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Best Bikes for an 11 Year Old Boy

Many of us remember the joy that came with getting our first ‘grown up’ bicycle as children.

At 11 years old, most boys are no longer confined to kiddie bikes such as those with training wheels; they’re ready for a real bike that can give them some independence, as well as hours of fun.

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with choosing the best bike for the special 11-year-old boy in your life!

You want him to be thrilled by the looks and features of his brand-new bike, but you also know that factors like cost and safety are important, too.

Therefore, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you find the best bike for an 11-year-old boy.

We’ll go through what you need to look for in a great bike, as well as list some of our top choices for the best bikes available on the market at the moment.

Quick Comparison: Best bicycle for 11 years old boy

Product NameMaterialSizeBrakesSpeedColours
#1. Roadmaster Granite Peak
Our Best Pick

Check Price
Alloy wheels steel frame24”, adjustable seatFront and rear linear pull18Lime green & matte black
#2. Mongoose Title Pro

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Aluminium frame, alloy rims20”, 24”Alloy v-brake with alloy leverN/ABlue & matte black
#3. Guardian Bikes

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Aluminium20”, 24”Patented SureStop20” - 6; 24” - 7Various bright options
#4. Ryda Bikes Moab

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Aluminium frame24”Alloy v-brakes with linear pull8Holographic white

What to look for in the best bikes for 11 year olds boy

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the options! Here are the most important things to look out for.


Probably the most important choice is what size bike you will choose.

It is important that the bike is the right size for the important boy in your life, because the wrong size bike is uncomfortable, difficult and unsafe to ride.

Most 11-year-old boys are around 4’5″ to 4’9″ tall, making a 24″ bike (at the wheel) the perfect size.

Any parent will tell you, however, that children do vary a lot in size, and grow quickly!

Therefore it’s best to check the boy’s height first, and if in doubt, choose a bike that he can grow into rather than one that might be too small.


There are many different types of bikes out there, and picking the wrong one might just cause tears not squeals of delight!

There is a big difference between a road bike versus a BMX bike, for example. It’s a good idea to talk to the boy (or his parents) about what kind of riding he wants to do.

If he wants to show off stunts at the skate park, then a BMX is probably the way to go. On the other hand, if he wants to ride on trails, perhaps with his family, then a mountain bike is better.

A road bike would be a more unusual choice for a little boy, but is definitely another option.

Weight vs durability

A lighter bike is usually better for kids, as they are faster and easier for younger people to lift up if they fall over.

However, sometimes lightweight also means flimsy and not so durable, which in itself is a problem.

Therefore, it’s important to look for a bike that is made of a light but durable material like carbon, aluminium or titanium.


To most kids, how their bike looks is ultra-important and should not be an afterthought!

Choosing a bike in the boy’s favourite colour or style will add an extra level of thoughtfulness to the gift, and mean that it is more likely to be something he treasures and looks after.

Not all boys are the same, so don’t assume that the most common colours like blue or red will be his favourites.

If in doubt, speak to him or his parents about what kind of bike he likes the look of.

Other features (including safety)

Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll want to have a look at the more subtle differences in features, which can make all the difference to safety.

Many bikes include additional features such as reflective strips, which are important if he is planning on riding his bike in low light conditions.

The gears and speeds are other important features to consider, so that it is easier for him to tackle different terrain.


Finally, you’ll want to think about the cost. Of course, we all want to know that we are getting good value for money from our purchase.

Luckily, there are some affordable and great quality bikes out there, although if you want to splurge, you’ll find plenty of great options, too!

Let’s take a closer look…

Here are some of the best bikes for an 11-year-old boy.

#1. 24″ Boys Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike

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Check Price

This great bike is from Roadmaster, a well-known and highly trusted American company that’s been making bikes for generations.

The Roadmaster is ideal for boys who want to use their bike on trails and on the road, as the thick tread of the tyres are suitable for all different terrains.

In addition, it has alloy wheels and a stiff steel frame, which is ultra-durable.

We love that this bike is suitable for riders from 4’6″ to 5’6″. This means that this bike can grow with its rider, being a great gift that he can enjoy for years.

This also means this bike is great value as it won’t be outgrown quickly.

Importantly, this bike looks good. It comes in a cool lime green colour, with stylish matte black accents.

In addition, with 18 gears and a Shimano rear derailleur, it’s got great features that make it an easy and safe ride for an 11-year-old boy.

Note that this bike comes unassembled so you do need to put it together, however that is easy to do.

#2. Mongoose Title Pro Boy’s BMX Bike

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Your boy will be the coolest kid in school with this bike from ultra-respected Xsport brand Mongoose, who started in California in the 1970s.

This bike comes in both a 20″ and 24″ inch version, meaning it’s perfect for 11-year-old boys of all heights.

It’s also made from durable materials including steel and alloy, meaning that it can take a few knocks without becoming damaged or unrideable.

This is important if your 11-year-old is a stuntman in the making!

It also features alloy brake levers which ensure safe, crisp and smooth stopping, which is crucial for safety while riding the bike.

The tyres are rugged and thick, ideal for off-road riding including on dirt tracks.

This bike comes fully assembled, so there’s no frustration factor! If you are looking for a great BMX bike for an 11-year-old, then this might be absolutely perfect.

#3. Guardian Bikes

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If safety is your #1 concern with a bike for your 11-year-old boy, then look no further than this all-rounder Guardian Bike, known as the safest in the world.

What makes it so safe?

Well, this bike features the innovative and patented “œSurestop” Brake System, which makes sure that when the brakes are activated, it comes to a quick yet smooth stop that prevents the child from flying over the handlebars.

The bike is also engineered to have perfect balance to avoid kids tipping over and hurting themselves.

While the frame is durable and solid, it’s also lightweight so your 11-year-old boy can easily pick it up and maneuvre it.

We love the bright colours of these bikes and are sure your kids will too. Why? Because the designs are hand-picked by a group of enthusiastic kid testers!

Actual children picked these colours, rather than adults.

The bike comes in 2 sizes, 20″ (6 speed) and 24″ (7 speed).

#4. Ryder Bikes Moab Unisex 24″ Bicycle

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Check Price

This great looking bike from Ryder Bikes has lots of additional features for style, safety and ease of riding.

Plus, as it is a unisex bike, it can be handed down to a little sister once your 11-year-old boy has outgrown it!

The bike features a tough aluminium frame that is both lightweight and durable, meaning it is ideal for even the most adventurous kids.

The frame is coated in an ultra-cool holographic white paint which is sure to be an attention-grabber!

Even though this is a kids’ bike, it features high-quality parts that will impress even an experienced cyclist.

There are 8 gears, a Shimano derailleur, chain guard, and derailleur guard, and high-quality alloy V-brakes.

Another great feature of this bike is that the tires are airless and guaranteed for up to 5,000 miles.

There’s no need to worry about punctures, which every parent (and kid!) knows is the fastest way to ruin the fun.

In addition, the bike has extra features include reflectors for safety, a padded seat and a kickstand.

The Verdict – Best Bike for an 11 Year Old Boy

As mentioned, the best bike for an 11-year-old boy will largely depend on what kind of bike he is looking for.

A BMX bike is quite different from a trail bike, so be sure to find out what kind of ride he’d like!

Overall, however, we are very impressed by the Roadmaster bike.

This has many great features that will keep both your important boy, and his parents, happy and worry-free!

In particular, we love how easily adjustable the bike is, so that it can grow with your 11-year-old boy. It’s definitely our pick for the all-around best bike for an 11-year-old boy.

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