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Over the past few decades, skateboarding has become a mainstream sport.

Thousands of kids dream about skateboarding like their favorite stars. But with skateboarding, another trend has been born: fingerboarding.

Fingerboards are miniature skateboards that, as the name implies, you propel with your fingers. You can do just as many death-defying stunts and awesome tricks, but you’re also less likely to get injured.

No matter whether you’re new to fingerboarding or a pro in the world of extreme miniature sports, there are boards out there for you.

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 boards, accessories, and kits.

The Best Fingerboards

Product NameWeight Dimensions Age
#1. Tech Deck
Our Best Pick

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18 grams 20.1 x 24.2 x 20.1 cm 5 years and up
#2. Pizzies Professional

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54 grams 9.5 x 2.8 x 1.6 cm 3 years and up
#3. Southboards Zebra

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9 grams 29 x 100 mm 8 years and up
#4. Southboards Freshwater

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9 grams 29 x 100 mm 8 years and up

#1. Tech Deck Fingerboards

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Fingerboards from Tech Deck are looked upon fondly in the fingerboarding community. Tech Deck is one of the first brands that got into the fingerboarding craze, more than two decades ago.

The fingerboards come with real-world imagery. They’re definitely the best value for your money!

As far as the specific board goes, you’ll be sent a random design of Amazon’s choice.

It will be a Tech Deck board, but there’s no telling which series it comes from. It might be the Performance Fun Shape, Skate Co, Sticker, DC Comics, or FUNdamentals series.

#2. Pizzies Professional Wood Mini Skateboard

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If you want to get started in the fingerboarding world without breaking the bank, this mini skateboard from Pizzies may appeal.

It’s made out of 5ply maple wood and other durable materials, so it will last a long time. The design also features closed bearing wheels that accrue less friction, making this board faster and better for doing tricks.

Most modern sports toys need to be assembled by hand. That’s true of this board as well. The box comes with everything necessary to get this affordable board onto the ramp.

Your package will include the actual board, four wheels, a non-slip mat, four nuts, eight screws, and two axles.

#3. Southboards Zebra Finger Skateboard

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If you’re willing to pay a little more for a high quality and brand, the Zebra fingerboard is a great choice. You get a fingerboard that’s been crafted by hand out of Canadian maple wood.

The board is 100 percent handmade, polished by hand, and then coated with multiple varnish layers to maximize durability. The board’s deck is gorgeous and performs great tricks.

This board works for everyone regardless of how much you know about fingerboarding. Beginners and pros alike will have a great time with the quality this skateboard provides.

Most boards of a similar quality tend to cost three times as much.

The box comes with the board, two axles and silicone brushings, grip tape, four wheels, and the tool you need to put everything together.

#4. Southboards Freshwater Full Finger Skateboard

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This is another Southboards product that easily made the list. Southboard’s handmade fingerboards really are that good.

Like the previous board, this freshwater board was made completely by hand and given a varnish coating.

The board is created out of Canadian maple wood. It’s also been drilled to allow you to use multiple different base plates, even ones made by Tech Deck.

The board has a unique finish that you won’t find in any competitors. It’s given a clear varnish treatment, followed by the application of color lacquer.

Like with other Southboards fingerboards, this board will suit you regardless of experience.

The box comes with the board, axles, screws, four wheels, and non-stick mats. You also get the tools to assemble the board.

How to Use a Fingerboard

Like with any other sport or skill, the biggest factor is practice. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at using the fingerboard.

The first thing you should learn is how to get into standard position. This is done by putting your index finger in the board’s center, with your middle finger at the rear.

From here, you can propel the board forward or do your first trick. By putting pressure on your middle finger, you can flip the board up and toward you.

And from there, a little practice takes you to your second trick. Adding slight pressure at the center of the board will let you do a 180-degree spin.

The Best Fingerboard Ramps

Product NameWeight Dimensions Age
#1. Grips & Tricks
Our Best Pick

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32 grams 4 x 2 x 3 cm 3 years and up
#2. Creation State Park

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1 kg 47.8 x 29.6 x 7 cm 5 years and up
#3. Tech Deck Skateshop

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91 grams 2.5 x 9.2 x 1.6 cm 9 years and up
#4. Big Gift Set

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91 grams 26 x 16 x 33 cm 9 years and up
#5. Flick Trix Street Hits

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20 grams 21 x 18.5 x 5 cm 5 years and up
#6. Finger Whips

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181 grams 19.8 x 2.4 x 22.2 cm 6 years and up

#1. Grips & Tricks Ramp

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The Grips & Tricks ramp outshines the competition for a few reasons. It’s a great starter ramp if you’re just getting into fingerboarding, but in addition to that, it’s extremely versatile.

You can also use finger scooters and finger bikes, so practicing tricks with multiple miniature toys is easy.

The ramp is manufactured with PVC material. It also has two metal sliders that make it great for halfpipe tricks. The kit also has a surprise deck included.

