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Best Arrow Extractor

Damaging your arrows is easy without the proper equipment.

When pulling an arrow out of a target, for most, your only option is to grasp the arrow from the shaft with your hand and try to yank it out. This can give you difficulty with an especially rooted arrow.

If an arrow is too deeply embedded into the target, trying to pull it out by hand can cause unnecessary stress on both your arm or arrows.

By wiggling a planted arrow, or if you don’t pull it out the same way it went in, the shaft of the arrow can bend causing its accuracy to degrade with each successive shot.

ProductEasy to Clean:Grip:Versatility:
#1. Tenpoint
Our Best Pick

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YesErgonomic and strongFits most common arrows
#2. Aunkzl

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NoCan be unwieldySomewhat universal

Arrow Puller in Action!

Why Buy an Arrow Puller

Damage is not just done to the arrow, but also to your hand and arm from repeatedly pulling on the bare arrow.

You’ll have more time on the range the less you spend wearing out your arm pulling arrows in between rounds of shooting.

There are devices designed to help with this tiresome act. These arrow pullers will vary in design and style but given the cost of new arrows the small investment required for an arrow puller can save your wallet over time.

Save Money on Arrows

Arrow pullers not only make getting the arrow out of the target easier, but additionally prevent damage to your arrows through bending or sliding your hand over the fletching because you can’t keep your grip.

Less broken arrows equals less arrows you have to replace.

If you are only using this device casually then a less expensive design will work best for you, while the more intricate and costly designs will stand the test of time and be used with exceptional ease.

How They Work

The basic intent of an arrow puller is to save you the time and hassle of pulling arrows by hand, while at the same time cutting down on damage to your equipment.

These devices are generally made of rubber or silicone to provide more grip than the palm of your hand.

The tool clamps onto an arrow and more efficiently unlocks the arrow from its target by evenly distributing the force of your pull and stopping your hand from sliding down the back end.

No more chaffing or unneeded hassle is involved after seeing the necessity of an arrow puller. The only following choice is deciding which one to purchase, so let’s look at our two top picks for best arrow puller.

Our Favorites

There are varying sellers of arrow pullers and they can vary greatly in design and quality.

Our best picks are featured for their differences: the Aunkzl Molded Rubber Puller and the Tenpoint Bednar Perfect Puller.

The choice of the two directly relies on what you’d find more useful in your situation.

Aunkzl creates a molded rubber arrow puller that is not only simpler, but also easier to carry than other models. However, it is a little less effective than more advanced devices.

The Tenpoint Bednar Perfect Puller, which was designed for the most fixed arrows, feels the most like a professional tool to get the job done. In design, it closely resembles a pair of pliers.

Cost and Quality

The basic rubber Aunkzl arrow puller costs less than the more complex TenPoint arrow puller.

With Aunkzl you can receive a two-pack of the key-chain like product. This may lead you to believe they may not last as long as other singly-sold counterparts.

The TenPoint puller is definitely a little more expensive but is guaranteed to stand up to repeated use over time. This US built product meets the industry standards for safety, durability, and performance.

Aunkzl is not made in the United States, but that does not prove to be a problem for most. If you do prefer products made in the United states, the TenPoint will take the lead.

Ease of Use


The Aunkzl molded rubber puller comes with a small attachment clip that can be easily clipped to your shooting gear.

Which can make the device harder to lose or misplace for it will always be on your person for easy access. These features make the Aunkzl more portable than TenPoint’s puller.

The Tenpoint arrow puller is specifically designed with high density targets in mind and is shaped more like a pair of pliers.

This allows a stronger grip for it to pull even the most stubborn and deep-seated round but will also require someplace to store it while shooting.


Sometimes when there is too much dirt or grit on the Aunkzl model, it can become slick and not grasp the arrow. This can be undone by a good washing. The TenPoint puller is much easier to wash since the grips are removable.


TenPoint is bounds ahead of Aunkzl when it comes to comfort of grip. The handle is designed for the ergonomic pulling of your arrows.


The Aunkzl arrow puller is designed to be effective in loosening any size arrow. With the design being so lenient this can also cause some locking problems with arrows.

The position of the arrow has to be exact for it to work.

The Tenpoint arrow puller has attachment pieces that can be interchanged depending on the size of the arrow.

This more customized design allows for a precise fit and a smooth execution. This includes three different grippers that are sized to fit the most common shaft sizes of compound and crossbow arrows.

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The Verdict – Best Arrow Extractor

The amount of time you spend pulling arrows out of trees or targets is the main deciding factor when you choose between the Aunkzl or Tenpoint for your recreational needs.

If you are a dedicated archer and can afford the few extra dollars you should invest in the Tenpoint arrow puller.

This is the most proficient arrow puller if you are working on high density target ranges.  It offers speed, ergonomics, and versatility at a price that’s right.

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