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The Best Lululemon Shorts

Sleek, attractive, and comfortable athletic wear is a wardrobe essential right now. And when it comes to high-quality and attractive sports wear, Lululemon has made sure that their name is always mentioned in the conversation with the best in the business. 

Lululemon burst onto the scene in 1998, and has established themselves at a contender against other activewear companies such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma. However, when it comes to buying a pair of athletic shorts, not all of their offerings are going to serve you the same. 

So, let’s talk about what Lululemon shorts are best for you and your activity of choice.

What to Look for in an Athletic Short. 

Lululemon Tracker Short V 4". 
Extremely comfortable cut and fabric. 
Lululemon Hotty Hot Short Naked. Great dual layered design that is comfortable and modest. 
Lululemon Speed Up Short 4". Modest cut for an attractive look while remaining comfortable. 
Lululemon Align Super High Rise. Incredibly soft materials with the Nulu fabric. 
Lululemon Run Times Short II 4". Secure pockets for peace of mind when running. 

Before we get into exactly which Lululemon shorts are best for you, let’s discuss what you should be looking for. While it may seem easy to buy a pair of athletic shorts, that isn’t always the case. Some shorts are designed for specific activities, sports, and situations. That means that knowing what you are buying can help you get the best results–and the most life out of your shorts. 

Here are three things to look for when buying a pair of new athletic shorts from Lululemon. 

The Cut. 

The actual cut of the short is going to determine how much movement and utility you are going to get. Looser fitting shorts are traditionally better for running as they allow for more range of motion. Tight fit shorts are great for activities like yoga or the gym, as they help reduce moisture and keep muscles compressed and supported. Consider this when buying your shorts. 

The Fabric. 

Nothing is worse than working out or playing sports in uncomfortable fabric. In many cases, the comfort of the fabric has less to do with the fabric itself, and more to do with the right fabric at the right time. Try to consider how soft or stiff the fabric might be, and weigh that against how much motion you will be doing in them. 

The Look.

Despite what some might say, aesthetics do matter. Not all of us are comfortable with certain looks or cuts of shorts. If you prefer a more modest look, stay away from extremely short cut shorts. If you prefer something more loose, stay away from tight compression styles. Always weigh how you will feel wearing them, as comfort plays a huge role in your workout! 

Now, let’s get into what shorts are available and what you should be looking for from your next Lululemon short purchase. 

The Best Lululemon Shorts for You

Lululemon Tracker Short V 4″. 

The Tracker line by Lululemon are designed for runners specifically. These sleek and thin shorts are breathable, and comfortable. This makes them ideal for running on hot days. They come with zippered pockets that allow for secure storage of valuables, and provide split side design that makes running movement easier. These shorts are actually designed to move with you as you run, and can take a bit of getting used to in that regard. However, once you settle in, they are hard to beat! 

The Tracker v 4” comes with a snug elastic waistband that ensures the shorts don’t run up on you while you are running yourself. This provides a secure fit, while also remaining supremely comfortable. These are a runner’s best friend! 


Extremely comfortable cut and fabric. 

Zippered pockets that help secure belongings. 

Attractive cut and styling. 


Pockets too small for a mobile device. 

Lululemon Hotty Hot Short Naked. 

The Hotty Hot Short Naked model is the answer to the discontinued Squat Strong short that Lululemon was once famous for. This is a dual layered short that comes with a chaffing free tighter inside, and a loose external layer that provides a more free flowing runner’s short look. 

The fabric of the Hotty Hot Short Naked is made from the proprietary Lululemon Nulux material. This means that they provide the comfort you expect, with the moisture wicking ability

that you need. These are a great all around option for anyone living an active lifestyle. They can be worn while running, doing yoga, martial arts, at the gym, or even simply to the store! 


Great dual layered design that is comfortable and modest. 

Great for multipurpose use. 


Lack of large pockets makes storing a phone or other items difficult. 

Lululemon Speed Up Short 4″. 

The Speed Up Short by Lululemon is a great all around running short. While they are still perfectly fine for standard gym use, they really shine when hitting the track or treadmill. The quick drying material is both free flowing and comfortable, preventing excess moisture and chaffing. The mid-rise waistband sits a bit higher on the waist than other Lululemon short cuts, but still remain comfortable all the same. 

One big downside is that they have a tendency to sit a bit tight across the backside–more curvy wearers beware! Aside from this, these cute and sleek running shorts are great for any runner’s needs. They are a slightly longer cut at the leg, and sit a bit higher on the waist. The Speed Up Short is both modest and functional. 


Modest cut for an attractive look while remaining comfortable. 

Quick drying fabric. 


Pockets are still too small for a mobile device. 

Lululemon Align Super High Rise. 

Steering away from the running shorts for a moment, these Align Super High Rise shorts by Lululemon are great for yoga. In fact, they were specifically designed for it! The extra long and slim fit means that these shorts provide the perfect coverage and compression needed for the intense stretching and strength building of yoga.

The proprietary Nulu material is incredibly soft, and will leave wearers feeling extremely comfortable–even if just wearing them casually. These are an excellent addition to the wardrobe of any yoga and fitness lover. What’s more, you get a hidden waistband pocket for storing valuables or other essentials when doing your workout routine! 


Incredibly soft materials with the Nulu fabric. 

Hidden waistband pocket is very useful and unobtrusive. 

Large variety of colors and designs to choose from. 


Single-purpose in that they aren’t great for high-speed movement activities such as sports or running. 

Lululemon Run Times Short II 4″. 

The second iteration of the famous Run Times short is every bit as good as the first. These comfortable and sleek running shorts are so great, you’re likely going to find yourself wearing them everywhere. Despite being named for running, these shorts are perfect for general athletic use. They are snug enough to maintain modest coverage, while loose enough to keep free range of motion. 

The gel lined pockets allow for a secure grip on all of your valuables. This helps to ensure that your keys, cards, or other items don’t slip out of the shorts while working out. These are a great pair of shorts that can fit any need whether it be running, or simply casual trips to the store. You don’t need to be a runner to love these Run Times Shorts. 


Secure pockets for peace of mind when running. 

Sleek design that remains loose yet modest. 

Comfortable material that wicks away moisture excellently. 


A bit tight in the bottom area.

The Verdict – Best Lululemon Shorts

So, with all of that in mind, what exactly do we consider to be the best Lululemon shorts on the market? Well, for value, comfort, appearance, and utility, our best buy is… The Lululemon Hotty Hot Short Naked! 

These shorts are perfect for virtually any use or activity. The tight under layer prevents any unwanted mishaps during exercises like yoga, but the looser outer layer ensures that they remain excellent running shorts. These are a great all-around activewear short that anyone can use, love, and look amazing in. 

Lululemon gives those of us who love to remain active a wide selection of excellent activewear choices. Their shorts line-up is well designed, diverse, and perfect for almost any occasion. Choosing the right pair of Lululemon shorts is going to boil down to your own tastes, needs, and desires when it comes to what you are looking for out of them. However, at the end of day, you are going to have a hard time going wrong with Lululemon athletic shorts in general.


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