It’s a customizable toy kit that you can use as an all-items-included starter kit. Or, if you already have a board, you can use this kit to supplement your collection.

A great selling point is that the ramp is ready to roll right from the box. The deck does require a certain amount of assembly, but all the necessary tools are included.

#2. Creation Skate Park Kit

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Halfpipe ramps let you do fairly basic tricks, but you might get tired of them soon. Why not supplement your fingerboarding merchandise with this skate park kit?

Unlike the previous halfpipe ramp, which only has one piece, this kit has a stunning 8 pieces. You’ll set up an entire miniature park where you can do as many tricks as you could in a real skate park.

This kit is made out of durable, strong plastic. One of the greatest things about its construction is that you can configure the park into any shape.

You can get unbelievably creative with the architectural challenges. There’s an infinite number of tricks you can accomplish.

The kit includes the eight pieces, along with assembly tools. You get three fingerboards, along with personalizing stickers for the ramps.

#3. Tech Deck Skateshop Bonus Pack

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You might not know this when you’re new to the fingerboarding scene. But there are a lot of players who like to collect and show off their pieces.

There are some truly incredible collections and miniature skate park setups out there.

After all, if you’ve mastered the tough tricks, wouldn’t you want to show people what boards you use?

That goes doubly if you’ve customized your boards yourself.

For that reason, Tech Deck has formulated this Skate Shop pack. It’s designed specifically for fingerboarding enthusiasts with large collections.

The pack gives you everything necessary to show off your skateboards, while also making sure they stay safe.

The pack includes three fingerboards along with three spare decks. You also get famous licenses that can be displayed.

The included display rack is great for hanging your fingerboards and boarding accessories up.

#4. Big Gift Set of Finger Scooters, Finger Bikes, Finger Boards, and More

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Plenty of people like to jump headfirst into a hobby. If you’re going to play around with fingerboarding, why don’t you also get into finger scooters and finger bikes?

This kit is the perfect way to set up a versatile hobby.

The gift set includes one of the best quality fingerboard ramps on the market. It’s similar to the previous halfpipe ramp entry.

Similar to that ramp, it’s also made with durable PVC material and metal sliders. But this ramp is taken to another level thanks to the awesome, authentic-looking artwork.

The kit also includes a rack to help store your boards and keep them safe. You also get a pair of roller skates to practice your speed skating.

The set is mostly pre-assembled, with a small amount of assembly required. You get a fingerboard, finger bike, and finger scooter.

All the tools you need for assembly are included in the kit. You also get two spare wheels for your bike.

#5. Flick Trix Street Hits Assortment

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So maybe you’re not as interested in fingerboards as you thought. They might not have the allure that you were looking for. But have you thought about finger bikes?

There are dozens of miniature stunt bikes that can do unbelievable tricks. The Flick Trix set enables you to play with a bike, a ramp, and your hands.

If you feel like being adventurous, your fingerboard or scooter could also be used on this ramp.

Granted, the ramp wasn’t designed to be used by boards or scooters, so there’s no telling how successful you’ll be. But you never know!

This is a kit that arrives partially assembled. Your ramp will be fully ready to use straight from the box. The bike does need to have its handlebars attached, but the required tools are also included in the package.

#6. Finger Whips Triple Pack

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Finally, for people interested in fingerboarding, you might want to check out finger scooters.

This pack has three scooters included. Scooters are otherwise known as finger whips, and they have a substantial following in the extreme finger sport world. Any finger sport setup should have at least one scooter.

One of the great things about finger whips is that the potential tricks are basically endless. You have ample room to get creative, since your only limitation is your imagination.

If you’re willing to undergo some trial and error, this pack could be perfect for you.

The actual scooters have a number of cool features. They have die-cast metal frames that will last for years, along with handlebars that fully rotate.

The parts are all completely interchangeable, meaning that you can customize the scooter to your heart’s content.

The pack contains three scooters and stickers. The stickers reflect real-world, authentic art. You also get three stands, assembly tools, and a pair of extra wheels.

Final Thoughts

If you want a classic fingerboarding experience, the Tech Deck boards may be right for you. But you won’t get to choose your specific board or the series it comes from.

If you’re looking for more specificity, you might want a different option.

The Pizzies Professional board is made from wood, so it’s more durable than many competitors. But it also requires a great deal of assembly, so it’s not ideal if you want a board ready to run straight from the box.

Any board from Southboards will be a little more expensive, but it’s also higher quality. The boards are completely hand-made, hand-polished, and coated with varnish.

They’re truly a work of art that will delight multiple generations.

As for ramps, the most versatile ramp is the Grips & Tricks ramp. It can accommodate fingerboards, scooters, and bikes. It also comes pre-assembled and can be used as an all-in-one kit.

For people who want more trick possibilities, the Creation Skate Park Kit gives you endless configurations with its 8 miniature skate park pieces.

The Tech Deck Skateshop pack gives you a display case and customization options once you’ve got your fingerboard collection started.

And the Big Gift Set gives you every kind of finger toy you could need, from fingerboards to finger scooters.

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