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Mountain biking is an intense sport.

If you’re spending hours riding over rough and sharply sloped trails, you want clothes that can stand up to the challenge.

Multiple companies make shorts specifically with mountain bike riders in mind. Long bike rides often lead to skin irritation and “saddle sores,” but a padded pair of shorts can change that.

An ideal pair of shorts will come with multiple pockets that provide storage space. Shorts with zippered pockets are especially ideal if you’re going to be riding on bouncy trails.

Similarly, if you know you’ll be biking in wet areas, you’ll want to look for shorts with waterproof fabric and pockets.

Many shorts are made with two pieces: the outer shell and the detachable liner.

The liner is what provides padding and comfort, while the outer shell protects your body from the outdoors.

These pieces work in harmony to give you the best mountain biking experience possible.

We’ve put together a list of our top padded mountain biking shorts.

Quick Comparison: Best Mountain Bike (MTB) Padded Shorts 

Product NameInseam Length Number of Pockets Liner Included
#1. Fox Head
Our Best Pick

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13 inches 6Yes
#2. Endura

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13 inches 7Yes
#3. Pearl Izumi

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12 inches 3Yes
#4. Canari

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12 inches 3Yes

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13 inches 4Yes
#6. ZOIC

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11.5 inches 6Yes
#7. Endura

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13 inches 6Yes

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14 inches 4Yes
#9. Blike

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13 inches 7Yes

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12.6 inches 6No

#1. Fox Head Men’s Ranger Shorts

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These are the best mountain biking shorts on the market. The durable, stylish shorts are available in three different colors. They’re specifically designed for compatibility with extreme trails.

There are a number of features that help put this pair of shorts above the competition. They have an interior adjustable waistband and a double stud design, ensuring that they stay in place during rough rides.

There’s also zipper hand pockets, Velcro cargo pockets, and back pockets.

The Velcro pockets can keep multiple belongings safe throughout the ride. The Evo chamois also comes with detachable liners. Both the liner and the outer shorts are constructed with breathable materials.

#2. Endura SingleTrack Baggy Cycling Shorts

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Endura is one of the top rated brands for mountain biking gear. These baggy shorts have multiple colors and designs to choose from.

They’re constructed from durable material, and they’re a supremely affordable option. The design comes with multiple zippered pockets, including a waist-zipped security pocket.

The shorts are constructed with durable Cordura nylon fabric that has a DWR finish. This causes the shell to be water-repellent and resilient.

As for the liner, the 200 level chamois provides ideal comfort and padding. The shorts and liner are both breathable enough to keep you fresh and cool.

You have access to velcro adjusters on the side of your waist, along with heavy-duty belt loops to keep your shorts in place.

The yoke panel underneath the waistband is also helpful for keeping the shorts from sliding.

The back of the shorts cover more of your back than many other designs, ensuring you have enough coverage when you lean over your bike.

#3. Pearl Izumi Men’s Canyon Shorts

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This pair of biking shorts is made from 100 percent polyester fabric. It’s capable of supporting you through urban, downhill, cross country, and mountain biking adventures.

There are multiple aesthetically appealing designs and colors to choose from.

These shorts are an extremely affordable option, especially considering they include a detachable 3D chamois liner. The liner can be easily detached if you want to wear your shorts without the padding.

A set of belt loops and studs help keep the shorts from sliding down. With that said, you don’t get the inner Velcros or side waist.

There aren’t any back pockets, but you do get a zippered cargo pocket and two hand pockets.

#4. Canari Men’s Atlas Baggy Cycling Shorts

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These are some of the best padded mountain biking shorts on the market. They meet off-road riding demands with aplomb.

The design features a rear stretch yoke that moves seamlessly with your body, increasing the efficiency of your pedaling.

The detachable chamois liner absorbs the shock and offers comfort over rough terrain.

The shorts come with two front mesh pockets, along with a zip pocket for your valuables. Two buttons and belt loops help keep the shorts in place throughout the ride, although you don’t have side Velcros or inner Velcro.

#5. WOSAWE MTB Shorts Plus Padded Underwear

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Wosawe is a relatively new company, but they’ve already gained a great reputation in the mountain biking company.

Many consumers swear by Wosawe products, and for good reason. These shorts are made with super light and highly breathable materials, but they also provide exceptional water resistance.

The shorts have black panels that stretch enough to provide maximum mobility while keeping the shorts in place.

Unlike the other options on the list, these shorts are designed with a drawstring waist and wide elastic. Other shorts make use of Velcro and belt loops to stay in place. The Wosawe shorts are the easiest to put on.

The liner includes multi-level chamois technology, ensuring that you have maximum comfort over bouncy trails.

The padded shorts also have reflective lining on two sides, so you can be seen if you ride at night. Four zipper pockets let you keep essentials easily reachable.

#6. ZOIC Essential Liner Cycling Shorts

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Featuring durable materials and a casual style, these endurance cycling shorts from Zoic will meet all your mountain biking needs.

