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The best insoles for work boots

The average worker in America takes over 3 million steps per year! The boots you choose to wear, and how they fit, end up having a huge effect on your overall health, wellbeing and longevity. Investing in the best quality boots you can afford should be a high priority, and a quality insole can complement your boot to give you a remarkably comfortable and supportive platform to take your 3 million steps on.

Insoles have been shown to help reduce and prevent lower leg injuries, make your feet more flexible and make your shoes last longer. The team at Skyliners reviewed the best options on the market in 2020 to help you make a smart choice.


 ComfortDurabilitySupportValueOverall ScoreOur Picks

Superfeet Copper
5/53.5/54/53.5/516/20Most Comfortable

Superfeet Green
4/54/55/53.5/516.5/20Most Supportive

Powerstep Pinnacle

Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Massaging Gel 
5/53.5/53/55/516.5/20Best Value

Timberland PRO


Sof Sole Athletic performance

Form Premium

Sof Sole AIRR


Superfeet Copper

These insoles redefine the whole meaning of comfort in your work boots. Their memory foam construction ensures your feet easily fit on the sole whenever you put your work boots on. They have a deep heel cup that supports your feet throughout a long workday. One more interesting fact is that they have a stabilizer cap within the base of the insole, ensuring you are always stable during your daily activities.

Why choose these insoles?

• They guarantee stability

• Minimize stress on the feet.

• Suitable for heavy duties

• They are made from memory foam

• They are available in different sizes from 8 to 15.

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Superfeet Green

Superfeet Green are designed to provide strong high-arch support for many years. We would only recommend these insoles to people who have used insoles in the past, as they might seem a bit extreme to new users.  With the high arches and deep heel cups, the Superfeet Green are remarkably supportive. The dense closed-cell foam layer will complement your boots built in cushioning to provide all day comfort.

Why choose these insoles?

• Durability.

• Made of the density foam layer.

• It provides maximum support.

• Prevents pains and aches.

• Ability to absorb natural shock.

• Available from a size six to fifteen

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Powerstep Pinnacle shoe insole

We found the Powerstep insoles to be somewhat less substantial than some of the others we tested. They are made here in the USA which we love, but they are not as comfortable, supportive or durable as the other models we reviewed.

Why choose insole?

• Pain/ache relieving

• Made from EVA foam

• Arch support

• Available in various sizes according to the size of your feet.

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Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Massaging Gel 

These insoles are specifically designed for those of us who work on hard surfaces all day. The combination of the gel filling with the ridged upper provides the ‘massaging’ sensation and will automatically reposition itself through the entire motion of all of your steps.

This model is particularly affordable and Dr. Scholl’s even offers a money back guarantee.

Why chose these insoles?

• Relieves foot ache

• No more muscle fatigue

• You can stay longer on your feet and cover long distances

• Gel technology

• They are available from sizes 8 to 14.

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Timberland PRO men’s anti-fatigue insoles

They are only available for male use only. They have anti-fatigue technology that ensures you can spend long hours on your feet. They are designed to eliminate leg cramps and muscle strains when you do the heavy lifting and spend extended time standing. They absorb natural shock and divert the energy back to your feet whenever you are walking. They are made from inverted cone foam materials hence suitable for any shoe other than work boots.

Why choose them?

• Suitable for any shoe

• Absorbs shock

• Facilitates movement by diverting energy back to your feet

• Eliminates leg fatigue, cramps, and aches.

• Comfortable

• Best quality

• Made from synthetic and inverted cone foam materials

• Available in sizes 5 to 15

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Nazaroo Orthotic Insoles for flat feet

These insoles are gentle to your feet, and they relieve your feet from any pain or ache related to work. They are made from EVA foam materials to provide you a high level of comfort every time you put on your boots. They are durable, and you have no reason to worry about acquiring new insoles once you have these insoles. They are unisex and can be used on any shoe apart formwork boots.

Why choose this insole

• Unisex

• Can be used for any shoe

• Durable

• Made from EVA foam

• High quality

• Very gentle to your feet

• Available in sizes 5 to 16.

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Sof Sole insoles men’s athletic performance

Whenever you hear about athletic performance, think about a high quality, durability, comfort, and health cautious. These insoles are fully orthotic and are designed to meet your athletic and work boots need. They are very light to ensure no additional weight when putting on your boots. The forefoot of these insoles has gel pads to provide you with maximum comfort and stability. They are made for all feet sizes since you can trim them.

Why choose these insoles

• Fully orthotic

• Can be trimmed to meet your shoe size

• Unisex

• Durable

• They improve your foot health.

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Form premium insoles

These insoles provide durable shock absorbers that will ensure your boots last longer, and you can work in the same condition. They protect your feet from stress and your knees and thighs from any stress that can arise from your feet upwards. They have heel cups to provide additional support and stability. They have a temper weave at the top layer fabric to reduce moisture ad ensure your feet do not release any odor.

Why choose these insoles

• Reduced stress to your knees and feet

• Durable shock absorber

• Eliminates odor by absorbing moisture.

• Provide stability and additional support

• Made from polyester and fabrics

• Available in sizes 5 to 15.

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Sof Sole Men’s orthotic performance insoles

These insoles are available at affordable prices, but only for men. They are designed to relieve you from the discomfort of low arches as well as flat feet. They have raised arches to provide support and relieve you from any pain. Can be used for numerous purposes apart from work, such as running. They have SKYDEX air bubbles in the heel to absorb any natural shock. These soles ensure your feet are healthy during and away from work.

Why choose this insole?

• Absorbs shock

• Available for multiple uses

• Made of SKYDEX air bubble and COOLMAX fabrics

• It relieves pain.

• Designed for flat arches

• Available from sizes 7 to 14

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