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Best Bike Seat for Overweight Person

A lot of the world is designed with thin people in mind. This is especially true when it comes to athletic wear.

But athletic bodies come in many shapes and sizes. There are thousands of overweight athletes, not to mention overweight people picking up sports to exercise.

When it comes to biking, overweight people have to keep certain concerns in mind. Many bike seats don’t distribute weight well, which can lead to pain throughout the lower back and butt.

Narrow seats can also pose a problem for larger people, as they simply don’t have enough surface area to be comfortable.

Fortunately, there are many bike seats that have been designed with these concerns in mind. You just have to find the best one for your body and goals.

Best bike seat for heavy riders

Product NameDesign Type Waterproof Padding Type
#1. Bikeroo
Our Best Pick

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Standard rails Yes Thick

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Universal NoFoam
#3. Zacro

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Universal NoGel foam
#4. Bell

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Extra wide NoMemory foam

What to Consider When Picking Out a Comfortable Bike Seat for a large person

Many people don’t give much thought to the saddle on their bike. But an uncomfortable saddle can put a stop to your riding as quickly as a flat tire.

If you’re experiencing pain when you ride, you’re not going to go for the all-day leisurely trips you want. You might not even want to pedal around your neighborhood.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that price doesn’t always equal quality. Just because a saddle is expensive, doesn’t mean it will be comfortable.

And just because a saddle looks flashy, doesn’t mean it will be functional. You need to look at the features and construction.


There’s a huge range of prices for bike seats. The price varies depending on the construction materials, extra accessories, and overall design.

You can expect durable materials to be more expensive than cheaper ones. But the investment is worth it: A durable saddle will last you for several years, while a cheap seat might not make it through one season.

Shape of the Saddle

There are a huge number of ways to enjoy a bike ride. There’s leisure riding, cross country riding, mountain biking, commuting, urban biking, and other sports.

Different cyclists have different needs. To accommodate these varied needs, manufacturers have created saddles with a wide range of shapes.

Your bike seat’s shape is generally determined by how you ride. If you only make minimal movements with your torso as you ride, you’ll benefit from a flat saddle.

But a lightly curved saddle will suit more intermediate riders, while a round saddle is ideal for cyclists who use their torsos frequently during the ride.


If you decide on a saddle that’s made of foam, you must be aware that it will break down over time. Heavier cyclists cause increased pressure on the saddle.

This will make a foam saddle wear out faster and need replacing sooner.

Leather saddles provide comfort over long distance riding. They tend to be a durable material, and they mold to the rider’s unique body shape after being broken in.

The main body of the seat should be made from a durable metal like titanium. These metals can stand up to heavy pressure, and they don’t rust or warp over time.

Test Riding

If you’re shopping online, you might not have this option. But if you’re going to your local sporting goods store, you should see if you can test ride the seat. Many stores carry models similar to the ones you’ll find online.

When you do your test drive, you should try to find both smooth and rough terrain. You should also vary your speed and riding positions to get an overall feel for the seat.

With all of these considerations in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the best bike seats for overweight riders.

#1. Bikeroo Oversized Comfortable Bike Seat

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This is one of the top bicycle seats on the market when it comes to heavy riders. Bikeroo has a long history of providing pleasant bike seats, thanks to the dual spring suspension and extravagant padding.

You don’t have to worry about soreness or pain whether you use the bike while riding or while sitting stationary.

The ergonomic design of the seat will adapt seamlessly to your body type after just a few uses, allowing you to have maximum enjoyment during your ride.

It works particularly well for large riders because of the width. The width can distribute the pressure uniformly across the seating area, which helps reduce back pain.

Unlike some competing bike seats, mounting this seat is easy thanks to the universal saddle adapter and standard rails system of mounting.

The included waterproof cover means that you can even ride in a storm.

The bike seat comes with the following features:

  • A thick layer of padding
  • Dual spring suspension
  • Ergonomic design that conforms to your body
  • Waterproof seat covers
  • Standard rails
  • Universal seat adapter
  • An accompanying ebook helps make installation and mounting easy
  • Mounting is even easier with the universal adapter and standard rails
  • The waterproof seat cover lets you ride in the rain
  • The spring suspension and heavy padding make this a super comfortable option
  • The wider design helps heavier riders avoid back pain
  • The springs may squeak when you pedal aggressively

#2. INBIKE Comfortable Bicycle Seat

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When you first look at the INBIKE, it’s clear that this widened seat was designed for a large rider. The seat is carefully designed and constructed to be as comfortable as possible, no matter your size.

