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Best Lululemon leggings for running – 2020

Lululemon is a yoga inspired technical athletic apparel company which has been making quality legging for nearly two decades.It is the Holy Grail of yoga pants.  In contrast to other brands Lululemon has been focusing more on yoga oriented leggings. They have been providing their customers with a wide range of selections. Lululemon products vary from soft lightweight pants to compressive tights that are suitable for high intensity workouts.  

ProductFeatureCheck Price
Align Pant II 25Sweat-wicking, four-way stretch, added lycra fibre for stretch and shape retention
Wunder Under High-Rise TightThese pants are specifically designed for yoga and training.
Fast and Free Tight 28Special Edition Velvet fabric is soft, comfortable, and four-way stretch. Added Lycra fiber for shape retention.
All The Right Places Crop II 23"MACHINE WASHABLE: No Expensive Dry Cleaning. . . . Machine Wash in Cold Water.
Invigorate High-Rise Tight 25"Waistband pocket: Helps keep your essentials close; Side pockets: Stash your essentials in the side pockets
In Movement 7/8Stretch for ease of movement. Knit-in signature stripe waistband. 7/8 length
Train Times Pant 7/8Luxtreme fabric is sweat-wicking, four-way stretch, and engineered not to shrink.
Mapped Out High-Rise Tight 28" Hugged sensation: Engineered to feel like a comfortable embrace throughout—it holds you close and moves with you

You don’t have to be a pro athlete to know the importance of having the best Lululemon leggings for running. Whether you are a long term fan of Lululemon products or trying out the brand for the first time, it is better to have an understanding of the wide variance of these products so that you can go for the best options.

Lululemon products are certainly priced at a premium to most other leggings available on the market, but millions of fans worldwide will agree that the extra cash outlay is definitely worth it!

We love running at Skyliners and the below summaries are the results of several years and many miles of runs!

Align Pant II 25

Check Price

Align Pant II 25 is a high waist, 25 inch long inseam pant. It is extremely light weight and once you are wearing it, you won’t feel it. It is tailored with buttery soft Nulu fabric. Also the ultra-stretchy lycra fibers allows the natural movements without being restricted. The addition of lycra fiber makes the pant a four way stretch too. Slickness of the material inside gives a smooth brushing feeling against the skin. The sweat wicking property of this fabric makes this pant ideal for hot weather. In contrast to other designs, Align pant comes with a flat laying waist band that doesn’t dig in. And the deep waist pocket allows you to tuck some extra personal items in.

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight

Without a doubt, high rise leggings are the best type of leggings to wear. If you are looking for a perfect, super flattering waist fit you are looking at the perfect choice. Wunder Under is completely seamless due to its high cut which shows no elastic lines when worn under a top. Also the high waist design uses zonal compression to keep the hips and tummy in right places once you are engaging in high intensity workouts. Thanks to the Luxtreme fabric wunder under will give you a cooling sensation when you are working out. When compared to the align pants, Wunder unders feels a little less compressive on the skin. 

Fast and Free Tight 28

If you are looking for something slick and more liquidy, Fast and free is the best you could have. Since they are long you can wear these pants for anywhere you want. Fast and free enables you to reach your phone or the pager easily while running. This is due to its built in, spacious phone pocket. It doesn’t matter how intense the workout is, how hot the weather is, the fast and free will always keep you cool. This is due to the Nulux fabric they use for these pants.

All The Right Places Crop II 23″

All the right places falls into the expensive range when compared to the other pants. But still we can assure you that this pair of leggings are worth every dollar you spend. This product is focused more on professional athletes. So being high quality for pros these leggings sell for little more. Being up to its name, All The Right places compresses selectively, while keeping the muscles stabilized. Like the wunder unders, these pants are also made of Luxtreme fabric. Offering a full coverage fit with a cool feeling during extreme workouts.

Invigorate High-Rise Tight 25″

Here, you are looking at a luxury and comfy pair of leggings. Unlike the align pants these ones are optimized for working out. Everlux fabric gives you a cool feel from the inside of the pant. Also the fabric is thick and it will give you a cushion-like feeling against your skin. Since these pants are formulated for physical training, it comes with moisture wicking technology. And they emphasize stretching for comfortable movement. 

