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Best Dove Hunting Decoys

Doves are a type of flocked bird that respond to decoys. A dove decoy should be an integral part of any dove hunter’s supplies this season. But how do you choose the best dove decoy to suit your needs?

Our Top 5 Best Dove Hunting Decoys

Item nameMotorMoving FeaturesRealism FeaturesNumber in Pack
#1. Mojo Voodoo
Our Best Pick
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4 AA batteriesMoving WingsRealistic body design1
#2. Lucky Duck
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3 AA batteriesFlapping WingsRealistic body design1
#3. Mojo Outdoors Clip-on 4-Pack
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No MotorSpinning WingsRealistic body design4
#4. Mojo Outdoors Wind Dove
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No MotorSpinning WingsRealistic body design1
#5. Edge Innovative Clip-On
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No MotorNo MovementFeather Details, Realistic Coloring, Anatomical Correctness4

Aspects to Consider Before Purchasing a Dove Decoy


The best-quality dove decoys will be made with highly durable materials like polyester. This helps them withstand hard conditions from barbed wire to dead tree branches. When a decoy is made from low-quality materials, on the other hand, it will start to wear down before the season is over.

Whatever decoy you pick should be durable enough to last for several hunting seasons without having issues.


You’ll find all kinds of features and prices in the different decoys on the market. When you make a purchase, you want to be sure you’re getting value for your dollar.

When you encounter higher prices, this tends to mean the construction is higher quality. However, cheap decoys that lack features can also be highly effective. Just make sure you do enough research to understand what you’re buying.

Number of Decoys Used

The hunting industry doesn’t have any one set standard for the number of decoys you should use, but it’s generally understood that more decoys are always better. Since doves are flocking birds, they’ll respond better to a perceived flock of decoys than to a lone bird, which might seem suspicious.


After you get the dove’s attention, you want to keep it. The most realistic dove decoys will make the dove come to investigate. Enticing them closer makes shooting easy.

Look for decoys that imitate the true-to-life appearance of a dove. These might include feather detail, perfect anatomy, and lifelike motions spurred by the wind or their motors.

#1. Mojo Outdoors Voodoo Dove Decoy

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Mojo has consistently been successful in the dove hunting industry, making revolutionary changes to how the birds are hunted.

This particular decoy has received significant improvements, taking the impressive features of the original electronic decoy and adding a magic touch. The redesigned body position provides enough realism to intrigue a dove from the sky itself.

The wings are also magnetically attached, so you don’t have to worry about losing set screws. The lightweight aspect of the decoy makes transportation to the fields particularly easy. Its intuitive design allows you to set it up in just a few seconds and then wait.

The decoy will run for almost 24 hours with its 4 AA batteries, ensuring that you’re sustained in the field for the whole day. You’re also provided with a durable support pole made of steel, so setting up the decoy is easier.

Best Features:

Intuitive design makes operation easy

  • Highly effective, ultra-realistic model
  • Redesigned with a better landing portion and large body for higher visibility
  • Highly durable, robust construction
  • Available 2-piece stake to hold the dove in place
  • Produces lifelike motions with battery power

#2. Lucky Duck Rapid Flyer Dove Hunting Decoy

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This hunting decoy is one of the best ways to draw doves in while in the fields. The motorized flapping wings of this flier dove make it more realistic than any other model on the market.

Inside the flapping wing is a periodic timer that cases the wings to stop and move, providing the ultimate realistic experience. It’s also simple to set the decoy up.

The decoy comes with a built-in clip, allowing it to be easily attached to fences and trees. The package also includes sturdy steel to help you set it up within any environment. The stake is adjustable from between 7 and 12 inches, giving you an edge over the competition as you set up your decoy.

Not only is the decoy lightweight, but it also includes a fabric carrying case for easier transportation. The wings can be simply removed for easier tarnsportation and storage. 3 AA batteries are required to operate the decoy.

Best Features:

  • Easy ground setup with steel stake
  • 3 AA batteries for power
  • Built-in clip allows easy attachment to fences and trees
  • Intermittent timer makes flapping motions even more realistic

#3. Mojo Outdoors Clip on Dove Decoys

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If you’re looking for a pack of multiple decoys at an inexpensive price, this package from Mojo is ideal for you. Each pack includes four decoys that help meet hunting needs.

The decoy includes wind-driven wings that spin whenever they’re hit by a breeze, helping to convince wary doves to approach. This is a great decoy if you hunt in places where a motorized decoy has been prohibited.

This dove comes with a support pole and patented breast peg that make setup easy. Also included is a clothespin adapter that lets the decoy be configured to nearly any kind of support, from support poles to wires to branches and limbs. The realistic paint schemes all over the body add another layer of interest for potential doves.

The hard construction of the body ensures you’ll be able to use the decoy for many seasons without damage.

Best Features:

  • 4 decoys per pack
  • Hard body with super realistic paint
  • Smooth, non-motorized operation
  • Attaches to nearly any potential surface

#4. Mojo Outdoors Wind Dove Decoy

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This wind dove is another improvement of Mojo’s most popular dove decoy designs. The wind spinning decoy allows its wings to move in tiny breezes to create maximum realism.
The outspread wings also come with a 3D design that mimics a real dove. Wind doves spin without using motors, so they’re a great choice for people in areas where motorized doves are outlawed.

The patented breast peg allows for easy setup on nearly any area, while the steel support pole makes setup easy even in fields without normal setup areas. The durable material construction helps it last for multiple seasons.

Best Features:

  • Wind-driven spinning wings
  • Patented breast peg
  • Included support pole
  • Able to be used in areas that don’t allow motorized decoys

#5. Edge Innovative Clip on Doves Hunting Decoy

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This 4-pack of decoys is one of the most realistic dove decoys currently on the market. The body features feather detailing, perfect sizing, and paint schemes that make it look like a real dove.

The fairly large size of the decoy, paired with its realistic coloration, make it particularly visible to doves high in the sky. Deploying the decoy is as simple as clipping it around fences or tree branches. Each decoy in the 4-pack is the same price.

Best Features:

      • Easy operation; all you have to do is clip them to a tree or fence
      • Comes in an affordable 4-pack
      • Secure mounting is ensured through the heavy-duty clip
      • Realistic feather detailing and coloring helps with authentic appearance to other doves

The Verdict – Best Dove Hunting Decoys

The best motorized dove decoy is the Mojo Voodoo, which improves upon the classic Mojo design for maximum dove interest. However, if you’re looking for a great motorized design that takes fewer batteries, the Lucky Duck is a good bet.

If you want a non-motorized decoy that still provides realistically moving parts, the Mojo Outdoors Wind Dove will meet all your ideal specifications. The wings flap in the slightest breeze.

If you want a multi-pack of high-quality dove decoys, try the Mojo Outdoors Clip-on 4-Pack or the Edge Innovative Clip-On pack. Both of these 4-packs include highly realistic dove designs.

The Mojo Outdoors will give you realistic spinning wings. The Edge Innovative doesn’t move, but it does include striking feather detail and coloring to draw in more doves.


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