One good aspect of the front design is that the narrow shape is great for overweight men. It minimizes the overall friction, particularly for people who are competing or leisure riding.

The surface utilizes artificial microfiber leather to provide the most comfortable seat possible. It’s resistant to wear, and the smooth design won’t scratch you.

The inner side features foam padding and dual springs. Both materials work together to make a shockproof buffer, allowing your ride to be stable even over rough terrain.

If you’re a rider who likes to go on long adventures, you’ll appreciate the middle groove. It helps release sweat and improve overall air circulation.

The seat has the following features:

  • Artificial leather surface made with microfiber
  • Dual springs
  • High-density foam padding
  • Air circulation middle groove
  • Universal design
  • The narrow front, dual springs, and padding all work together to maximize comfort.
  • The seat is easily adjusted, so you can find the most comfortable setting.
  • The design is well-planned to address every potential issue.
  • The model is reasonably priced but performs like an expensive seat.
  • Because the suspensions are plastic, they may wear out more quickly than with other bike seats.

#3. Zacro Gel Bike Saddle

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Zacro has experimented with multiple materials and settings to design a functional bike seat, much more ideal than the default hard seats you’ll find with your bike.

This saddle is oversized and extra thick, made to be as comfortable as possible. The gel padding allows it to conform perfectly to your body.

The saddle is made with PU material, which looks elegant and enhances the overall quality. Unlike many other saddles, this one fits right from the get-go. There’s no need to “break it in.”

The padding is made from very elastic, resilient foam. It provides a better feeling when you cycle under pressure. At the same time, the dual spring suspension coils absorb shock and smooth rough terrain.

One big difference between this bike seat and the Inbike is that the Inbike is made for cruiser bikes. This seat, on the other hand, is versatile enough to work with a number of different bike models.

As with all universal saddles, it’s easy to install this seat on your bike posts. The purchase even comes with a Zacro wrench that’s perfectly designed to do the job.

The Zacro seat has the following features:

  • Soft, elastic design
  • Gel foam padding
  • Dual spring suspension coils made from carbon steel
  • Universal design that can fit on multiple bike models
  • PU construction material
  • The saddle suits a wide range of bike models and can be easily installed.
  • The seat provides back support and comfort over long journeys.
  • It’s affordably priced despite how much it improves stock seating.
  • There are no imprinted logos or marks, offering a completely smooth surface.
  • The saddle isn’t waterproof, so you shouldn’t ride your bike in the rain.

#4. Bell Memory Foam Saddle

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This saddle has one feature that sets it apart from the other three on the list. It’s lockable, which means it will always be on your bike. You also never need to worry about the seat being stolen.

In addition to that, the seat is solid and sturdy. It has a comfortable, padded feel, but it’s not large enough to be conspicuous. The saddle is made for both overweight men and women to use.

The seat works with a variety of bikes to provide a smooth ride. It comes with an elastomer suspension, which works simultaneously with the padding. The leather seating material helps keep you from sliding during the ride.

The seat comes with a wide design that allows your legs to move freely, helping to boost your overall riding efficiency. At the same time, the seat absorbs pressure to reduce potential pain.

It’s easy to adjust the design until you have a precise fit. The narrow front keeps it from interfering with high-efficiency pedaling.

The Bell seat comes with the following features:

  • Extra wide design
  • Included clamp
  • Red light
  • Synthetic leather cover
  • Elastomer suspension
  • The synthetic leather material is durable enough to withstand wear-and-tear while keeping your butt comfortable.
  • The automatic red light turns on at night, making you visible and enhancing your safety in traffic.
  • The seat dries quickly after getting wet.
  • It’s a highly affordable option in comparison to many competitors.
  • As large bike seats go, this is on the smaller end of things, so it may not be best for the heaviest riders out there.

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The Verdict – Best Bike Seat for Overweight Person

The Bikeroo seat is a great overall option for heavier riders. It’s wide enough to distribute your weight, so you have more back support than with a standard seat.

Mounting is also easy, and the padding makes it comfortable even on long rides. The only potential drawback is squeaky springs.

For people who like to go on long rides, the Inbike’s air circulation will be ideal. This seat also features a narrow front that might appeal to overweight men who worry about uncomfortable friction.

If you want a bike seat that will fit your body without being broken in, the Zacro saddle is an ideal option. The gel material can suit a variety of body types with no discomfort needed.

If you’re looking for a lockable saddle, the Bell seat is the one for you. It’s the only seat on the list with locking capabilities, so you never have to worry about the seat being dislodged or stolen.

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