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A nice run doesn’t need to be interrupted by a dog who thinks you’re something to chase and chew on. All jokes aside, it’s important that you keep yourself safe while you run from dogs who can potentially harm you.

Even if you’re not a runner, but you’re out on your bike or walking a lot, dogs can make a nice outing difficult.

Purchasing some sort of dog deterrent or dog repellent is a good idea for meter readers, mail delivery workers, or others who regularly work outside where dogs are likely to be.

You have a few options when you consider a deterrent or repellent: a spray or a noise maker that causes dogs to leave you alone.

Best dog deterrent for joggers and walkers

ProductEffectiveness:Permanent Harm to Dog:
#1. Halt!

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Yes, but may anger some dogs.No.
#2. Dazer II
Noise Maker

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Not as effective as many users would like.No.

#1: Halt! Dog Repellent: Best dog repellent spray for runners

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This dog repellent comes in a 1.5-ounce container. It contains 0.35% capsaicin, which is the ingredient found in hot peppers. Essentially, this product is a pepper spray for dogs.

If you’re out riding your horse or maybe riding your bike, this product is handy to pull out of your pocket or bag and to spray at dogs who are coming too close for comfort.

Dogs that are not on a leash may also come too close to you, and spraying Halt! on them can help cause them to return to their owners if they get aggressive.

If you have to use the product, make sure to spray it in the dog’s eyes, nose, or mouth. Otherwise, it won’t be effective. You don’t have to be right up in the dog’s face to use it.

You can be a fair distance away for it to still work. However, some users have reported that they wish the spray was stronger and longer.

This product does no permanent damage to the dog, but you may find owners of dogs get angry if you use it. If they are within sight or earshot of your spraying the dog, you might yell that you’re going to use dog pepper spray if they come any closer to give them fair warning.

Some users have reported that it can be messy, causing overspray, and it has also been reported to not be effective in windy conditions because the spray will never make it to the dog’s face, where it is meant to go.

It isn’t going to work in rainy conditions, either. Pepper spray can also make some dogs mad, and so it’s then pointless to continue trying to use it to defend yourself. You may also end up spraying yourself.

You might carry a spray bottle of water to possibly deter an angry dog as well.

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#2: Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent for Joggers

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The Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog deterrent is another option instead of a dog pepper spray. It is a handheld device that uses the latest in ultrasonic technology.

It is harmless to pets, so it can’t cause any animal any permanent damage. It emits a loud, audible signal specifically created for a dog. It concentrates on a dog’s sensitive hearing range.

One nice thing about this product is that it works up to twenty feet away. It also has a low battery indicator so you can switch batteries before you leave the house.

It also includes a belt clip, making it more convenient to use. You can use the bicycle attachment it comes with so your Dazer is within reach all the time while you ride your bike. There is also a utility holster for more rugged conditions.

While this product worked for many users, and they found it to be effective, others have not had the same experience. Many users have found that this product is ineffective on the dogs they have used it on.

Some of them reported trying to use it on their neighbor’s dogs who barked a lot, but it didn’t seem to faze them. They might have been interested in the sound briefly, but then it did nothing. Or it worked for a week, and then it didn’t have any effect even after the batteries were changed.

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Other Options

If you purchase either, or both, of these products, you may find trying some of these other techniques helpful before you use them.

First, if you’re being chased, by a dog, stop or slow down. Continue in the opposite direction. If they are thinking you’re playing or that you’re food to hunt, they may not necessarily bark.

Don’t think that barking is a sign of their being friendly. They may stop following you if you stand still because they lose interest in chasing you.

If the dog leaves you alone, back away slowly. Don’t turn your back on the dog because this can make it think you’re weak.

Avoid yelling and waving your arms if you’re approached by a strange dog. Cross your arms across your chest. Stand still and upright. Don’t look threatening by trying to stare down the dog or make eye contact.

Dogs perceive that as a challenge. Don’t smile because they’ll think you’re baring your teeth. Try commands they recognize if you decide to speak at home in a low, authoritative voice, like ‘Sit’ or ‘Go home’.

However, if a dog is trying to bite from behind, it is probably fearful, and eye contact and a firm command can send it home more so than for a more aggressive dog.

Try throwing an article of clothing at the dog if it jumps toward you. Don’t use your hands to attack the dog because the damage to your hands from dog bites can be serious and long-term. Fold your arms across your chest.

Curl up in a ball on the ground if you can’t prevent the attack to give them as little surface area as possible to bite. Cover your face and ears with your hands. This also helps protects your throat and abdominal area from attack.

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  1. According to some users, the device doesn’t work on all dogs, and if an animal is committed to aggression, the repellent will not do much good. Also, the seller warns that the product may not work on passive dogs as it is not intended for training.


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