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Are you having trouble aiming when you golf?

Do you lack confidence in where the ball will go as soon as it’s left the tee?

Have you found yourself missing the fairway entirely?

Good news: With modern technology, you can correct some of your golfing issues without actually improving your skill.

One of the best feelings when you golf is a sense of confidence. You know that the ball is going where you want it to.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best golf clubs to help you get that feeling.

Comparison Table: Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Product NameLength Model Loft
#1. Callaway Big Bertha
Our Best Pick

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45.5 inches 60G 9 degrees
#2. Wilson D300

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46 inches D300 10.5 degrees
#3. Callaway XR 16

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48 inches XR 16 10.5 degrees
#4. Taylormade M3

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45.5 inches M3 9.5 degrees
#5. Cobra King F7

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41.3 inches F7 10 degrees

Picking the Right Shaft

When you choose your driver, you need to make sure you get the right shaft flex. This means knowing your average swing speed.

Mid handicappers tend to have several swing speeds. Whether your average swing is slow, moderate, or fast, rest assured that there’s a club out there for you.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the loft. The amount of carry you get will vary depending on the loft.

If you have a driver with a low loft, your hooks and slices will be more pronounced. Higher lofts are more forgiving.

As a general rule, 10.5 to 14 degrees are considered high lofts. Meanwhile, 8 to 10 degree lofts are on the lower sides.

If you swing fast, you’ll want a lower loft. For slow swings, a higher loft is better. Average swings can get by with an average loft.

The Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

#1. Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic

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Callaway has long been one of the leaders in the golf club industry. This driver allows you to get better distance and a straighter shot thanks to the “jailbreak” technology found inside the club.

The face has some jail bars behind it, which helps to enforce the crown. When your ball has its impact, it reaches higher speeds and further distances.

If you learn the “sweet spot” of the driver, your ball can fly straight without curving. The sole perimeter has a slideable weight.

In addition, the hosel gives you the option of adding a maximum of two degrees more loft to allow greater carrying.

This is one of the best drivers on the market for anyone, but particularly for mid handicappers.

#2. Taylormade M3 Driver

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This driver is one of many adjustable models on the market, but it’s more adjustable than any of the competition. You can create the perfect driver for your unique play style.

The model is meant to replace earlier iterations of Taylormade’s M1 drivers.

The driver has Twist Face technology. Though larger face models make the tech look very curved and twisty, the curving on the actual face is hardly noticeable.

There’s an aesthetic appeal to the color, which is a refined gray color instead of being the blinding white of many other drivers.

The technology works to straighten your shots when you hit off center. You don’t have to worry about duck hooks anymore.

You can adjust the loft plus or minus two degrees for a wide range of maneuverability. You can also adjust the two weights to help you make low and high shots.

The Y shape allows you to adjust for left or right shots.

Since there are so many adjustable features, it’s helpful to have a professional help you set it up perfectly.

#3. Wilson D300

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This golf club comes with a tall dominating face. It looks very similar to a classic Cleveland driver, with a traditional shape combined with a tall face.

Not many people know about this driver, but it’s a great value if you’re a fan of slow swings.

The club is much lighter than many other drivers on the market. This might not be the most appealing feature for everyone, but it easily helps you increase your swing by a few miles per hour.

If you tend to have 85 mph swings, this club is a great way to bring your average closer to 90 mph.

You can purchase this driver with a 10.5 degree loft, which allows you to adjust to up to 11.5 degrees. Meanwhile, the 13 degree loft has an adjustment range from 12 to 14 degrees.

If you want a greater carry distance, the 13 degree option will be your best bet.

#4. Callaway XR 16

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This is a point-and-shoot club that makes golfing simple for everyone. It has more aesthetic appeal than many other clubs on the market, thanks to the matte black finishing on the club.

The aerodynamic club head helps increase your overall swing speed.

In addition, the club face of the XR 16 is a lot thinner than on previous models. When you hit the ball, you get a rebound that feels like a trampoline.

The club’s sweet spot is much larger than with many competitors, and the ball can pick up additional speed from the face.

You can generate greater speed and hit your ball further. But on top of that, the club is also unbelievably forgiving.

The shape is slightly biased toward the draw, so you can eliminate problematic slices. However, if you’re already hitting a large draw, this might not be the best club for you.

The ball will fly straighter than with an average club. Even if you do mishit your shots, you’ll still have other players congratulating you.

This is the kind of club that makes you look skilled in golf, even if you’ve never played golf in your life.

#5. Cobra King F7

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This club is a great choice for people who love numbers, statistics, and technology. Cobra and Arccos teamed up to place a smart sensor in this driver’s grip.

You can now keep track of each drive. The sensor records your shots and ceases to record the distance after you hit the second shot.

The stats are available for review after each round through your phone. It’s even possible to use your phone to GPS pinpoint different distances.

On top of the technological marvels, it’s also very simple to make specific adjustments. The loft can be changed to your preferred settings, and the weights can be adjusted until they’re perfect.

Once you have the perfect settings in place, this club will feel like it swings automatically.

Even when you mishit, the ball will go nearly as far as with a center strike. Other players won’t have any idea! And the club is well-priced, especially considering how much technology is packed into the driver.

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for the best golf driver for mid handicappers, there are a lot of great options on the market.

The best overall driver tends to be the Callaway Epic, which is the most forgiving club on the market regardless of your prowess.

Another great offering from Callaway is the XR 16, which is the best driver for point-and-shoot golfing.

If you want to incorporate smart technology into your game, the Cobra King will let you track your stats from round to round.

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