In Movement 7/8

In Movement  7/8 is the best versatile pair of leggings you can find on market. Since it is made of everlux fabric it is sweat wicking and breathable. It is also thick enough to support all the muscle groups which are being covered by the garment. Not having a zipper in the back, makes it comfortable to engage in yoga sessions. This is the ideal choice for someone who is engaging both in running and yoga lessons.

Train Times Pant 7/8

Train times is a versatile pair of leggings. They can cover all uses from a training camp to a boot camp. Having a reinforced waist band prevents it from digging in or sliding down. Train times is made of Luxtreme fabric which has a sweat wicking property. It enables the ability to wear it on a hot day without feeling any stickiness against your skin. Like other Lululemon products, this is also a four way stretch. Furthermore, Train times is engineered to prevent shrinking. It also comes with a back pocket to stash all your personal essentials while working out or running. Once worn it gives a hugged sensation and the mesh fiber design provides a better ventilation.

Mapped Out High-Rise Tight 28″ 

Mapped out high rise is straight up designed for training and running purposes. It is an inseam 28 inch tight. Being a high raised legging, mapped out will keep you feeling covered and secure. Since it has been engineered to give a comfy embrace, it will hold you closely and will move with you smoothly. There are number of factors that increases the market demand of a legging. One of those is having spacious pockets. Mapped out high rise have a fold over envelope pocket. It will allow you to carry your stash with you when you go for a run. And the absence of a bulky zipper is a great advantage for someone engaging in yoga.

Nulux, Luxtreme, and Everlux are the best quality fabrics for the best lululemon leggings for running

All the various fabrics can be confusing, so we have provided a quick rundown on these three fabrics, which we believe make the best Lululemon leggings for running. 


Nulux is a light weight fabric that is optimized for running. Even lighter than Luxtreme, It is stretchy and allows you to move around freely. Ideal for a person who is searching for a less restrictive material. Nulux also dries up pretty quick making the material ideal for a hot day.


Luxtreme is a lightly compressive material. If you are looking for a little tightness this is your best choice. This is also great in designing workout pants supporting all muscle groups.  The moisture wicking quality and smoothness of Luxtreme makes it super comfortable


Luon is the default fabrication used for Lululemon yoga pants. It allows you to move around freely with a little bit of an extra stretch.This material also comes with the moisture wicking property which keeps you comfortable during yoga sessions.Unlike other Lululemon fabrics, Luon has a matte finish.


Everlux is a quick drying, stretchy material. It is made for high intensity workouts. Slickness of the inside of the material makes it unique among all the other Lululemon fabrications. From outside it gives a soft, brushed feeling unlike the other side


Nulu is the most comfortable fabric that has been introduced by Lululemon. It is extremely soft and light weight so that you’ll feel like a cloud against your skin. This stretchy material moves along with the body allowing you to move freely. This is the kind of a fabric that you don’t want to miss in a hot weather due to its moist wicking property.

Lycra fiber

Lycra is a synthetic fiber which has been using as a substitute for rubber over five decades. It can return to its original state even after getting stretched six times of its natural length. Addition of this fiber is the secret behind the Lululemons shape retention property.

Before shopping the best lululemon leggings for running,

Before you pick the best lululemon leggings for running, might want to consider some extra facts. Luluemon offers its customers a variety of options. Their pants come with a lot of customizations. You have to consider the height, size of the waistband, colors, and prints. Here are some facts to be considered

  • Some styles have “Full-on” in the product name. As an example, you might find” Full-on luon” on a certain product. Meaning that the product has been tailored tightly with more compression.
  • Usually sizes vary between 0 and 40.If the leggings are too tight for you it makes you hard to move around freely. To have a clear idea of your size you can join a free virtual consultation session.
  • Waist bands are one of the most important parts of the leggings. Most of the pants are high waisted. If you are searching for something higher, you can go for a super high rise. But if you want to go for something a little lower, mid-rise is the best choice.
  • Also you have a wide range of colors to select. If you don’t like a single color you can go for a fun print. Some pants come with draw chords to have an extra tightness. If you want some extra spacious pockets there is a wide range of selections.

The Verdict – Best Lululemon leggings for Running

After vigorous testing, our recommendation for the best Lululemon leggings for running is the All The Right places crop II. It may be a little bit pricy but still it worth every dollar you spend on it. Since it is designed for professional athletes it can be recommended for anyone. As described earlier, All the right places keep the muscles well placed and compressed while running. This reduces the chance of getting muscle injuries while running. It is also best for any rough physical training activity. 


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