They can protect your legs and offer shock support. The shorts feature a skin-tight, detachable gel liner made of breathable material. You won’t feel overheated or stressed.

The design includes a fashion-forward inseam, and the chamois liner offers a superior movement range. It also prevents you from common issues like seat hang-ups.

The six pockets help secure all of your essentials and tools. Two pockets are located in the front, with the addition of two zippered pockets.

There’s one small zippered pocket that has a cord holder for an MP3 player. In addition, a zippered nano pocket on the back allows for you to thread a headphone cord through.

With an inseam of 11.5 inches, these shorts are slightly shorter than the others on this list. But they’re ideal for summer rides.

The waist has elastic and an adjustable belt, so you can rest easy knowing the shorts will always fit.

#7. Endura Hummvee Cycling Shorts

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This is another great pair of shorts from Endura. The shorts are constructed from 100 percent nylon, which ventilates the body while repelling water. The highly breathable liner has integrated chamois padding.

Each side of the outer shorts has three small button loops which can be attached to the padded inner lining. Detaching them is easy.

If you want, you can remove the padding to wear with other pairs of shorts, or you can wear the shell without the gel lining. An adjustable waist belt helps ensure the shorts fit properly.

You can adjust the fit thanks to the elastic waist, button, and belt. The shorts will stay in place even on the roughest trails. Each leg has an adjustable leg gripper, which can keep the shorts from riding up in wet terrain.

You have access to two large rear pockets, a cargo pocket, a zippered phone pocket, and two zippered pockets on the front. All in all, these shorts have the most room to protect your accessories.

#8. ARSUXEO Outdoor MTB Breathable Cycling Shorts

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These Arsuxeo shorts feature lightweight fabric with breathable holes, along with a slim fit design.

They’re constructed from a blend of 92 percent polyester fabric and 8 percent spandex, so they’re both stretchy and soft. While they aren’t fully water resistant, they are resistant enough to keep you dry for short periods of time in rain.

You have four zipper pockets that are waterproof, so your wallets and other accessories are kept safe and dry. Two side waist Velcros and two studs help keep the shorts in place as you ride. There’s no danger of the waist popping open during the ride.

The shorts include a detachable padded liner. The liner helps ensure that your ride is comfortable, keeping you from experiencing “saddle sores” for a minimum of 10 to 15 kilometers. The shorts also have a longer inseam than most options on the list, clocking in at 14 inches.

#9. Blike Outdoor MTB Cycling Shorts

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These shorts from Blike come with a casual design and multiple pockets. They feature a detachable liner that’s higher quality than many competing shorts.

Commuting with padding has never been easier, since the shorts look so casual that no one can tell the liner exists.

The baggy shorts are made from durable materials that offer important protection in multiple weather conditions. Both the zip pockets and the fabric are waterproof, ensuring that you stay secure and dry.

You get access to 7 total pockets: two hand pockets, four zippered pockets, and one large zipper pocket on the back. There’s a great deal of space to keep everything you need.

The side waist adjuster and elastic button combine to keep the shorts in place during rough rides. There’s a long inseam to protect more body space.

Overall, these are loosely-fitting shorts that fit great while keeping you cool and holding all of your important things.

#10. SILVINI Mountain Bike Shorts

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This is the last entry on our list. These are some of the highest quality ripstop baggy shorts on the market, designed and manufactured by Silvini.

The design is different from endurance cycling clothes. In comparison, these shorts have a more casual and loose feel.

The shorts were initially designed to accommodate leisure bike rides, daily commuting, and mountain biking, but you can also use them for indoor cycling.

Compared to tight short designs, these shorts are somewhat less revealing. You can easily wear them to the gym. On the majority of riders, the 12.6-inch inseam will let the shorts fall to just above the knee.

The shorts are constructed from lightweight and breathable fabrics, ensuring you have optimum comfort during your ride.

An important note, though, is that the padded liner is not included with this model.

If you’re looking specifically for padded shorts, this is a serious drawback. With that said, you can buy a liner separately and use it with these shorts without a problem.

Liners are an important component of mountain biking shorts, since they help avoid injury during long-term rides.

The shorts come with a rear elastic panel, along with an elastic waistband. You also have a belt. This means that the shorts always stay in place.

Overall, these are a good pick if you’re looking for comfortable shorts and don’t mind that the liner must be purchased separately.

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Final Thoughts

The best pair of mountain biking shorts is the Ranger Shorts from Fox Head. They’re packed with features that appeal to mountain bikers, and they’re good for extreme trails.

Whether you’re climbing uphill or going over a bouncy downhill slope, these shorts can stand up to the heat.

If you’re a person who likes to listen to music while you ride, the Zoic shorts are worth looking into.

One pocket is designed specifically to hold your MP3 player, with the capacity to thread the headphones through the shorts so you can listen as you pedal.

For people looking for excess pocket space, the Endura Hummvee is great. It has a zippered pocket specifically for your mobile phone, along with two more zippered pockets, two large rear pockets, and a cargo pocket.

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