over time, more of Oakley’s manufacturing has moved overseas. However, that doesn’t seem to have affected the quality of the glasses. You can still find polarized sunglasses from this company at luxurious prices.

The GasCan comes with a rectangular and tough design that resembles, well, a gas can. While the frame is thick, it isn’t bulky.

The lenses have the appearance of being cut from one sheet of polycarbonate, making these a sleek option.

You can use these as your everyday sunglasses, but the Plutonite lenses give you an edge when you’re fishing and hunting.

#6. Smith Prospect

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Smith Optics is among the oldest sunglass manufacturers operating in the United States. The company was founded in 1965 by a man creating advanced ski goggles.

oday, the technology has advanced beyond what anyone believed was possible.

The company has introduced an advanced polarized lens engineering technology called ChromaPop.

ChromaPop engineering uses two distinct wavelength filters that help present a better definition and more natural appearance of color to your eyes.

These filters let you distinguish easily between red, green, and blue, which can give your eyes trouble without help. When you fish, you’ll be able to see underwater objects and grass.

These glasses are a type of fishing shade that you can wear all over, whether you’re in your truck or on the water. The wraparound shape will never go out of style.

You have your choice of multiple awesome colors for the resin frames. There are also multiple different lens colors, all of which are good for fishing.

#7. Amphibia Depthcharge

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Amphibia is a company that’s best known for making great floating sunglasses. It’s okay if you drop your sunglasses in the water.

You don’t have to attach them to an uncomfortable lanyard. If you’re worried about accidentally sinking your expensive sunglasses, give Amphibia a try.

The reason Amphibia sunglasses float is because their TR-90 resin comes with a density lower than water’s.

In addition, these sunglasses are the only ones to meet the official impact rating.

Depthcharge glasses are Amphibia’s most popular style. They make your fishing shades look awesome. The hinge is beefy, with thick temple bars.

The main portion of the glasses easily wraps around your eyes, and the bottom carved-out edge sets the design apart from the competition.

#8. Oakley Fuel Cell

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This is a pair of sunglasses that’s not designed for the faint of heart. The styling and shape are best for fishermen who love their eyewear to come with aggressive, tough lines.

Many tactical enthusiasts use Fuel Cell sunglasses as their go-to choice. Even some Special Forces teams prefer these sunglasses above others.

The frames are made out of O Matter resin, which is resistant to stress. These shades both meet and exceed the ANSI impact tests, making them an ideal option for outdoor sports like shooting, hunting, and fishing.

In comparison to the GasCan, these shades have a slightly wider design and a larger overall frame.

Like other Oakley sunglasses, these are designed with high quality Plutonite lenses. They’re capable of blocking 100 percent of harmful UV rays. In addition, the coatings on the lenses are hydrophobic, so the glasses repel dust and water. You don’t have to worry about smudging.

#9. Flying Fisherman Buchanan

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Flying Fisherman may not be the most well-known brand on the market, and many people are surprised by the quality of their sunglasses.

This company makes some of the most affordable sunglasses available. If you’re shopping on a budget, you should look into Flying Fisherman sunglasses.

They have the qualities you want in polarized sunglasses, but they don’t have the exorbitant prices of many competitors.

There’s another advantage to cheap sunglasses as well. Rather than buying just one pair, you can invest in several with different lens colors.

You’ll still come in under the price of an expensive pair. Having multiple lens colors means you can choose the best lens depending on the weather conditions from day to day.

The lens system of the Buchanan incorporates scratch-resistant technology. It also has Acu-Tint coloration that helps highlight contrast without interfering with clarity or damaging real life colors.

#10. Strike King Okeechobee

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In recent years, Strike King has created a number of low-priced sunglasses with a line as low as 11 dollars. Every frame style is named after a different legendary fishing lake.

These particular frames are popular with bass anglers who like the wraparound style.

When it comes to sunglasses, the Okeechobee and Buchanan are two of your best choices for less than 50 dollars. There are multiple similarities in the designs.

The best choice for you just depends on what lens style and color you like best. Strike King’s sunglasses have more color choices, but they have similar UV protection and polarization.

Final Thoughts

If you want a tried-and-true option, the Costa Blackfin is one of the most popular pairs of fishing sunglasses of all time. The classic shape will never go out of style.

You also have a number of different options for frame colors. Blackfin has unparalleled clarity designed specifically for fishermen.

The Blackfin tends to be a little expensive, though. If you want an alternative, the Wiley X sunglasses are a good way to go. These sunglasses must meet rigorous quality standards.

They’re created by a major supplier to the United States military, so their quality is guaranteed.

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