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A Weber Genesis grill is one of the highest-quality lines on the market, but these models will only last as long as you take care of them.

It’s essential to protect your grill against damage with an adequate cover. We’ve put together a list of the  best grill covers for Weber Genesis.

Best Weber Genesis Grill Covers 

ProductDimensionsFabricType of Straps
#4. Weber 7131 Genesis II
Our Best Pick

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44.5 x 25 x 58 inchesPolyesterVelcro
#1. Weber 7129
Genesis II

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44.5 x 25 x 52 inchesPolyesterVelcro
#2. Kingkong 7552

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61 x 22 x 37 inchesPolyesterVelcro
#3. CoverMates Elite

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60 x 25 x 45 inchesPolyesterBuckle
#5. Classic Accessories 73912-WB

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58 x 24 x 48 inchesPolyesterClick-close

#1. Weber 7131 Genesis II Cover

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The Weber 7131 cover is a specially-designed Weber-brand cover made to cover the Genesis 300, Genesis II, and Genesis II LX 300 grill models.

It’s the originally designed cover for these gas grill models.

The cover includes the most commonly-used Weber features. It’s made from a lightweight polyester fabric and includes humidity vents to remove moisture and keep it away from the grill.

There are Velcro fastening straps to secure the cover over the grill.

Given that it’s designed by the same manufacturer as the grill, this cover should be a go-to option if you have any of the grills it was designed for.

#2. Weber 7129 Cover for Genesis II Models

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This original cover was designed for Weber specifically to fit the Genesis II and LX 200 gas grills. It’s made with a durable, lightweight polyester fabric.

The design is easy to pull on and off of the grill. There are fastening straps that can secure the cover to the grill in case there are windy conditions, so it’s a good choice if you live in an area with frequent stormy weather.

The material inhibits UV light, but it’s breathable enough to keep the grill from being suffocated. It’s been shown to last for at least 10 years.

Because this is the original grill cover from Weber, it’s considered one of the best options on the market.

#3. Kingkong 7552 Grill Cover for Weber Genesis

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This cover has been designed to fit multiple types of Weber Genesis grills. It can suit the dimensions of the Genesis 2000 to Genesis 5500, Genesis Gold B, Genesis Gold C, and Genesis Silver C grills.

The fabric is UV-resistant polyester, like with the previous model.

It’s easy to clean the model, so this might be a good choice if your yard is often covered with debris and pollen when the seasons change.

Since there are Velcro straps built in, you can secure it in windy conditions to keep it from blowing away.

This cover is recommended if you have any of the Genesis models it was specifically designed for. The fabric is soft and can be easily folded.

You should be able to use the cover for a few years without seeing significant wear-and-tear.

#4. CoverMates Elite Collection

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The Elite model from CoverMates is specially designed with unique materials and engineering. It’s made to be a universal cover that can protect grills of nearly any dimensions.

But unlike other universal covers, it has specialized properties.

The cover’s fabric is 300 denier polyester. Unlike average fabric coverings, this one uses a 12-gauge vinyl structure with embedded mesh vents to allow continuing airflow while reducing moisture.

This takes care of two of the biggest problems when covering grills.

If the grill doesn’t get enough airflow, any bacteria or grease left on it will fester and grow into mold and other unwanted plant matter.

But if the grill is exposed to air, and moisture beads on it, the metal will be susceptible to both mildew growth and rust.

By allowing airflow without moisture intake, the Elite cover ensures that the grill stays in ideal cooking condition.

The fabric inhibits UV rays and prevents sun damage and fading. It’s finished with embedded elastic hems that can secure the cover over multiple grill sizes like a tent.

Since it’s larger than most other covers, it should be able to handle most or all Genesis grill models.

For added protection, there are both draw-cord locking systems and two buckle straps that provide a more secure and tailored fit.

The cover’s hardware uses rust-free materials, and the thread is resistant to rot.

Usually, universal covers don’t work well because they’re not fitted for your individual grill. But this one has taken enough care with the design to be worth it.

#5. Classic Accessories 73912-WB Veranda Cover

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This cover was designed by Classic Accessories to protect patio and veranda grills from wind, moisture, and general weather.

Like many other models, the fabric is polyester; however, it’s a special proprietary Gardelle-woven fabric that’s heavyweight and completely waterproof.

It is also UV-resistant to protect the grill from sun damage, and it has complete waterproofing.

Instead of being black, the model is tan and brown. It has embellishments and finishing touches like a protective splash guard skirt, which is ideal if your grill is in a spot that’s prone to puddles.

This stylized cover was designed to fit the Weber Genesis II series, and it’s a good choice if you want an aesthetic alternative to the black polyester options.

Final Thoughts

When you’re choosing a cover for your Weber Genesis model, you want to find one that protects against moisture, rust, sun damage, wind, debris, and other weather phenomena.

Every cover on this list meets that criteria.

The Weber-brand models are an ideal first option because they were designed by Weber to preserve their own grills.

If you want a universal option, the CoverMates Elite has enough features to fit the Genesis series exceptionally.

And the Classic Accessories cover has a tan coloration to offset the solid black on the rest of the list.

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